If you have been worried about how to start a flour mill business, then you are warmly welcomed. I am ready to take your hands and show you how well you can do it. But wait for a moment, have you ever asked yourself these questions?

One, is the flour mill business lucrative? Two, is the demand for flour that high? And lastly, are the raw materials to produce the flowers readily available?

It might interest you to know that ‘yes’ is the answer to all these questions!

However, you might ask? Why do I have to find answers to these questions? The answer is simple. Positive or negative answers to these questions will either stimulate your arousal or kill the passion to start a flour mill business.

Scan through what happens all around you with the daily demand and usage of flour. Bakery, food processing and pharmaceutical companies are the largest consumers of flour and we get to see their end product each passing day.

Not exempting the local use in your vicinity for pastry as well.

Additionally, the raw materials for the production of flowers which could either be corn, wheat or millet are readily available. All these gives a high demand for flour and promise a high Return on Investment (ROI).

The next step is knowing what how to start a flour mill. Although there is a caution. The steps might seem similar to any steps for beginning a business, but the processes involved are quite different. Therefore, do not quickly dismiss that you have known a point and thus jump to other. Read carefully!

Steps Involved in Starting a Flour Mill Business

  • Get Trained to Handle Factory Machinery or Equipment

If you are a newbie with zero knowledge about how the machines works in the factory, then you should not take this step with levity. You must have a solid foundation.

If your case is a lot different, possibly you have handled or worked at a flour mill company before, you will still need to get acquainted with the machines. There might be new development you have not heard of. Yearn to have basic training on the grinding process in achieving the final product.

To accomplish this will demand that you make visit to flour mill companies so you can be trained. There is an opportunity to make research on the Internet to boost your experience on effective machines you can use and how to handle them.

  • Register Your Flour Mill Business

There is no hard and play rule here. Get your business registered. Seek help from the local authority in your location or the location where you intend to choose on how you can register your business. You will earn real freedom and operate your business like a king.

  • Write a Flour Business Plan

Your flour mill startup plan is not limited to the size of the business you are operating. Therefore, it is a must to write a decent and well explanatory plan if you want to start a flour mill business. If you will need loan to fund your business, you must write a catchy business plan so as to attract investors.

  • Acquire a Location 

You might have to rent or buy a space for your flour mill industry. Getting a location for the business is a must. That is where you will have your machinery installed and the company’s office.

The size of the location primarily will be influenced by the size of machines you are to run and the number of workers to employ. It is also important to bear in mind that the location of the flour mill industry should be easily located by customers and easy delivery of raw materials for the production of flours.

  • Buy Flour Mill Machinery and Raw Materials

The space you have acquired for your business would not function without the installation of machines and buying of raw materials to start the flour mill. It is then required that you buy the machines you have surveyed during your training and visit cost effective locations to buy the machines. If you lack fund, you can rent but make it a goal to buy as soon as possible.

Getting raw materials does not require an extensive search. You can contact Companies that stores grains in large quantities for sale.

Also, you can meet mechanized farmers too who stores grains at large quantities majorly for commercial purpose.

  • Source for Customers

Every business products needs customers, and your flour mill business is not an exemption. Endeavour to get customers and retain a solid relationship with them. Write companies and inform them about your flour mill company.

Keep to whatever promise you will make. Be optimistic that as your business grows, you will get more customers.

  • Keep On Improving

This final phase is not the final stage to start a flour mill business operation. Constantly, you will need to keep improving your products, customer’s relation, modes of advertisement and utilizing new technological equipment.

Have good relationship with your employees and maintain an honest dealing with them. If you try all possible best to keep on improving, you will succeed on the quest to start a flour mill business.

I am well convinced that if these points are applied correctly, you will start a flour mill that will be profitable and at the same time gain the approval of most companies that will be buying your final products.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a flour mill.

I will go straight to the point that is, the business plan sample because it is expected that you already know the basics of the business, the requirements and skills since you are about to start it.

BUSINESS NAME: Sammy Jay Wheat Flour Production Company

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Overview
  • Product Offering
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Target Market
  • Sales Forecast

Executive Summary

Sammy Jay Wheat Flour Production Company is a standard and licensed wheat flour mill production company that will be located in an industrial area, Springfield-Illinois. We have secured a long term lease of the facility in this area which is close to a wheat farm and there is an option of renewal of the lease on agreed terms and conditions which seems favorable to us.

It has been approved by the government to use the facility for this type of business and the facility has easy accessibility and easy movement of raw materials and finished products.

Sammy Jay Wheat Flour Production Company is a business that will engage in processing, packaging and retailing wheat flour. We are in the business to give well packaged wheat flour to customers so they can have the value of their money as well as to make profits.

Feasibility studies and market surveys has been done to find the most suitable location for our business due to the fact that there are several wheat flour mill companies scattered all around the United States and Canada.

Plans have been made to have a wide distribution network for wholesalers in Illinois and the United States.

Apart from producing healthy and well packaged wheat flour, our greatest concern is customers’ care because we know that they are the ones keeping us in business and they are determinants of the success or otherwise of the business. We are ready to go extra miles in satisfying our customers so they can become loyal customers to our business.

There is a CRM software that will make it possible to have a one on one relationship with our customers and also involve our customers when making decisions that directly or indirectly affect them.

Sammy Jay Wheat Flour Production Company is a family business that is owned and managed by Sammy Jay and the immediate family. He is a graduate of micro biology (B. Sc) and also has a Master’s degree in Business Management.

Business Overview

Wheat flour mill business basically has to do with milling wheat grains into flour then package and sell to wholesale distributors, grocery stores and other food related business. The wheat grains are purchased directly from growers or wholesalers.

It is a fact that wheat flour industry will remain relevant in years to come. The profit and revenue generated from the business depends on the price and production of wheat flour. The flour production mill industry under which wheat flour production is a subset, is a sector that thrives regardless of the economy and other kinds of situation.

This type of business is a business that can either be started on a large or small scale; serving your local community is a form of small scale wheat flour business while it becomes large scale once you go beyond your local environment.

Therefore, the wheat flour production company is a profitable business open for anyone to start either on a large scale or small scale.

Product Offering

Sammy Jay Wheat Flour Production Company will operate a standard and licensed wheat flour company that will offer its products not only in Springfield-Illinois but throughout the United States of America.

Our product offering will be processing, packaging and distributing wheat flour in commercial quantities.

Vision Statement

The Sammy Jay Wheat Flour Production Company’s vision is to establish a wheat flour production company whose product will be the best and be sold on a large scale.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish a company that will be world class and favorably compete with leaders in the industry, a company that will be listed among the first ten best wheat flour companies in the United States and Canada.

Business Structure

Sammy Jay Wheat Flour Production Company aims to have a right structure put in place to support the setting up and growth of the company.

Our aim is to hire qualified, hardworking, honest and customer centric people that are ready to work and help achieve the vision of the company. There will be a profit sharing arrangement for all senior management staff which we will be based on their performance for five years or more than based on how quick the set target is met.

Therefore, we will be hiring people to occupy the following positions:

 Chief Executive Officer (Owner)
 Plant Manager
 Human Resources and Admin Manager
 Merchandize Manager
 Sales and Marketing Manager
 Machine Operators
 Accountants / Cashiers
 Distribution Truck Drivers

Target Market

There is a wide range of customers for wheat flour so our target market cannot be restricted to a group of people but includes everyone who resides in our target locations. Market research has been done to know what the target market is expecting from us.

Our business will be extended to the following group of people:

• Hotels
• Restaurants and Canteens.
• Event Planners and Caterers.
• Households.
• Everybody in our target market location

Sales Forecast

One certain thing about wheat flour production is that once it is healthy and well packaged and the production mill is easily accessible, you will sure have customers which will lead to an increase in generating revenue.

Sammy Jae Wheat Flour Production Company is in a good position to take on the available market in Illinois by producing well packaged and well-branded wheat flour. We have analyzed our chances in the industry and came up with the following sales forecast:

• First Fiscal Year-: $240,000
• Second Fiscal Year-: $450,000
• Third Fiscal Year-: $950,000

This is done with the assumption that there will be no economic meltdown and there won’t be any competitor in the same location with us offering the same quality of same products and customer care service. Share this wheat flour mill business plan, thanks.

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