How To Get Painting Contracts

Do you love to paint? Would you love to take this passion a step further by getting painting contracts for your business?

If you do, this article will prove very helpful.

However, we won’t be talking about how to start one. Instead, we’ll be showing you how to get painting contracts.

This is about the demand for your service without which little or no money will be made. So, how does one get painting contracts? As you read on, you’d find all the answers you seek.

How To Get Contracts For A Painting Business


As a professional, you’d find that painting is a broad profession with lots of areas you can specialize in. To get painting contracts, we recommend that you specialize in a specific niche. The good thing with choosing a niche is that every niche holds enormous potentials. You only need to find what you love doing to proceed.

When we talk about specialization, it could range from painting homes, commercial buildings, artisan painters, construction painters, fine art painting (producing fine art on canvas), industrial painters, and restoration painting.

All of these are viable specializations that can be exploited. Plus, you get to channel your marketing strategies towards a specific market.

As a painter, you tend to attract more painting contracts when you understand your niche and market your services to clients needing such services. Also, clients feel more confident giving jobs to professionals than to painters who aren’t specialized in a specific niche category.

Connecting With Clients

This is the crucial step every painter must take to attract their first contract. Connecting with clients can also be referred to as marketing. No matter how good you think you are as a painter, you will hardly get a single contract if you don’t reach out. So, how does one reach out? Several ways.

  • Through Friends And Neighbors

Your friends and neighbors should be the first target when marketing your business. You want to tell them about your skills and the services you can offer them. You might also want to print flyers as well as catalogs of jobs you’ve done either privately or for some other clients in the past. This gives them a visual assessment of your capabilities.

Also, supply your contact details for easy access should they require your services. Getting a single contract through this method could help you go viral. How? When you do an excellent job for a client. They begin to spread the word about your services to friends and other neighbors too. Before long, there would be a steady inflow of painting contracts.

  • Visit Construction Companies And Sites

Construction companies are great sources of painting contracts you shouldn’t ignore. You only need to prove your abilities. One way to begin is by printing out flyers with high-resolution pictures of jobs or contracts you’ve done in the past. Your business cards will also come handy for easy access.

You can start by paying a visit to their offices or construction sites. Try to enter into a close relationship with them.

An easier way to do this will be through the help of contact or friend. You can ask if they can put in a word about your painting business. However, you still need to visit the company to tell them about your business.

  • Social Media

If you think you’ve got some cool designs, you might want to show them to a wider audience. This is the advantage you get by using social media. Instagram is a great place to start due to its highly visual orientation. Get high-resolution pictures of the best painting jobs you’ve done and upload them here.

You can also ask for help from friends to engage or promote such posts. There are lots of interior designers here who also promote their businesses. Do not hesitate to connect them. That will be the starting point for attracting steady painting contracts.

  • Property Management Agencies

Property management agencies are likely sources of painting contracts. Get to visit such businesses and discuss your business for possible partnerships. Also, supply your contact details as well as pictorial evidence of jobs you’ve done in the past. That way, you can create awareness which results in a steady inflow of painting contracts.

  • Place Ads

Online directories and classified sections of local newspapers are great places to begin. Lots of potential clients visit such places deliberately or stumble on such information accidentally. Place such ads in any of these places to increase the likelihood of people finding your business.

The idea is to explore as many areas as possible in promoting your painting business. Promotion and marketing is a never-ending activity. Lots of painting businesses have created a steady source of contracts through these strategies.

It wouldn’t be different for your business if pursued with vigor and determination.


This comes with marketing and service delivery. Here, you are building a reputation for your painting business. One way to do this is by making extra effort to see that you exceed the expectations of your clients. Doing more than you are paid for makes you easily noticed. Word spreads fast about your level of dedication and professionalism which leads to more businesses or individuals needing your service.

Find out what your competitors offer. This is important because a client is likely to have compared painting businesses before making up their mind. Create an edge over these competitors by making a better offer. Also, you shouldn’t hesitate at any point to talk about the edge you have over your competitors. That way, you’d be creating more awareness, with contracts bound to follow.

GUIDE: Planning for Paint Production

Finding painting contracts can be a painstaking process when starting new. However, your ability to persevere and focus on the objective will give you the much-needed contracts you seek. The steps mentioned above have proved to be very effective for many. This shouldn’t be any different for your business.