COCO-MAT Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

COCO MAT Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

COCO-MAT is a furniture manufacturing company that was founded by Paul Efmorfidis in Greece. The company started in 1989 with the vision of making ecology a way of life by building mattresses, beds, duvets, and pillows made up of completely natural resources.  Since it started in Greece in 1989, there has been massive growth and expansion. It is now a multinational company with presence in over 17 countries.

COCO-MAT offers franchising opportunities to Entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of their lucrative venture and make huge returns from it. I will give you more information about the company and what it takes to do business with them. If you have interest in owning a COCO-MAT franchise, then read carefully because this article contains all you need to know before making your move.

COCO-MAT is a company that makes natural sleeping furniture from their factory in Xanthi, North of Greece. They do not make use of metal, all the mattresses of COCO-MAT are handmade in their factory from natural materials like seaweed, coconut and horse hair. The factory has a recycling reach of 96% and all the workers are well trained to produce the best from nature’s own gifts.

COCO-MAT is not only known for high class natural furniture. They also support non-governmental organizations and do active environment awareness creation. One of the major activities public support activities reflect in the pillow positive project.

This project started in the year 2001 in the USA, and in 2012 COCO-MAT started producing pillows in heart shape to support women who battle breast cancer worldwide. The pillows have proven to aid such women in recovery after surgery. Over seven thousand women have benefited from this exercise.

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The high quality products and commitment to serve humanity makes it easy to understand why COCO-MAT, as a business has been so successful. Few years ago during the Greek economic crisis, COCO-MAT seemed unaffected and was even soaring higher, broadening retails outlets and raking over $75 million.

COCO-MAT has a high advantage over other furniture producers, thanks to the increasing cost of non- natural materials for making furniture. As an Entrepreneur, I am sure you can foresee the further growth of this business and want to take advantage of it. Owning a franchise with COCO-MAT is one of the best ways to do business and I am going to explain the venture to you.


To own a COCO-MAT franchise, it will cost you a liquid capital of $300,000 minimum.

You are expected to pay a franchise fee of $100,000.

The total cost of starting a franchise with COCO-MAT is between $150,850 to $300,925. The minimum acceptable net worth of a franchisee is $700,000 so you know you must have your finances ready before you are even qualified to apply.


The company values her franchisees and wants to see them succeed and make huge profits, to this end they organize a training and support program that looks like this;

  • A training program at the headquarters, where you would be given extensive coaching on the system and mode of operations in COCO-MAT
  • Another training program will be held on site, where you and your staff will be given hands on training on setting up and growing your business
  • You have access to the company’s intranet
  • You will receive periodic newsletters
  • There will be meeting from time to time to monitor your progress in the business and also help with the challenges you might face.
  • You will get financial assistance via third party
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Before you become a franchisee of COCO-MAT, you will enter agreement with the company which is valid for ten years, upon expiration, you have rights to renew it, and subsequent renewal is valid for five years.

This is not fixed and you will need to refer to the franchise disclosure document (FDD). Your profits also depend on the rate of sakes, your environment, the population of the city you are doing your business, among others. However, with the analysis I showed you above, you should know that owning a franchise with COCO-MAT is similar to finding a goldmine, all you have to do is properly harness the opportunities the company gives franchisees and you are sure to make massive returns.

Now that you have carefully read through this article, you ought to have made up your mind about having a franchise with COCO-MAT. If you have what it takes and are ready to start, please visit this website and send an email to the company, requesting to partner with them, then patiently wait for a reply from COCO-MAT to know the next step to take.

COCO-MAT has received several local and international awards as a pro profit company and also for their commitment to improving society.