Franchises Under 30k for Sale

Are you looking for low-cost franchises to buy under 30k? These opportunities are never in short supply.

However, low-cost franchises will have different meanings for different people. In other words, the term ‘low-cost’ is relative. Specifically, this article examines franchises you can own for $30k or less.

As you go through the article, you’ll discover that the examples are varied or represent various niches. It’s good to have variety when seeking investment opportunities, as you’re more likely to find a place you’re interested in.

With that said, what franchises can one own with an investment of $30k?

Under $30k Franchise Businesses to Buy

Franchise opportunities below $30k are pretty numerous.

Here, we refer to the minimum investments required to join such programs. Examples of franchises in this category include Proforma, Kinderdance, HappyFeet Legends International, and Christmas Décor.

More franchise opportunities you can buy for less than $30k include Town Money Saver, Little Kickers, Coffee News, and SuperGlass Windshield Repair.

Others include Dale Carnegie Training, Property Management Inc., Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Coverall, ClaimTek Systems, and American Business Systems.

You can also go for opportunities like Startup Homecare, Kwik Dry Carpet Cleaning, Brick, TT Cleaning, Amazing Athletes, and Grand Welcome.

More options include Phantom Screens, Trinity Water, Frost Shades, StretchMed Studios, Mattress By Appointment, textLIVING, etc.

i. HappyFeet Legends International

With investments of $22,500, you can join the HappyFeet Legends International franchise.

This youth soccer franchise equips you with training while offering robust support that covers critical areas of operation.

ii. Christmas Décor

You can become a professional Christmas decorator by joining this franchise.

Christmas Décor specializes in services like a holiday, event landscapes, and permanent architectural lighting. It’s a franchise you can participate in with a minimum investment of $20k.

iii. SuperGlass Windshield Repair

The benefits of owning a SuperGlass Windshield Repair include low overhead costs, comprehensive training, and the opportunity to own your business.

This franchisor offers a scalable business with high earning potential while also providing ongoing training & support.

iv. Dale Carnegie Training

Today, become a Dale Carnegie Training franchise owner and enjoy low startup cost, industry advantage, a trusted brand, and global reach.

Other benefits include outstanding support and proven products. The franchisor seeks candidates with strong people skills, business & sales insight, etc.

v. ClaimTek Systems

ClaimTek Systems is a medical billing business offering a complete professional electronic medical billing setup.

To join its franchise program, you’ll need a minimum total investment of $30k. This business provides you with a home-based passive income opportunity.

vi. American Business Systems

A total investment of $28,990 is needed to buy an American Business Systems franchise. This company specializes in medical billing training and support.

Reasons to join this opportunity include its strong growth potential, no need for special education, complete flexibility, lifetime support, etc.

vii. Kwik Dry Carpet Cleaning

The minimum investment needed to own this carpet cleaning franchise is around 11,995. The franchisor seeks to open new units across the United States.

You can leverage such an opportunity to own a business with high growth potential. What more? No experience is needed to join.

viii. Brick

This is an energy-focused business where power banks are rented out to help people get through their day.

You can join this low-cost, low-overhead investment for less than $30k. Details about this opportunity will require contacting the franchisor.

ix. TT Cleaning

Are you looking for a cleaning franchise that offers unrivaled training and support?

TT Cleaning is one you’ll want to consider.

The process of joining isn’t complicated. You only need to do your research, make inquiries, attend a discovery day, and get approved before the eventual launch.

x. Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes is an educational sports program that seeks to enter into severe partnerships with qualified candidates.

This home-based business requires no prior experience; it’s a low start-up and low overhead opportunity. Asides from its proven business model, Amazing Athletes offers its franchisees comprehensive training, etc.

xi. Grand Welcome

Grand Welcome is a famous brand that specializes in vacation rental management services. It offers a low-cost investment opportunity with a working capital of $15k to $25k and an initial franchise fee of $15k.

Reasons to join this franchise include large protected territories, ongoing support & training, over a decade of industry experience, a rapidly growing industry, etc.

xii. Phantom Screens

Phantom Screens offers its retractable glass business to interested and qualified franchisees.

You get to become its distributor for a minimum investment of $7,000. This home-based franchise opportunity is SBA-approved and offers training to new franchisees.

xiii. Trinity Water

Explore Trinity Water’s franchise offering today to enjoy robust support in critical areas of operation.

These include hands-on training, a detailed operations manual, exclusive territory, continued field support, ongoing operational & marketing support, and many more.

xiv. Frost Shades

This is another franchise opportunity you can join for less than $30k.

Frosh Shades specializes in window tinting services. You’ll need a franchise fee of $30,000 and liquid capital of the same amount to join.

Support offered covers ongoing coaching, marketing, technology, and in-person training.

xv. StretchMed Studios

This health & fitness franchise also seeks partnerships with qualified franchisees.

Three main steps are followed when applying for ownership. First, you’ll need to attend an information discovery session where you receive the FDD.

Secondly, an initial Zoom call meeting with its Director of Franchise Development is attended, where you fill out an application form. Thirdly, approved applications lead to signing documents with the selected territory.

xvi. Mattress By Appointment

Mattress By Appointment is another under $30k franchise you can own with a total investment of $20,000k.

Support and benefits offered by this franchisor include weekly training & support calls, retail experience, a turnkey business model, access to all major mattress brands, and bi-monthly new owner/operator quick start training.

xvii. textLIVING

With textLIVING, you can assist businesses within your community to reward customer loyalty.

Services include a sales playbook, custom branding, in-person and & online training, etc. Does this sound interesting to you? Consider exploring this opportunity by contacting the franchisor.

We can go on and on identifying and discussing under $30k restaurants. However, our discussion shows ample investment opportunities in this investment category.

We always recommend doing your research by exploring each of these.

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