Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

DUNN BROS COFFEE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you have always wanted to own a coffee franchise that has been for years with a large customer base, then, I want you to check out Dunn Brothers Coffee franchise. Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise is a company that has been in operation since 1987 (31 years).

For all who are interested in joining Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise as a franchisee, below is all available information about Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise that such person will need to know.

At first, we will be seeing the overview of Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise, its year of establishment and services rendered, after this, we will be considering some essential franchising information like how much a franchise service cost, the required total investment cost.

We will also be considering the training and supports made available to Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchisees and finally, we will discuss how you too can become a franchisee at Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise.

What is the average Dunn Brothers revenue per month? How many are Dunn Brothers there?

Sit on with me and let’s enjoy the ride through Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise Information
Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise was established in the year 1987 and they started franchising in the year 1994 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are involved in producing coffee. Using the micro-roasting method, they daily produce fresh roasted and high-quality coffee.

The presence of onsite bakery helps them also feature fresh bakery foods which include breads, pastries, and sandwiches for lunch and dinner amongst others. So when Dunn Brothers coffee is around, you can’t be hungry, as you would have more than enough food and drinks to take.

How Much Does a Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise Cost
A Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise would cost you a minimum liquid capital which amounts to $125,000, coupled with other expenses that will need to be fulfilled before becoming a franchisee at Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise Franchise Fee
A franchise fee of $37,000 is required to be paid to Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise with an ongoing royalty fee of 5% and AD fee of 3% also required.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise Startup Cost
For those who are interested in starting as a franchisee under Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise, you will need/be required a total investment capital which amounts to $388,200 as a low and $616,400 as a reasonable high.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise Training and Support
When you become a franchisee at Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise you will be opened to the following benefits in training and support, this is meant to help you become successful in the business and understand the best way to run the business. The training and supports include:

  • Dunn BrothersCoffee Franchise will help you with site selection
  • The will provide technical space requirements and leasing process guidance.
  • At first, you will receive a 2 days training (Orientation training) at the headquarter in Minneapolis.
  • When your store is eventually opened, you will be opened to series of training on-site.
  • You will be provided with training resources to ensure that your team is fit enough to run as a franchisee under them.
  • Ongoing support will be offered to your team when needed, this is to ensure that your skills become improved.
  • Dunn BrothersCoffee Franchise will assign Franchise Business consultant to work with you so as to help you grow and optimize your business.
  • You will be opened to a toll-free line to contact them anytime you need their help.
  • Constant delivery of newsletter for you, this will help you keep abreast of latest development and innovations in the industry.
  • At Dunn BrothersCoffee Franchise, you will be opened to a franchisee intranet platform where required information can be received both during and after working hours.
  • Dunn BrothersCoffee Franchise will help you with your website development.
  • You will receive a 270 – 420 hours of training onsite and 46-61 hours training at the headquarters.
  • At your call, you will receive further training on whatever aspect you’re concerned about.
  • They will help you with email marketing for your business marketing.
  • Regular organizing of meetings and conventions will also afford you the opportunity to know about the latest happening in the business world.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
To know more about the terms of agreement and renewal offered by Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise, you will need to contact them to receive such information.

How Much does a Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise Make?
Presently there is no available information discussing in details how much a franchisee makes. But we can conclude reasonably that if your business is being set up and dispensed in a very good location, and you charge a fair and reasonable price and you interact well with your customers, you will make a lot of money. Further detailed information about that can be received by contacting Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise company.

How to Open Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise
Having discussed in detail all information available about Dunn Brothers Coffee Franchise and you are very interested in joining them, you can contact them quickly by filing a request form on the website at www.dunnbrothers.com or give them a call on 612-334-9746 or their toll-free line on 1-888-417-0404.