Hard Bean Cafe Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

HARD BEAN CAFE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Hard Bean Cafe was founded in 1992 by Scortz Bortz, a coffee lover who also serves as the CEO of the outfit. Hard Bean Cafes is a coffee place like no other. They specialize in offering different kinds of Coffee, Teas, and other drinks. They also offer some munchables for breakfast and lunch.

Hard Bean Cafe has helped to grow and nurture over 100 independently run coffee shops around the U.S. So if you want to get your own coffee place at the cheapest price possible, then a Hard Bean Cafe Franchise will be of great help.

However, before we delve deeper we would be seeing a general overview of Hard Bean Cafe, how the business can be run, and all the benefits that can be gained from running a Hard Bean Cafe Franchise.

About Hard Bean Cafe Franchise
Hard Bean Cafe has said they have said that they are not a franchise and that they do not sell franchises. That is in the real sense of the word “Franchise”.

Therefore, your coffee shop doesn’t have to bear the name “Hard Bean Cafe”, you can call it whatever coffee cafe name you choose.

So what do they do? Apart from the fact that they have coffee shops they also help you start and run a coffee business.  Recommendations can be made on how you can run your coffee shop for maximum profitability, but they do not impose restrictions on you. You can actually run your business as you deem fit.

Owning this franchise is relatively easy, the startup costs are low, and you can operate it yourself or have staff members who’ll run the business for you while you do other things.

There are some of the benefits gotten from opening a Hard Bean Cafe Franchise. And we shall be seeing them in the later parts of the article.

The franchise also allows you to include additional services to your coffee shop such as little space for church groups or cigar rooms, whichever way you like. The cafes usually have a capacity for about 40 customers, which is typical. It could be bigger though.

How Much Does a Hard Bean Cafe Franchise Cost?
The lowest startup capital for owning a Hard Bean Cafe is $50,000.

Hard Bean Cafe Franchise Fee
Although no Royalties will be paid, Franchise fees will cost about $25,000

Hard Bean Cafe Franchise Startup Cost
Hard Bean Cafe Franchise typically will cost you anything under $300,000 typically this will be around $200,000 – $250,000

Hard Bean Cafe Franchise Membership Training, Requirements, and Support
If you decide to open a Hard Bean Cafe, you’ll get support from the start of the project to completion.

Hard Bean Cafe Franchisor provides support in site location and helps in a lease negotiation. If you want they can help design your cafe, and also in the layout. They can also be of help in procuring equipment, furniture, and the likes.

There’s also a possibility of financial support, but this is usually from a third party and of course, you have to be eligible for it.

There’s also initial training for running the business, on using coffee equipment such as espresso machines and others.

Other Support Services Hard Bean Cafe Provides Includes;

  • They provide access to propriety for specialty coffees and teas.

And if you join the buying Co-op program you get the following services below;

  • Access to whatever vendor of your choosing.
  • Online library for re-order forms and templates for other kinds of documents.
  • Support services also come with a free website, very useful for advert and marketing.
  • An online sales service is also created for you
  • The Franchisor also offers training on re-ordering of product and Staff rescheduling
  • There’s also the option of onsite assembly of the Cafe if you want it that way.
  • Training for the customer loyalty program
  • Field support, annual meetings, ongoing 90-day support, customer care, marketing, advert, and of course central purchasing.

About the Buying Co-Op
Basically, this works by leveraging the buying power of a lot of people. If you join you’ll be able to leverage on buying power of many other Hard Bean stores to get coffee beans, products, and other services. This will cost you $125 every month. It is not compulsory to join the Buying Co-Op though.

Hard Bean Cafe Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
You’d have to contact the franchisor for terms of agreement and renewal.

How much does a Hard Bean Cafe Franchise Make?
As of now, there is no information available as to how much a Hard Bean Franchise makes. The monthly income of a Hard Bean Cafe will depend on many variables. Such as the cost of Coffee beans, location of the shop, and of course your business acumen amongst others.  To get

How to Open a Hard Bean Cafe Franchise
Now that you’ve learned about the Hard Bean Cafe Franchise and how they work, the next step is to take action. Check out the following website www.ownacoffeebusiness.com/about-us/, www.veterancsfranchise.com/Hard-Bean-Cafe? And go to the bottom of the page, fill the form there and submit.  And finally www.hardbean.com