Europcar Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Europcar franchise is a car rental company that has been in operation since the year 1949 (69 years). This article will be providing the available information that will be needed by individuals or groups interested in becoming a franchisee at Europcar Franchise Company.

To start with, we will be checking the overview of the company, the year of establishments and franchising, their services. After those, other important details which will be needed by a franchisee for planning will be discussed and they include, how much Europcar franchise costs, the required total investment cost.

We will then discuss the training and supports available for all their franchisees. Finally, we will discuss at length how to start a Europcar franchise.

Is Europcar a Franchise?

Europcar is a car rental company based in France. The company is owned by the French investment company Eurazeo. They were created in the year 1948 and they started franchising in the year 1973. Presently Europcar has over 200,000 vehicles that are used for hire in over 160 different countries in Europe, America, Africa, the middle east, and Asian countries.

Their passenger’s car is also renewed every 6-18 months depending on several factors. While their commercial cars are allowed to run longer than that, but their entire vehicle is maintained between 4 to 8 months.

At Europcar, you will also be required to work with a trusted franchise that has built a solid connection with many car brands all over the world.

How much does Europcar Franchise Cost?

The exact cost of the Europcar franchise is not disclosed, but you can contact them online to get detailed information about that.

Europcar Franchise Fee

Europcar does not disclose the exact amount charged for their franchise fee, to get further information about that you will need to contact them on their website. Detailed information about other fees like advertising and royalty fee expected from their prospective franchisee can be received upon contacting them.

Europcar Franchise Start-up Cost

For anyone interested in joining Europcar as a franchisee, you will be required a total investment capital of about US$580,000 or £800,000. More detailed information can be received upon contacting them.

Europcar Franchise Training and Supports

The success of any industry is sometimes buried deep into the training and support available for them. Europcar franchise is well informed of this and the following has been put in place to help their franchisee attain success:

  • You will receive an initial 6 days training program before the start of your business to give you detailed information about the model of the business.
  • After starting your business, you will also receive further training both on-site and in their headquarter.
  • Removal of both royalty fees and advertising fees comes as an advantage for franchisees in some selected areas.
  • Europcar franchise will help with site selection for its franchisee.
  • You will also benefit by becoming able to use Europcar brand name, as they allow a franchisee to use their brand name in some selected region.
  • As a franchisee, you will be opened to international marketing as Europcar franchises are always featured on their website.
  • On-Going Monitoring of your business is done, this will ensure that your business is still running smoothly and detection of loopholes will be possible with the help of Europcar monitoring staff.
  • Europcar will ensure that your brand name is well protected no matter the market you might choose to serve.
  • You will receive assistance on how you will develop and build a car rental business in your area.
  • Several seminars and conventions are organized yearly; attending will help you to understand the new strategy for running a successful business.
  • You will be connected with a good industry to be able to get quality cars.
  • Europcar will also provide several research materials needed by a franchisee to understand the complete setup of the business, their procedures, and products.
  • You will receive first-hand information about the registration and running of your business.

Europcar Franchise Terms of Agreement and Renewal

To know more about the terms of agreement and renewal offered by the Europcar franchise, you will need to contact them online by filling a request form on their website.

How much does a Europcar Franchise Make?

One needs to estimate the likely amount he will make from his start-up at the initial stage. Presently there is no detailed information on how much a Europcar franchise makes from his car rental services. But one can reasonably conclude that the will make a lot of money putting this fact behind our mind that many people make use of their services daily. Several other factors like the location of the business, the size and the charges placed on their services can go a long way in deciding what they are earning maybe. More detailed information can be received upon contacting them.

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How to Open a Europcar Franchise

Having explored in detail important information about the Europcar franchise and you are interested in joining them as a franchisee, you can visit them on their website at and fill a request form there. Alternatively, you can send them an mail on