Sample Garlic Farming Business Plan

In this article, our focus is on developing a garlic farming business plan.

As a farmer seeking to take your interests a notch higher, having a strategic and implementable plan in place will be very crucial. Here, the focus is on how to write a garlic farming business plan.

If this is an area you’re skilled in, you should be interested in finding out how to go about writing a standard crop production business plan that helps you go commercial.

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Here is all you need to start a garlic farm.


With a good and implementable plan, you stand to gain a lot as it helps you achieve set objectives.

We’ve provided a template with which to work. Irrespective of whether you’ve written a plan before or not, the steps outlined here should be of significant benefit.

The Plan Must be Structured

It bears mentioning that your garlic farming business plan should be structured or systematic.

Here, you’re looking at including certain key sections that cannot be ignored. These include the executive summary, company description, products & services, and the market analysis sections.

Other key components include strategy & implementation, organization & management team, as well as financial plan & projections.

As building blocks of your plan, how detailed each of these sections is will determine whether your plan is well written or not.

i. Executive Summary

Found at the start of the garlic farming business plan is the executive summary section. The name alone conveys a great deal of meaning. This section summarizes the content of your plan to a few pages.

It’s designed to contain the basics of your plan for purpose of informing the reader.

This section is designed to hold the reader’s attention by providing a brief explanation of your garlic farming business plan. It should contain an introduction of the business, what products you supply or offer, your mission and vision statements, and the purpose for which the plan is written.

All these key points are succinctly stated for easy comprehension and assimilation by the reader. So, let’s further explain the key subsections of the garlic farming executive summary as follows;

  • Business Name & Location

Part of the requirements for setting up a garlic farming business includes giving it a name.

Here, it’s expected that you’ve brainstormed and come up with a suitable name for your farming business. Include such information as well as the farm’s location.

  • Products & Services Offered

Apart from garlic, what other products will you be growing or cultivating? All such details must be provided. If you only wish to grow garlic, have such clearly stated.

There are times when farmers will wish to expand their product offerings. You can provide such information too.

  • Mission & Vision Statements

A few sentences are enough to convey your mission statement. This captures the essence of your garlic farming business goals. Also, the philosophies underlying such goals are made clear through statements.

It also clearly highlights your particular niche which in this case is garlic farming.

The vision statement on the other hand conveys your dream for your garlic farming business. In other words, it’s an all-encompassing view of your business’ goals written in a general sense.

Here, you’re providing a future outlook for your garlic farming business.

  • Purpose of the Plan

Without purpose, there’s hardly a clear direction especially as it relates to the growth and development of the business. As such, the purpose of your plan has to be clearly stated.

Such may include securing investments or setting strategies for growth and expansion.

ii. Business Description

Garlic farming can be a vague business idea without providing the specifics involved. Here, you want to explain who you are, how your farming operations will unfold, and also the goals you intend to achieve.

Descriptions include the legal structure adopted, a brief history, nature of business, and demands for your products you wish to meet.

Other details include an overview of products & services, target customers, and a summary of business growth with financial or market highlights. What are your short and long-term goals?

Summarize these and also include details on how you intend to make a profit.

iii. Products & Services

From the name alone, it’s clear that your garlic farming business is all about the cultivation of this product.

However, whether you wish to farm this crop alone or include others rests solely on you. Here, you want to describe what you’re offering or selling with a focus on customer benefits.

It’s important to understand the market role of your products.

What advantages do you have over your competitors? Are there ongoing research or development activities aimed at adding new products or crops to your farming business?

iv. Market Analysis

At this point, you’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of the garlic farming business based on thorough market research.

This section should include a sketch of targeted customer segments, and industry outlook, and descriptions.

You’ll also need to include historical, current, and projected marketing information about your garlic cultivation business. Because you aren’t the only garlic farming business around, you’ll need to assess your competitors, emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses.

v. Strategy & Implementation

Successful distribution and sale of your garlic products will require an effective marketing strategy.

Here, you’ll need to start with how you intend to promote your business to clients. Plus, details on pricing, costs, promotion, and distribution must be supplied.

Provide information on your farming business’s operational cycle, from the point of production/cultivation through distribution. What are your labor sources? Have such details included?

vi. Organization & Management Team

Your garlic farming business plan will need a sound organization and management team in place to guarantee success. Here, outline your business’ organizational structure.

This includes identifying the owners, as well as the management team.

Profiles of management team members with names, positions held, main responsibilities, and experience should be clearly stated.

vii. Financial Plan & Projections

At this point, the services of a financial expert will be necessary.

Of course, this will be needless if you’re a professional accountant yourself. Here, details such as the historical financial data and realistic prospective financial information will be needed.

Also, a brief analysis of financial data will necessary.

This is how a detailed garlic farming business plan should unfold. Your plan is a must-have as it helps you actualize your objectives.

It also enables you to achieve sustained growth and development in your garlic farming business.

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