Daylight Donut Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Daylight Donut is one of the leading donut franchises that was established in 1954.

From its humble beginnings in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S this company has grown internationally with over 50 outlets outside of the United States and about 950 domestic outlets. All of these are independently owned.

This thriving business concept was birthed by the founder Tommy and Lucille Day.

As a thriving restaurant business, it seeks to add more investors to its ranks by offering them an opportunity to become part of its family.

According to the company, its investors are called operators and not franchisees. Plus, you get tons of support to ensure your daylight donut outlet succeeds.

Products and Services

Since it first opened its doors for business, Daylight Donut hasn’t compromised its standards for quality. It offers a wide range of products. These delicious products are prepared with their proprietary mixes and recipes. Its donuts come in a variety of flavors.

In addition to its donuts, Daylight Donuts also has different types of breakfast pastries which can be picked from its rich menu. As its partner or franchisee, you get to introduce or expand this business concept by selling its signature products to new markets.

At Daylight Donut, customers are offered its wide array of products. Core products sold include raised donuts, cake donuts, cinnamon rolls, sausage rolls, and daylight donut coffee. These are served in the most hygienic conditions.

Customers are the focus and are spoiled. Little wonder they always want to return for a refill.

The great part is that Daylight Donut is already a success and is well accepted. The company helps you every step of the way to ensure you hit the ground running with your first outlet.

So, how do you start? How does one become a Daylight Donut Partner or franchisee?

Well, you’re at the right place! Let’s show you how.

Financial Obligations

As expected, every investment opportunity requires meeting set financial obligations.

This is no different from Daylight Donut.

As a prospective investor or franchisee, you’re expected to meet its minimum cash requirement of $100,000. The total investment required falls within the $100,000 to $200,000.

You might have spotted the upper and lower limits for investments and have questions about why that is so. That’s a good question to ask. You see, Daylight Donut offers different types of investment opportunities.

These include the single, as well as multi-unit opportunities.

As expected, the single unit outlets go for less and cost around $100,000. There may be other minor financial requirements attached. You’ll have to find out details about any such added financial obligations.

Its other option which is the multi-unit outlets mean you’d be operating more than one Daylight Donut outlet. This is why the financial requirements are double that of the single-unit outlets.

  • What’s the Investment Sum For?

Unlike typical franchise opportunities, Daylight Donut offers you an even better deal. This deal comes by way of how it runs its operations.

As an investor, all the investment money ends up in your store! Yes! There’s no need for overhead.

To increase your chances of success, Daylight Donut has a plan in place that lets you spend your investment amount on tangibles. These include equipment, inventory, signage, marketing, and décor.

In other words, the entire investment sum ends up in your store which is awesome.

How to Own a Daylight Donut Outlet

There are set procedures to follow in your quest to own a Daylight Donut outlet(s).

First, you’ll need to meet its financial requirements which have been provided above.

Secondly, you’ll need to be seen as an ideal candidate. So, who’s an ideal candidate for this investment opportunity?


Daylight Donut commits itself to ensure that all its partners are up and running efficiently.

A lot of work goes into this aspect. After meeting its requirements, support begins with the selection of an ideal location. This company shares research resources in addition to bringing its expertise to bear in choosing your outlet.

Now, such support doesn’t end with the selection of an ideal location. Daylight Donut goes on to help with planning your operations, equipping your new outlet as well as opening for business.

These are critical to success and enable you to achieve your desires.

  • Training

To effectively operate your own Daylight Donut franchise, you’ll need all the training necessary.

Daylight donut ensures that all its partners are well training in running their own franchise outlets. This process involves hands-on training at designated facilities or partner stores.

The duration of such training is disclosed by Daylight Donuts. You’ll have to make such inquiries when applying for the investment opportunity.

During the training sessions, this company unveils its proprietary spices among other trade secrets to trainees or investors.

  • The Ideal Investor

Daylight Donut has a set profile of investors it wishes to do business with. To be considered for this investment opportunity, you’ll need to have the willingness and desire for the full-time commitment to managing your outlet.

Anything less than that isn’t acceptable to the franchisor.

You should have a proven financial history that shows your ability to manage resources. Apart from having financial stability, Daylight Donuts expects you to also have a strong employment history. You’re also expected to have an appreciable understanding of licensee relationships.

This is important as it highlights the type of partnership you’ll be entering. Daylight Donuts places a high premium on its integrity. As such, only investors willing to maintain such standards are considered for this investment opportunity.

If you love to interact with strangers, then you’ll find this opportunity quite rewarding. A countless number of customers walk-in through your doors each day to be served. Each of these people will need to be well served.

Daylight Donuts will assess if you have a customer-friendly demeanor.

  • Do you think this Opportunity is best for you?

Having provided information on what Daylight Donut looks out for in potential investors, it will be necessary to assess yourself if you meet all the above requirements. This self-assessment enables you to determine if this opportunity is for you or not.

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This is all the basic information needed to start your journey as a Daylight Donut franchisee. All you need to do is contact the company for further details.