Cost of Shipping to Nigeria from Houston

Here is the average cost of shipping to Nigeria from Houston, Texas. The USA.

Nigeria is largely an import-reliant nation. Products that can be shipped range from cars, electronics, furniture, chemicals among a long list of items. This gulps a lot of foreign exchange. The exchange value of the dollar to the naira also impacts cost.

But that is a topic for another day.

Our focus here is to provide you with information on the cost of shipping to Nigeria from Houston.
Shipment costs take up a good part of the value of imported goods.

In other words, such costs will determine the product’s worth. But of course, this will apply to commercial goods. A lot of personal items or goods are also shipped. It doesn’t matter which applies to you.

We will provide you with as much information on our specific route; Houston to Nigeria.

Mode of Shipment

Your preferred mode of shipment matters. This is because the duration or time frame before goods arrive differ. Cost is also a major factor. But what are these modes of shipment exactly?

Simple! They include air and sea shipments. Although the former is considered more expensive, your goods arrive much faster. Hang on as we’ll get into the specifics in no time.

Factors Affecting Shipment Cost from Houston to Nigeria

Apart from existing currency exchange rates, other factors are there to contend with. These include your volume of shipments, type of commodity to be shipped as well as port of entry.

Given the above, can we arrive at a figure? Well, we will be giving a figure for sea shipments. But this only covers bulk shipments which are charged at special rates.

For instance, you can ship four cars from Houston to Nigeria in 40 footers for a rate of $3,495. Air freights or shipments are charged by weight.

Shipment costs from Houston to Nigeria will likely be affected by customs duties. We will be discussing these and more shortly.

Another factor affecting shipment cost is the company you use. Several companies offer shipping services from Houston to Nigeria.

These companies offer competitive rates to attract patronage. There are several such companies. A few include Maersk, ACL, Houston Mooring Co, and Mid Gulf Shipping Co. Inc.,

Others are CMA, Cosco, Ghedi International Inc., Riise Shipping Inc., Argosy Transportation Inc. among so many.

Why Houston for Shipping?

Houston is one of the major shipping hubs to Nigeria. This is unconnected with the fact that it is one of the cities having a large population of the Nigerian community. Therefore, it is only natural that a lot of shipments will originate from Houston. In addition, the port of Houston is considered one of the best ports for shipping to Nigeria.

Broad Cargo Categories

Apart from shipment cost, cargo categorization is equally important. It enables you to classify your goods or cargo. It also enables you to have a better idea of how much it will cost you to ship certain cargoes.

So, what are these broad categories? They include moving boxes, cars, trucks as well as containers.

Ports of Entry

The bulk of shipments into Nigeria is largely channeled through Lagos Ports. These include the Tin Can Island and Apapa Ports.

Other shipments are routed to Onne Port in Port Harcourt.

Shipment Guarantee

Whether you choose to use air freight or sea shipments, you are given some level of assurance. This comes in the form of guarantees as well as shipment discounts.

In the case of shipment guarantees, you get a full refund if your goods do not get to their destination. However, you’d need to find out the specifics of these companies.

Average Houston to Nigeria Shipment Costs

Having reached the main point of our discussion, it will be proper to break down costs into air and sea shipments.

Why is this necessary? Because these are the major modes of shipments from Houston to Nigeria. So, knowing this helps figure out the cost involved.

  • Cost of Sea Shipment

This mode of shipment is operated on a major scale. In other words, large shipments (mostly in containers) are handled. The cost you incur depends on your volume of cargo. Your shipment costs are directly influenced by volume.

There is the roll-on roll-off or breakbulk mode of transporting cargoes.

For Instance, transporting vehicles using the roll-on roll-off mode varies depending on vehicle type.

Transporting a medium-sized car to Nigeria will cost a minimum of $1,200.00. However, if you’re transporting an SUV, you’d incur a minimum cost of $1,400.00.

  • Air Freight Shipment Cost

Airfreight is another option you can choose from. This is faster, but more expensive when compared to sea shipment.

More so, the cost is affected by weight. But the good thing is, shipment companies will offer competitive rates.

So, goods weighing less than 250lbs for instance will cost you $1,095 from Houston to Nigeria.

Cost is largely charged per pound/lbs. However, the larger the cargo, the less you pay per pound/lbs.

Therefore, a cargo weighing between 250lbs to 500lbs will cost you $3.80/lbs. Goods weighing 500lbs to 1000lbs attract a fee of $3.30/lbs. Those between 1000lbs to 2000lbs will cost $2.80/lbs.

But if you plan on shipping cargo weighing between 2000lbs and above, you get charged at $2.30/lbs.

This shows us a trend. The more your shipments, the lesser you pay per weight. Therefore, you should consolidate your shipping to pay less. This is the most effective strategy if you ship often.

Custom Duties

This can add up significantly to your shipment costs. Shipping from Houston to Nigeria is one thing. Clearance is another.

Therefore, you need to find out all you can about what applies to your shipment. If you plan on large-scale shipments, this needs to be worked out. The Nigerian Customs Service provides every detail regarding this.

We hope you have gained some insight into shipment costs from Houston to Nigeria. The above information focuses on the general procedure.

However, the finer details will depend on which shipping company you decide to use. You may even end up paying less than what is contained here.