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Starting a business is no small undertaking especially when considered against the number of new businesses that never make it to their fifth year birthdays.

Nevertheless, people still start businesses and new businesses are launched every other day across sectors and industries in the economy, be it agriculture, finance, technology, tourism, construction and real estate.

Starting a strip club is no different, people open strip club businesses every day across the country. Starting a strip club like any other business requires proper planning, adequate knowledge, expertise, and experience.

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Truth be told, starting a strip club is no easy task, maybe unlike some other businesses in some other sectors or even in the entertainment and hospitality industry in which a strip club business is usually categorized.

In starting a strip club business certain considerations should be taken into account. Chief of which is knowledge and experience. If you are planning to operate the strip club yourself, you need to answer some pertinent questions;

  • What is your knowledge and experience level in the strip club business?
  • Have you worked in a strip club before?
  • Have you run or managed a strip club business before? If not, where are you getting your knowledge and experience from?

It’s important that the person planning to go into the strip club business answer the above questions truthfully. If the answers to the questions are in the negative, not to worry, you just saved your business, because learning on the business is an expensive way to learn.

To take care of the situation, you can do one of two things. Start the strip club business and get someone with the required knowledge and experience to run the club while you learn or you can go learn the business from an already established strip club and come start yours when you’ve acquired the necessary knowledge and experience.

However, if your answers to the above questions are in the affirmative, there are two primary ways by which you can start a strip club. You can start your strip club business from the scratch, in which case, you are starting and building your own brand name or you take the second route which is buying an already existing strip club franchise.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a strip club business.

Step 1: Write A Gentlemen’s Club Business Plan

To start a success strip club business, the first thing to do is prepare a business plan or a feasibility study. The business plan is so important because it is going to be your guide to starting the business, building the business and at the different levels of the business growth.

Step 2: Location of the Club

In developing the business plan for your strip club, another important thing to consider so as to ensure that your strip club does not get off to a bad start is deciding on the location of the business.

Your strip club should be located in a place where it can be easily reached or accessed by your target customers and such a place should be that enjoys a good amount of human activity especially among the adult population such a place as highways, bars, hotels, restaurants and road intersections.

The location should also be a place where there is a high level of social life amongst the residents. The location of the club should also be a place where establishing the strip club venture would not be against any local laws and regulations in the place.

The location of the strip club should be a place where there is ample and adequate security. Because people won’t go to a place where there is a high possibility of harm or danger. These among others should be duly considered in choosing the location of the club.

Step 3: Understand the Competition

Competition in the strip club business is a keen one. So, before anyone goes into the strip club business one should study and understand the character of the competition.

What is the level of concentration of competition? What do you intend to do differently from the competition? What do you intend to do better than the competition? Do you stand a chance against the competition? What is your strategy?

Step 4: Documentation

Ensure you get all the documents required for a strip club. You will need to incorporate your strip club and get registered with the appropriate agencies and agents.

In most jurisdictions licensing is required. Some of the documents expected with a strip club include a Business Plan, Certificate of Incorporation, Business License, Security Clearance and Insurance etc.

Step 5: Employment and Staffing

When you are done with setting up your club, you should pay serious attention to staffing and employment. Ensure to hire staff with adequate training that will treat customers courteously and with respect.

Step 6: Marketing and Promotion  

Being that your club is a new one, you must embark aggressive marketing and run promotions and campaigns to attract customers in other to generate sales.

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