Garages are one-stop shops for all things automotive repairs. If this type of business appeals to you, consider investing in having your garage. One of the most accessible paths to achieving this is through franchising. That is why we’ll be discussing garage franchise opportunities buy.

There are many successful garage businesses, with some embarking on an expansion drive through franchising. While we’ve provided good examples of these franchises below, it’s not enough to know what they are. You’ll need to do much more to know which option to go for, and the incentives offered.

Best Garage Franchises to Buy

The number of good garage franchise opportunities is never in doubt. We’ve selected some of the best you can apply for. You can open your garage franchise opportunities with the right mindset and determination. Beyond the names mentioned, you need to do a lot more by researching these opportunities.

Some of the best garage franchises to own include GarageTek, Garage Living, PremierGarage, Garage Kings, Hello Garage, and GarageExperts. More options and opportunities include ChipsAway, The Wheel Specialist, AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care, and MAACO.

There are other garage franchise opportunities like Christian Brothers Automotive, Pro Oil Change, Meineke, and Speedee Oil Change & Auto Service. You may also be interested in Detail Garage, Garage Living Franchises, and Garage Force.

i. GarageTek

GarageTek specializes in selling customized garage organization systems in addition to offering installation services. This company allows you to own its franchise for an investment of $300,000 and a franchise fee of $50,000. Franchisees are also required to have liquid capital of $250,000.

ii. Garage Living

This company is currently expanding its franchise network across several locations. It specializes in catering to all kinds of garage remodeling needs. If this sounds like something you’d love to do, then Garage Living would be a great place to start.

Advantages of joining this franchise include access to its confidential operations manual, equipment, product & technology, location selection & development guidance, pre-opening training, ongoing support, and marketing assistance.

iii. PremierGarage

This is a garage optimization services provider whose franchise offering you can join with an investment of $185,220 to $298,675, liquid capital of $141,220, net worth of $350,000, and franchise fee of $74,950.

PremierGarage offers to finance, training as well a veteran’s discount of 15%. It was founded in 1999 and began franchising in 2006. The company has over 165 units and seeks to open more by selling its franchise.

iv. Garage Kings

Garage Kings specializes in garage flooring services. More specific benefits include garage floor coating, basement floor coating, and patio floor installation. Its franchise opportunity has a lot of potential due to its proven business model and track record.

v. Hello Garage

Hello Garage offers various services, including polyurea floor alternatives, epoxy floor alternatives, commercial coatings, and garage floor coating. Garage storage, garage Slatwall, garage track system, and garage organization & accessories are among its services and product offerings.

vi. GarageExperts

To buy this garage franchise, you need an investment of $62,403 to $150,503. Prospective franchisees must also be tech-friendly, have sales experience, a FICO score of 680+, and two years of leadership experience.

With this opportunity, you’re set up for success due to the franchisor’s proven business model, fixed royalties, strong community, and mobile tools. The process of joining isn’t complicated too.

vii. ChipsAway

There are several reasons to invest with ChipsAway. These include access to expert knowledge, attractive earnings potential, management expansion opportunities, a brand leader with proven demand, traditional national advertising, and unrivaled training and support.

viii. The Wheel Specialist

Wouldn’t you like to join a garage franchise offering robust support? This is precisely what The Wheel Specialist does. Its support covers critical business areas like technology, training, marketing, trade sales, and ongoing support. It’s an investment opportunity to try.

ix. AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care

The services offered by AAMCO include transmissions & oil changes, electric vehicle repair, etc. To join, you don’t need to have auto repair experience. AAMCO allows you to make your future while providing a proven and recession-resistant business model to duplicate.


This body shop garage has over 4,400 system-wide locations. Using its proven business model, you can grow your ROI while utilizing technology to help with smooth operations. Maaco franchisees enjoy comprehensive support during the application and throughout ownership.

xi. Christian Brothers Automotive

This garage franchise is founded on Christian values. It applies solid biblical principles to the auto repair industry. This presents an excellent opportunity if you’re looking for a reliable faith-based business to partner with.

Christian Brothers Automotive is community focused, provides a balanced work model, and offers an industry-leading warranty.

xii. Pro Oil Change

You can join this franchise opportunity with initial investments of $160,000 to $210,000. Its excellent relationship with its clients has provided an excellent foundation for new franchisees to build on. Find out what’s required to join and start the process.

xiii. Meineke

Car owners have come to love the Meineke brand due to its exceptional and customer-driven services. Meineke’s over five decades of success make it a trusted partner. To join, you’ll need to have a net worth of $1 million or higher as well as liquid assets over $500k

xiv. Speedee Oil Change & Auto Service

SpeeDee allows you to transform your oil change business into a significant operation. To qualify, you need available cash of $250,000, a net worth of $450,000, a passion for excellent customer service, a willingness to follow its business model, and a desire to be engaged in the business.

xv. Detail Garage

As a Detail garage franchisee, you benefit from marketing support, scalability, premium products, and its community of exciting and helpful personalities. The application process is not complicated. It starts from the application, discovery day, approval, site selection, and grand opening.

xvi. Garage Force

Garage Force allows you to own your business and a whole range of support services. These include a proven operating model, increased buying power, and the benefit of joining an established brand.

Franchisees also enjoy established policies, procedures, standards, and training. What more? There’s access to top-notch marketing plans, amongst other benefits.

These garage franchise offerings can be leveraged when looking for the right investment opportunity. You have a lot to do by way of finding the right option.