5 Lucrative Franchise Opportunities to Buy Under $10k

List of Best Franchises to Own Under $10,000

Franchising, as a business type, has garnered impressive spread and success over the last several decades.

This is because Franchising has the inherent attribute of being replicable, as well as having been tested and tried, in different nations of the world.

Emphasis has recently been placed on seeking franchising businesses with the least startup costs.

GUIDE: Small Business Valuation

The threshold has been fixed at a maximum of 10,000 USD, although there exists a few franchising industries with an entry cost a little above that threshold amount of 10,000 Dollars.

The overall initial investment comprises startup costs, including franchise charges to machinery purchases, leasing of property, training programs, as well stock inventory costs.

The following profitable franchise businesses come under the 10,000 USD categories:


3 IN 1 Snack Franchise

The investment needed to open a 3 in 1 Snacks Franchise starts from 4,000 USD. This initial franchise fee of 4,000 USD grants the franchisee the right to operate a restaurant-related franchise business under the 3 in 1 Snacks brand.

  • Breakdown of Costs
  • Initial Investment: From 4,000 USD
  • Initial Franchise Fee: 4,000 USD
  • Royalty Fee: 2-5%
  • Advertising Fee: Not available
  • Duration of Agreement: 3 to 5 years

A All Animal Control Franchise

A All Animal Control is the pathfinder and pacesetter in the Nuisance Wildlife Control sector, offering excellent customer services and delivering top-notch performance for value. Boasting over 33 locations servicing 22 states in the United States of America, our team of wildlife experts possesses the technical know-how and the requisite resources to undertake commercial-sized projects while also servicing other categories of clientele.

A All Animal Control was the first to deploy the cutting-edge Total Wildlife Control System. This system offers a pinpoint program for a thorough resolution of human/ wildlife conflict of interest in the most considerate means permissible.

The franchise structure of A All Animal Control is suited for college and high school graduates, wildlife conservation experts, and individuals with an interest in wildlife.

The investment that will be required to start an A All Animal Control Franchise starts from USD 7,500.

  • Break down of costs.
  • Initial Investment: 7,500 USD
  • Initial Franchise Fee: Not available
  • Royalty Fee: Not available
  • Advertising Fee: Not available

Aloha Hotels Franchise (Chain of Hawaiian Hotels)

Aloha Hotels is committed to providing unequaled customer service to enhance every visitor’s experience. Aloha Hotels strives to provide friendly, qualitative, professional, and efficient service to guests and tourists.

The investment required to open an Aloha Hotels Franchise starts from 1,000 USD, and depending on the size desired by the franchisee, it could rise considerably.

Breakdown of Unit Costs

  • Initial Investment: $1,000-$100,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee: Not available
  • Royalty Fee: Not available
  • Advertising Fee: Not available

Ballon Café Franchise

This low-cost franchise unit caters to individuals and businesses that want to be part of a confirmed business system that comes with running an independent business.

The benefits of the Balloon Café Franchise include the following:

• The franchisee can professionally cater to customers that do not have a retail outlet.
• The franchisee can communicate with customers and receive orders by phone irrespective of their location.
• The flexibility to enter and exit the franchise
• No retail store rent is required
• The franchisee does not incur expenses such as signage setup, price tags, etc.
• Reduced payroll expenses and in some cases, none at all.
• The franchisee bears lower inventory inputs
• The franchisee can enjoy home-based business tax deductions.

  • Break down of Unit Costs
  • Initial Franchise Investment: 8,000 USD
  • Franchise Fee: 6,000 USD
  • Royalty Fee: 60 to 200 USD per month.
  • Advertising Fee: Not available
  • Duration of Agreement: 5 years
  • Renewal Fee: 1,000 USD

Beauty Call Franchise (Mobile Beauty Parlour)

This under- 10,000 USD franchise offers a splendid opportunity for individuals to own their businesses, utilizing the business prospects in the wedding and event sectors. The potential franchisee will also be able to call upon the expertise of other freelance artists, who run their own beauty parlors.

The franchisee enjoys the following bonuses working under the Beauty Call Franchise:

• Flexible work hours, as many weddings and events, take place over the weekend.
• Low startup costs, which promises a handsome return on investment.
• The franchisee enjoys comprehensive business contacts and leads made available from the Head office
• The franchisee enjoys advertising and business consultancy services for free.
The investment needed to start a Beauty Call Franchise is 5,300 USD. To become a franchisee, you have to pay a franchise fee of $5,300 which grants you the right to operate under the Beauty Call name.

  • Breakdown of Unit Costs
  • Initial Investment: 5,300 USD
  • Initial Franchise Fee: 5,300 USD
  • Royalty Fee: 1,800 USD annually
  • Advertising Fee: 5% to 16%