5 Coffee Roaster Machines For Small Businesses

When it comes to coffee roasting, efficiency counts. However, not all coffee roasting machines are efficient. There are lots of great brands with much better performance than others.

We will discuss some of these here. As a profitable coffee roasting business, you don’t want to be slowed by your equipment or machine.

Hence the need to get the very best.

What Are The Parameters Used?

To include a coffee roaster machine among the best, a set of criteria will need to be followed. We have included these parameters in our categorization. It’s necessary to state though that other benchmarks may be used in other classifications.

Nevertheless, one thing stands out and is common to all. That has to do with efficiency.

  • Electric Or Gas-Powered Coffee Roasting Machines

A lot of times, most coffee roasting machines are electric. Though these are good enough, a lot of roasters prefer using gas-powered roasting machines. You have more control over the outcome when using a gas-powered machine than an electric roasting machine.

Some roasters included here give you the best of both worlds. That is, such machines can use both gas and electricity.

  • Computerized Coffee Roasting Machines

Some of the best coffee roasting machines are computerized.

These provide more convenience for small coffee business owners. While this adds to the convenience, it might not be a great fit for custom roasters. Custom coffee roasting sets to achieve a definite result. A set and forget coffee roasting machine won’t help with that.

Whatever the case is, people have different preferences and will follow through or go for what fits their needs.

5 Best Coffee Roaster Machines for Small Business

Here, we will provide a brief and comprehensive review of some of the best coffee roasting machines. These are ideal for small coffee roasting businesses to use.

Go through the products to find what fits your coffee roasting needs best.

  • The Fresh Roast SR540

This is among the top range of coffee roasting machines to consider for your small business. The reasons are simple. This machine gives you value for money. The Fresh Roast SR540 has about 9 different heat settings for better tweaking. Plus, its ease of use is a big plus but that’s not all.

This coffee roasting machine has a run/cool button. Using this, you can change from blowing hot air to cool. When switched on, it overrides the timer, yet maintains the roasting process. The downside with using the Fresh Roast SR540 is that you’ll need to roast in a ventilated area due to smoke. The darker the roast, the more smoke you should expect.

When it comes to ease of use, this coffee roaster is among the best for first-time users. In other words, its minimalist design eliminates confusion. Some of its buttons have multiple functions too. About 2 liters of coffee can be roasted at one time. Its roast chamber is visible and has a large airflow.

It takes an average of about 5 to 10 minutes for a roast to be completed. Also, you won’t have to worry about the chaff as this comes with a chaff collector. This machine doesn’t come at a steep price as you can get it starting from $189.00.

  • Behmor 1600 Plus

The Behmor 1600 Plus comes pre-programmed with settings for coffee bean type and roast quantity. One obvious problem with using this roasting machine is its learning curve. Figuring out how to use it at first can be quite challenging. You will have to be present to observe the roasting process. This machine will switch off and begin cooling when no one presses the “start” prompt.

This machine is built with smoke suppression capabilities. However, some users have complained about that being ineffective. This can be taken care of by using it under a vent or in ventilated surroundings. The Behmor 1600 Plus roasts up to a pound of coffee beans at one time. One thing you must know is that you can’t obtain dark roasts with this machine.

Roasting time takes around 40 minutes from the beginning of the roast to the end of the cooling process. It is also easy to clean. However, you must deep clean every 4 months as recommended by the manufacturer. This machine has a starting price of $399.00.

  • NESCO 481825PR Roaster Oven

This is one other coffee roasting machine you can use for your small business. It is an electric machine that roasts slowly but gives you the perfect roast you seek. The heating elements aren’t at the bottom but sides of the machine.

This lessens the likelihood of coffee beans burning. This is made of porcelain material and is quite easy to clean. It starts at $69.99.

  • Hario Retro Coffee Roaster

This Japanese product is a coffee roasting machine that should serve a small coffee business well. It holds up to 50g of green coffee beans at one time.

In addition to that, it comes with a heat resistant glass body with an elegant design. Hario Retro Coffee Roaster starts at $265.00.

  • Nesco- Coffee Bean Roaster

This coffee roaster comes with a beautiful design that has a glass compartment. Through this compartment, you get to observe what goes on. The catalytic technology used to construct this significantly reduces roast smell and smoke.

You won’t have to worry about hazards as it comes with a safety cutoff switch.

The Nesco Coffee bean roaster has a faster roasting speed of 20 minutes from start to finish. Plus, it is silent during operation. The downsides to using this roaster have to do with its replacement parts which aren’t readily available. There are also no temperature adjustments.

These are some of the best coffee roasting machines you can get for your small business. Not every roaster will prefer roasting machines with the same features. Go through these to find out what other features they possess. That way, you can make a better judgment of what perfectly fits your needs.

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