Do you need help starting a fried chicken cafe? If YES, here is a sample fried chicken restaurant business plan template.

Among the most important things needed to start a fried chicken restaurant is your business plan.

Because it is your plan, you need to pay close attention to this vital and indispensable part of your business.
This sample will help you set the ball rolling.


  • Writing a Business Plan

The plan is the working document of your fried chicken business. Doing justice to the business plan and sticking with everything found within the document will result in a well-run business. The contents of the plan should reflect the realities of your business. You may want to seek the help of professionals in writing a good restaurant business plan or doing it yourself if you possess the skills of writing one yourself.

  • Funding the Business

Funding is the lifeline of any business venture. On how to start a fried chicken restaurant, money is part and parcel of the requirements. This may be gotten either through loan, or savings. Whatever, the case, funding is needed to realize your dream. It is necessary to have a rough estimate of how much you need before working towards meeting the financial target.

  • Location Counts

By now, you should have heard that location is vital for any physical business. This applies to a fried chicken restaurant. Important questions must be asked before selecting a location. Some of these include “who are my target customers?” and “how can I weave my business around their daily schedules?”

Locations with a high volume of foot/pedestrian traffic are most suited for the location of a fried chicken restaurant.

Some of these areas include sports arenas/centres, beaches, shopping malls, central business districts among several others.

During the selection of a choice location for your business, it is important to be on the lookout for other chicken restaurants around who may likely be your competitors. The more they are, the stiffer the competition and vice versa.

  • Renting or Buying a Business Outlet

After selecting the right location to set up shop, the next thing to do is to get a shop or business premises. By getting, I mean renting or buying one. When choosing the buildings to rent or buy, consider a building that will be easily accessible/friendly to customers.

If you are lucky, you may get the perfect business outlet that does not require additional remodelling.

  • Obtaining a Permit or License

For consumable products such as chicken, it is important to obtain a health certification such as a permit or license. Such can be obtained from relevant health authorities vested with the responsibility of giving out these permits or licenses to operate.

Before giving out these licensing, there are certain requirements set forth by the issuing body to which your business must meet. You should endeavour to know what is needed and try to meet these requirements.

  • Setting up a Shop

An important consideration to make on how to start a fried chicken restaurant is to employ or hire your staff of which chefs are an important part of. These should be hired before your opening date. This is to help in streamlining their activities with the targets and goals of the business. Equipment are also an important consideration to make.

The expenses incurred on equipment can be quite substantial.

  • Source of Supply

When starting a business, an important consideration to make is how to get a constant source of supply of raw materials, in this case, getting a constant supply of raw chicken. A fried chicken business is no exception as you will need to either have a poultry farm where you get your chicken supply from, or depend on other farms for chicken products. Your business will only be viable if your source of raw chicken is confirmed to be capable of continuously supplying.

To make this possible, it is advised that you take your time to visit your prospective supplier’s facilities to ensure that what is obtainable on ground can sustain supply to your business.

  • Advertising Your Business

For those with limited knowledge on how to start a fried chicken wings restaurant business, marketing is important. By advertising your business, you are creating an increased awareness on the presence of your business and the services and products you produce and provide. There are several tools which have proven very effective in advertising. It will be of immense help to your business if you use these marketing tools effectively.

Some of the most effective ways of advertising include building a website for your products and services, thus taking advantage of the power of the internet to reach a vast number of potential clients. Others include the placement of paid adverts in either print or electronic media as well as taking advantage of word of mouth marketing which still proves to be effective.

There are guidelines and procedures that give the right direction on starting a fried chicken restaurant. The steps provided above are some of the most effective ways of starting a fried chicken restaurant without having to troubleshoot some ideas which are/may be untested. By following the above steps, you will have the much desired success you crave for in your fried chicken restaurant.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a fried chicken shop.

The different sections of this plan require you to conduct a thorough feasibility study. Without a good feasibility study, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

However, you can avoid this by reading to the end and obtaining a general direction to take for your new business.

  • Executive Summary

Crunchy Chicken LLC is a registered fast food restaurant that specializes in the creation of tasty chicken menus. We are driven by excellence and the determination to surpass the expectations of our clients.

We are located in the busiest part of Atlanta Georgia. This is strategic to our business as we are highly visible and operate in an area that has a lot of foot traffic.

Our business is open 7 days a week with an option for online orders. Some of our products include rice and chicken, chicken kickers with sauce, chicken stuffed cheesy bread, chicken wings, chicken and chips, 6 piece original bucket meal, chicken bowl and more.

  • Our Products

We offer a rich variety of specially prepared chicken products. These consist of chicken wings, chicken and chips; chicken kickers with sauce, chicken stuffed cheesy bread, 6 piece original bucket meal, chicken bowl and rice and chicken. Others are hot wings, chicken meal, tenders combo and popcorn chicken.

These are specially prepared using our signature spices and ingredients and served with a selection of drinks and beverages.

  • Our Vision

As an expansion driven business, being among the top 10 fried chicken brands in America is of utmost importance to us. Our expansion drive will be hinged on franchising. Motion has been set in place to commence franchising in the nearest future.

  • Our Mission

We are determined to provide tasty fried chicken products to our customers. These will be prepared under the most hygienic conditions. Within two years of starting business, we seek to open 12 more outlets which will be built upon in the coming years. Our specially prepared products, coupled with excellent customer service will be our major selling point.

  • SWOT Analysis

To run our fried chicken restaurant business effectively, we needed to have a better understanding of our level of preparation. An analysis that focused on our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats was conducted. The following are findings obtained.

  • Strengths

Our location counts for much. Our business is located within Atlanta’s Central Business District. Apart from this, we have an online presence. This means our customers can easily place their orders online. Our dedicated teams on wheels are immediately dispatched to make deliveries.

In addition to these, our customer service is top-notch. Customers have a pleasant experience they will want to relive.

  • Weakness

Our size counts against us. This limits our reach in the short term. Also, we are financially limited when compared with established brands. However, this will not be a permanent feature as we intend to grow. Our growth will depend on successes recorded in our current operations.

  • Opportunities

Feasibility studies conducted reveal tremendous potentials for growth. This will be driven by our commitment as well as how well we exploit our current location. By having a better understanding of our clients, we will be able to serve them better.

  • Threats

An economic recession does not happen always. However when it does, it negatively affects disposable incomes. This is a negative situation most businesses will wish to avoid. Under certain situations, the chance of it happening is inevitable. This poses as a threat to our fried chicken restaurant business.

  • Target Market

Apart from vegans, fried chicken is loved among many. There is a huge market for our products. In view of this, our target market covers, schools, families, event planners, corporate bodies, sports men and women, tourists, and the young and old. Our doors are open to everyone and we will be selling our specially prepared products to all!

  • Sales Projection

We have clearly identified a huge opportunity for growth. This is made even more possible by the choice of our location. An analysis of sales using industry trends and behavior has been taken into consideration. With results obtained, the next three years will see significant growth as shown by the chart below;

  • First Financial Year $250,000.00
  • Second Financial Year $590,000.00
  • Third Financial Year $900,000.00


  • Competitive Advantage

As a small business determined to be competitive, our location is a great asset to us. We have also put measures in place to ensure friendly work environments. To give our customers the best, we need to ensure our employees are treated right. We have created a family-like environment where the employees are treated with respect and the vision and mission of our business fully understood by all.

Through the commitment of everyone on board, we are making sure everyone is driven by a singular passion to grow our business into a formidable brand.

  • Publicity and Advert Strategies

This is vital to achieving our set goals. We have adopted several strategies that include the promotion of our business on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, we plan on having periodic road shows, distribution of handbills, running a loyalty and referral program.

Other marketing strategies include the mounting of billboards at strategic locations as well as sponsored ads on electronic and print media.

This fried chicken restaurant business plan sample has highlighted some basic points. Using this as a guide or sample, you are able put together a plan that will go a long way in helping you achieve your objectives as an entrepreneur.

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