Clix Franchise Cost, Fee & Opportunities [2024]


Here is a detailed information about CLIX franchise if you are looking to start a CLIX franchise in your city. Are you looking for photography franchise opportunities that are fun and friendly? If you have always loved a business that has to do with creativity and art, you should consider starting a CLIX franchise.

About CLIX Franchise

CLIX franchise, founded in 1999 and started franchising in 2005 is a franchise company that offers portrait photography and imaging services to children, families and communities at large.

CLIX has it headquarter in Marietta, Georgia and already has 16 locations with another 40 in progress. CLIX offers a unique innovative style in the world of digital photography and imaging. If you are looking for a business franchise that is all about having fun with customers when transacting business, high profit margin, strong franchisor support, multiple streams of income, and that is of high demand, then consider CLIX photography franchise.

CLIX offers retail portrait and on-site photography services. As a CLIX franchise owner, you don’t need to have photography skill in order to run and manage your business. Starting a CLIX franchise gives you the opportunity to own a customer-oriented services, distinctly-branded and clean business that make you have fun with your customers while profiting.

Franchisees of CLIX franchise are offer three distinct revenue streams which are; a retail-based portrait studio, special event photography and an on-site, assisted or do-it-yourself photo imaging and scrapbooking design services.

CLIX was recently named by Franchise Market Magazine as one of the Top 100 Franchises launched and was also ranked as one of the Top 50 Franchises by Franchise Business Review.

CLIX Portrait Studios

CLIX studios is not like the old fashioned studio, CLIX studios are filled with fun and happiness. Customers are the stars! With CLIX studios, customers are encouraged to bring their favorite clothes, props, friends, anything to make the experience look meaningful and fun.

CLIX portrait studios offers three opportunities under one roof: a digital design center, on-site event service photography and a portrait studio. This gives franchisees multiple streams of income.

At CLIX portrait studio, franchisees can just agree that CLIX franchise is franchising happiness. With CLIX photography franchise, you are given extensive photography training and support and a proven business system to follow.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a CLIX Franchise?

The financial requirement needed to start a CLIX franchise is between $36,235$264,300. You have to pay an initial franchise fee of $29,500 which gives you the license to start a CLIX franchise.

There is also a net worth requirement of $275,000 and a liquid capital of $40,000 for franchisees.

CLIX Franchise Ongoing Fees

Aside the compulsory financial requirement stated above, there is also some ongoing fees that must be paid. They include a royalty fee of 6% but the advertising varies but it is in the range of 2%.

CLIX Franchise Term of Agreement and Renewal

The term of agreement for CLIX franchise is 15 years. And after 15 years you choose to renew the franchise agreement, you are to pay half of the current franchise fee.

CLIX Franchise Training and Support

Once you become a franchisee with CLIX photography franchise, supports start immediately. Their supports consist of software, hardware, methods, tools and equipment you will be using to profit from your business as CLIX franchisee.

As a franchisee, you benefit from CLIX years of experience in the photography and imaging industry. You get train by CLIX training team at their training and support center in Rochester, New York for a week.

You will be given a structure to operate with and a roadmap to success as a franchisee. You will be taught everything, from operation to marketing and every technical aspect of the business so you can avoid guest work in the running of the business.

During week two, your training will focus on studio operations, studio software system, and portrait studio sale. You will be given training up to four weeks so you are fully grounded before they can allow you open your CLIX photography studio.

Ongoing support normally take place via newsletter, holding of meetings, Toll-free phone line etc.

CLIX Franchise Financial Option

CLIX franchise do not provide financial support directly but through a third-party source.

How Much Does a CLIX Franchise Owner Makes?

Your income potential depends on many factors such as how many units you own, your customer service, how you try to minimize operational cost, location, your strength to manage people, general business experience etc.

How to Open CLIX Photography Franchise?

If you find CLIX photography franchise interesting and you will like to start a CLIX franchise business operation in your city, kindly visit their website or any of their office or better still their headquarter.