Sample Crowdfunding Platform Business Plan


Being in themselves platforms for connecting would-be entrepreneurs with micro-investors, a crowdfunding business would not stand successfully without a working and comprehensive business plan.

There are entrepreneurs interested in starting a crowdfunding business, but possess little or no skill in writing a working business plan. It is due to this problem that this article is written to help these classes of people write good business plans through availing them this business plan sample to work with.

With this crowdfunding business plan sample, you can effectively write your own unique business plan by following the laid out format. All you have to do is to brainstorm and supply information unique to your own business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a crowdfunding business.

– Executive Summary
– Products and Services
– Our Vision
– Our Mission
– Market Analysis/Trends
– Target Market
– Competitive Advantage
– Sales and Marketing Strategy
– Publicity and Advert Strategies
– Sources of Income
– Sales Projection
– Payment Channels
– Source of Startup Funding

Executive Summary

Crowdfunding Connect LLC is a crowdfunding business connecting potential entrepreneurs with micro financiers. Our duty is to provide that critical market place or junction where a potential entrepreneur is able to showcase/pitch his/her business to investors with the most impressive business idea getting full funding from the pool of financiers.

We will be getting a commission on every successful completion of business agreement or investment.

Products and Services

Our products and services are mostly online base, as both interested investors and potential entrepreneurs are provided a meeting platform to transact business. This does not come free however, as we would be earning on every submitted project on our site.

Also, whether the transaction between the investor and the potential entrepreneur is successful or not, we will still be paid for services rendered. However, when the business is successful, a bigger fee is paid to us for facilitation.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Crowdfunding Connect LLC is to build the largest crowdfunding business in the United States within our first decade of operations. We intend achieving this through the promotion of our services through different media, such as the use of the internet, local radio and TV stations and also through word of mouth dissemination from satisfied clients who have benefittedfrom our services.

Our Mission

Is to be the foremost crowdfunding business through excellent customer care service provided by highly motivated work staff, who share our goals and objectives.

Market Analysis/Trends

This sector has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years and this growth is predicted not to wane in the coming years, especially as enlightenment grows among potential entrepreneurs about the benefits of using this service for generation of funding.

As a result of the growth, it has witnessed the emergence of several websites providing similar services to both investors and entrepreneurs. It is expected that in no distant time, this option will overtake other well known options used in funding small businesses.

Target Market

Our target market at Crowdfunding Connect LLC is the assorted business segment, especially the small and medium scale businesses and investors. These startups and the investors will be provided a critical platform where both will meet and discuss the terms of their operations.

Our concern is to facilitate this meet and to ensure that both parties enjoy the services provided. We will not be focusing on any particular business niche, but will be open to all business types and investors interested in either a particular business/businesses.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage over our competitors is that we will be providing a broad range of services across all business niches, with clients expected from every business area. We will also be engaging the services of the very best of crowdfunding professionals and provide adequate motivations through attractive remunerations that will ensure that their very best is given.

Also, the services of a crowdfunding business strategist will be engaged to ensure exceptional services.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

The sales and marketing strategies to be deployed will include committing resources to ensure that our website always appears on the first page of search engines. This will be possible through enlisting the expert services of IT professionals that will ensure that contents on our websites are search engine optimized (SEO).

Also, links from will be shared on all the social media platforms that will always link back to the website whenever they are clicked.

Publicity and Advert Strategies

The publicity and advert strategies to be deployed will include using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms that will advertise the services provided by us. These adverts will be made to look attractive.

All these will be managed by the very best hands, the IT department, due to the reliance of the internet as an important tool of business.

Sources of Income

Our main sources of revenue will be solely from the services rendered by us. Whenever an application for funding is indicated, it involves a fee charged. Part of these funds is remitted to us.

Also, for every successful transaction resulting in investment, Crowdfunding Connect will be benefiting from the transaction costs charged these parties for using our services.

Sales Projection

It is projected that within a three year period, we will experience an impressive revenue growth.

However, the effects of recession, natural disasters and other misfortunes are discounted;

– First Year $250,000
– Second Year $660,000
– Third Year $1,200,000

Payment Channels

Due to the nature of our business which is online based, we will be using electronic means of payment for services. These include the use of cards (credit, debit, smart etc), mobile banking, and electronic banking.

Sources of Startup Funding

The sources of funding for this business will come from savings and also through debt financing. 40% of this funding will come from savings while the rest of 60% of the funds will come through debt financing.

This is a crowdfunding business plan sample you can use to write your own very unique business plan. With the steps made available within this business plan, you will be properly guided to accurately brainstorm on what is unique to your own crowdfunding business.

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