Sample Cold Storage Business Plan

Are you interested in a cold storage business plan?

Your desire to start a cold storage business will require getting everything necessary for success before venturing out. Here, we’re simply referring to the plans and strategies needed.

This article helps entrepreneurs in that regard by providing a Business Plan to use.

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The success of your cold storage business idea is determined by how organized the plan is. We provide a comprehensive template you can use to get the desired result.

By including or following the guidelines provided, you should have desired outcomes. So, let’s proceed by showing you what’s needed.

Great Cold Storage Business Plan Sample

In writing your cold storage business plan, there needs to be clarity.

In other words, the approach needs to be systematic enough to make the whole business plan more implementable and comprehensive sufficient for the reader.

Key sections include the executive summary, company description, products & services, and the market analysis sections.

Others include the strategy & implementation, organization & marketing team, and the financial plan & projections. We’ll be getting into the details of each point mentioned for more clarity.

i. Executive Summary

The executive summary section of a cold storage business plan appears at the beginning of the plan.

However, this is best written last. It gives a concise overview of the business plan and should seek to capture the reader’s attention. In other words, it’s a positive synopsis of the plan.

One thing to keep in mind when writing your cold storage business executive summary is that it must be kept short. An average of two pages will do.

Every section in the main plan is adequately captured and summarized here. How you go about this is essential to how well the plan is perceived.

The investor wants to know how viable the business idea is through the executive summary section.

There have been many cases where potential investment opportunities have been lost simply because of the investor’s perception of the business idea by reading the plan.

What more? Through your executive summary section, you want to keep your audience interested to find out further details from the main body of the plan.

Among areas looked at are the business name and location, the products & services offered, mission and vision statements, and the specific purpose of the plan.

  • Mission & Vision Statements

The mission statement of your cold storage business plan should clearly define the business in the sense that it should offer the reason for its existence.

This simple statement should mention the goals you plan on achieving in the future.

The vision statement is equally a vital inclusion in your executive summary and should highlight your dream for the business. Also critical is the need to define the business’s future path clearly.

In a nutshell, you should write your vision statement with a long-term perspective.

ii. Company Description

Company description is where the reader or investor gets an idea of your cold storage business.

Consider this a section that offers a broader view of what you are (as a business), your modes of operation, and the goals you aspire to.

You’ll have to cover such details as stating your preferred legal structure in more precise terms. Here, you’ll need to choose from different types ranging from sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, or corporations.

Also critical is the need for an overview of your services and products.

Include a summary of company growth with relevant financial and market highlights. Entrepreneurs should also give a brief history and the nature of the cold storage business and clearly state the needs or demands it wants to fill.

Also, how do you plan on making a profit?

iii. Products & Services

The products and services section is where everything about what you sell is mentioned. In other words, you’ll need to describe what you sell and how such benefits your clients.

Key areas to cover under the products and services section include a complete description of each product and information about the lifecycle.

What’s the market role of your products and services? Plus, what advantages do they have over similar products offered by your competitors?

If there are any patents, copyrights, or trade secrets about your business, this is where to include such.

iv. Market Analysis

Through the market analysis section of your plan, you need to showcase your understanding or knowledge of the cold storage industry. Of course, that is only possible after thorough market research is done.

A good market analysis should include a target customer segment sketch.

Such sketch should cover customer demographics, among other things. Providing historical, current, and projected marketing data for your cold storage products.

Also cover details such as industry description & outlook with relevant statistics.

What more? Evaluating your competitors with a particular focus on strengths and weaknesses is essential.

v. Strategy & Implementation

This section is where your cold storage business’s sales and marketing strategies are highlighted. The discussion here needs to cover the cost, pricing, production, and distribution details.

It’s also necessary to clearly state how you intend to promote your business and how you’ll penetrate the market. How will your business function, and what is the operations cycle like?

vi. Organization & Marketing Team

The quality of the organization and the management team behind its operations will determine how well a business performs. In a nutshell, you want to highlight the organizational structure of your cold storage business.

Start by providing a sketch of your organizational chart with the description of departments and key employees.

Next, you’ll need to provide information on the business owners. Details such as name, percentage ownership, the extent of involvement, and biography are necessary. A management team profile should follow.

Such should cover names, positions, primary responsibilities, and experience.

vii. Financial Plan & Projections

Drafting your financial plan should be performed with the help of a professional accountant. Areas analyzed will include practical prospective financial information and analysis of financial data.

With all of the above points carefully discussed, you should have an implementable cold storage business plan that increases your chances of attracting much-needed investments.

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