How To Make Money Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, and AIRTEL SIM Card

This guide contains discoveries on how to make money retrieving lost, stolen and damaged SIM Cards. If you put what you read in this post into practice, you are guaranteed to start making money within the next few days.

Making money in this business is not as difficult as you think.


A SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) Card is issued by GSM network operators and it provides specific numbers through which the individual connects to the network by inserting the SIM Card into a mobile phone. You cannot make or receive calls, send or receive text messages without a valid SIM Card.

It is through your SIM Card number that other subscribers reach you on the network.

Why Do People Retrieve Their Mobile Number?

Many people are reluctant to change their mobile line because of the SIM Card line:

==> serves as the gate to their life document.
==> provides access to banking and other account information
==> gives third party access to personal contacts
==> serves as a unique way of remembrance
==> is a route to bail people out during emergencies
==> people with the old line will be able to communicate through the old line.

Ask yourself the following questions and you will see why SIM Card replacement business is a hot one.

Have you lost your phone or SIM Card anytime in the past? How did you feel during this period? How desperate were you to retrieve your line and lost contacts? What was your expression when your SIM Card was replaced with all your contacts intact? Just like you, thousands of people lose their lines or phones every day and will be happy to have their lines back.

Swapping or retrieving a lost or damaged SIM card is a simple task that can be done within minutes It is not as difficult as many people paint it. Just get the right information and technical know-how.

SIM Cards Gets Damaged when the silver panel of the sim card gets cracked, broken, burnt or sprayed with liquid contents. When inserted into a phone, the SIM Card will start displaying ‘invalid sim card’, ‘insert sim card’ message meaning it has been damaged. For you to keep your phone contact save, you need to avoid the above listed to occur to your sim card in other not to get your sim card damaged and as well not to lose your phone contacts.

==> MTN Nigeria still claims its leading role in the sector in terms of the number of subscribers, adding about 4 million subscribers to first-quarter data, making 55,238,430 active subscribers.
==> Globacom which added about 2 million active users to arrive at 25,019,862 subscribers for the second quarter of the year.
==> Airtel Nigeria loses about 2 million active subscribers from 23,670,986 to 21,591,904.
==> Etisalat Nigeria gained about 1 million active subscribers to arrive at 15, 303,647 active subscribers.
==> Nigeria now has 99 million mobile subscribers according to statistics by the Nigerian Communications Commission.
==> The number of total connected mobile lines is however much larger and currently stands at about 134.91 million connected lines.

You can see how big the market is.

Feel free to carry out this market survey. Visit any business center close to you where they swap SIM lines. Ask them for the price they charge for this simple service and you will be amazed.

Most business centers charge between #600-#800 depending on the location and nature of the client.

Let us assume you get an average of 6 offers in a day.

N500 x 6 lines = #3000 (From the #500, #400 is your profit)
therefore, N400 * 6 lines = #2400
#2400 x 26 days = #62,400
#62,400 in just a single month!

This sample analysis is to fire up your passion to start a SIM replacement business In Nigeria.

Thinking out of the box is your passport to making real money in this country. I don’t think you need any other thing to launch a GSM SIM card selling business apart from the vital piece of information I have just shared above.