FARMER BOYS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Looking for information regarding the Farmer Boys franchise?

Farmer Boys is a food company that started in 1981. It became a franchise however in 1997, which means they have been running a franchise for 21 years. If you are interested in joining the Farmer Boys franchise, then the information in this article is for you.

This article will give a brief history of Farmer Boys, the franchise cost, the total investment cost and also the training and support that would be provided for you as a franchisee. How you can apply will also be discussed.

The Farm-to-table concept is considered bigger than Farmer’s Burger at the moment. Farmer Boys have been involved in serving fresh farm food for over 21 years. The company is uniquely positioned to serve the American populace the best produce directly from the farm, which seems to be the trend among food-conscious Americans.

In the course of the article, we will be taking an in-depth look into how much a Farmer Boys franchise is.


In the 1970s, two brothers Chris and Makis Havadjias took up employments in various restaurants to see themselves through college. They assisted the founders of one of these restaurants to restructure the firm and after some time, purchased the restaurant.

With the vast experience that they have gathered from the other restaurants that they worked in, they were able to build a well-performing restaurant from a poorly run one.

They were then assisted by their other 3 brothers and were able to expand Farmer Boys to the corners of San Bernadino Riverside countries in California.

Every location serves sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and full breakfast. They started selling franchises in the year 1998.


With the growing trend among the American people and the consciousness of healthy organic food, a lot of people have been looking onto Farmer Boys for fresh farm produce.

And some business-minded individuals have also asked “is Farmer Boys a franchise?” yes the company is a franchise and they started selling franchises to the public in the year 1997.


The Farmer Boys franchise cost is the cost of all the investment that is needed to establish a franchise unit with the company.

The franchisor expects all potential franchisee with the company to have an initial investment to the tune of $1,500,000 and also net worth of between $750,000 to about $1,000,000 as well as liquid cash of about $300,000


The Farmer Boys franchise fee is the initial payment made to the company to grant the franchisee access to operate with the Farmer Boys brand identities. The initial franchise fee cannot be refunded and will only be valid for a certain period. The fee is $45,000.

Franchisees are also required to make an additional royalty fee of 5% and an ad royalty fee of 3% of the monthly gross revenue of the franchise unit, respectively.


When you decide to buy a Farmer Boys franchise, you will benefit from the following:

  • TRAINING FROM THE EXPERTS: The moment you become a franchisee with Farmer Boys, the team will train and guide you on the process of activities at the company. You will be provided with a comprehensive full time or part-time training, depending on the option you choose. You will as well be exposed to the food preparation and business sides of the restaurant. And your employees will as well be trained based on their different units.
  • ONGOING CONSULTATION: One benefit you will also get with Farmer Boys is that a consultant will be assigned to you and he will make periodic visits to your franchise unit and help you with any issues that you might be facing concerning the running and growth of your business.
  • MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: Buying into the Farmer Boys Franchise will allow you to tap into the company’s targeted campaigns and advertising.
  • SAVINGS: As a franchisee with the restaurant, you will enjoy a lot of discounts from suppliers of food and equipment. This will help you offset a large part of your royalty fee
  • ON CALL ASSISTANCE: You are guaranteed as a franchisee with Farmer Boys that any issues you come across will be resolved in just a moment. All that is needed is to make a call and someone will be placed on the line to assist you with whatever might be bothering you and your staff in the course of the business.


A Farmer Boys franchise owner’s earnings will depend on a lot of factors.

Most importantly is the effort they put into the business and also the location of the restaurant. When you buy into a Farmer Boys franchise, you will buy into a franchise model that is proven to be effective, but what you make will now depend on how you can put together the factors for success.

More information on the actual average income you can make in the business can be gotten from existing franchisees with Farmer Boys.


You will not have access to direct financing when you buy into the Farmer Boys Franchise.

What they offer is the opportunity for you to get connected to 3rd party affiliate of the restaurant that offers to fund for franchisees that seek one.


This article has talked on how to open a Farmer Boys franchise, to complete your application you will need to visit the website of the company and fill the franchise application form. Once the form is submitted, the company will asses it and give you feedback

If you are considered for a franchise opportunity, you will then be assigned a franchise manager. The responsibility of the manager and his team will be to assist the franchisee to set up his new franchise unit.