Sample Foreclosure Cleanup Business Plan


If you want to establish a cleanup business for foreclosed properties, it requires more than just getting the tools necessary and performing the job.

You’ll need to structure your operations to function as a business to be profitable. Setting up a business enterprise can be challenging for many, especially during the planning phases.

As a vital tool for success, the business plan will require careful and systematic development. This write-up can be overwhelming for persons with a limited understanding of a good plan.

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Here, we’ve provided a foreclosed cleanup Business Plan to assist you in creating a unique plan for your business.

Certain Sections must be Included and Discussed.

Putting together a foreclosed cleanup business plan doesn’t require adopting an arbitrary approach.

Instead, certain sections crucial to the final outcome must be well covered or discussed. These are considered part of the main structure of a plan and include the executive summary and company description.

Others are the products & services section, market analysis, strategy & implementation, organization & management team, and the financial plan & projection sections.

With these mentioned, what remains is left is to carefully develop each by providing the correct information as shown below.

i. Executive Summary

As the name implies, the executive summary gives a brief overview of the entire plan.

It’s a condensed version of the plan and is designed to hold the reader’s attention or interest. Your audience should have an idea of what the project is all about, even before going through the entire document.

If you’re seeking lending opportunities, the executive summary section alone should be able to tell the purpose of the loan and the definite amount being sought, the name of the foreclosed business, its location, and the legal structure, among other things.

This section always appears before the others in terms of the arrangement. However, it’s best written last to better capture the main points within the other areas.

Some of the areas highlighted include the business name & location, services offered, mission & vision statements, as well as the specific purpose of the plan.

By way of introduction, the name of the business is given. The business name is one of the first things anyone going through your executive summary should find.

Also, your location matters to the number of clients you’re likely to attract among other things.

A foreclosed cleanup business is service-oriented; the services provided need to be listed. You only need to state the basics and leave the details for later in the main section supplied for that.

An interested reader will want to know the specifics by going to the main services section.

The mission statement is usually short and concise. It should describe the fundamental purpose of your foreclosed cleanup business. Here, the reason or the “why” of its existence is explained.

Though short, a mission statement speaks volumes about your business. However, the vision statement formally declares your business’s future goals. It gives or creates a pure intent scenario of what it wants to accomplish.

In other words, it is focused on the future and seeks to inspire your workforce towards its attainment.

ii. Company Description

Company description provides a more in-depth understanding of your foreclosed cleanup business. It seeks to explain how the business operates, in addition, to clearly stating your goals.

Details covered here include the legal structure adopted for your business operation, as well as a summary of short and long-term goals.

There have to be clear explanations on how you intend to make a profit. Add a brief history of your business as well as the nature of the operation. Also critical is the needs or demands it plans to fill or supply.

Additional details include a summary of business growth with financial or market highlights.

iii. Services Offered

What is the nature of the services you intend to provide? While the name of the business gives an idea of what it’s about, it’s necessary to go a step further to make things more straightforward by providing additional details.

As such, describe your foreclosed cleanup services, emphasizing the benefits derived by clients.

What are the market roles of your service and what clear advantage does it have when compared to competing products from similar businesses?

You’ll need to take the time to provide this information without the need to rush.

iv. Market Analysis

Anyone going through your market analysis should sense how knowledgeable you are about this field of business. This is why you need to demonstrate such capacity by carrying out thorough market research.

Information provided here includes a sketch of target customer segments.

Such should be attached with details like size and demographics. Perform a detailed assessment of your competitors, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. What more?

Historical, current, and projected marketing data for services and products will have to be provided.

v. Strategy & Implementation

With the help of an operating plan, summarize your sales and marketing strategy. Information to provide includes promoting your foreclosed cleanup business to customers.

Also, state how you intend to penetrate the market. Do you need to hire competent labor? If so, what are your labor sources?

What is the strength of your workforce? You’ll need to work out details relating to pricing, costs, and promotions, among other things.

vi. Organization & Management Team

How is your foreclosed cleanup business structured? We can better explain this by having an organizational chart that describes departments with key employees.

You should add information on business owners such as names, percentage ownership, the extent of involvement, and biography.

You’ll also need to include the profile of your management team with such details as names, positions held, primary responsibilities, and experience provided.

vii. Financial Plan & Projection

Entrepreneurs with an accounting background won’t find it difficult writing the financial plan and projections section. Persons without this background are advised to seek the help of professional accountants.

The areas covered here include the historical financial data (for established foreclosed cleanup businesses), realistic prospective financial information, and analysis of financial data.

Your foreclosed cleanup business plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It only needs to follow these simple steps to arrive at the desired outcome.

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