Chicken Wholesale Suppliers | Top Distributors Near Me

Are you looking for wholesale chicken suppliers to cater to your business needs? There are lots of these distributors. However, not all are reliable enough to cater to your needs.

For the most part, people will want to do business with reputable chicken wholesale suppliers. That is why this article focuses on such.

Here is how and where to buy whole chicken in bulk near you.

Wholesale Chicken Distributors Near Me

Discussing and providing details on wholesale chicken suppliers serves businesses to find reliable sources for their chicken products like meat and eggs.

As you’ll read here, each supplier discussed below has a variety of chicken products. You only need to find out what supplier to patronize and whether they need all your chicken needs.

We will also be reviewing wholesale chicken wing distributors.

Bulk Chicken for Sale Near Me | Top Suppliers

For many chicken buyers, success in their businesses depends on forming valuable partnerships.

Wholesale suppliers are an essential part of such partnerships. Some of the best wholesale chicken supplier brands to trust include Davis Bros Inc, JBS Chickens, and Sunrise Farms.

More suppliers in this category (reputable) include Frank Bird Poultry, Global Chicken Source, D&D Poultry, AQ Chickens, Frozen Exporters, and Sterling Foods.

Let’s look at these wholesale chicken suppliers for an idea of the products offered and other operational basics.

i. Davis Bros Inc.

Besides the chicken, Davis Bros is also a wholesale supplier of other poultry products like turkey, duck, and geese.

This company caters to the chicken needs of businesses like cafeterias, restaurants, grocery stores, and catering companies or establishments.

With over sixty years of experience in the food service industry, this wholesale chicken supplier is well-positioned to meet your expectations.

Its other products include spice & extracts, cheese & dairy, seafood, fresh produce, frozen foods & vegetables, and wholesale steaks.

ii. JBS Chickens

This is another reputable distributor with a long history of selling frozen foods. Apart from chickens, this wholesale distributor also supplies beef, pork, and small stock like sheep, lambs, hogs, veal calves, and goats.

Beyond the USA, JBS Chickens has other locations in Australia, Canada, and the UK.

In total, the company has operations in about nine countries. Its poultry and other products are processed in over 132 facilities with an extensive distribution network across the United States and other countries.

There are many reasons to partner with this wholesale chicken supplier.

iii. Sunrise Farms

Sunrise Farms is another wholesale chicken supplier that caters to the all-natural niche. According to it, its non-GMO farm raises chickens in a free-range setting.

Here, pesticide-free pastures are provided with chickens allowed to forage on worms, bugs, and non-GMO chicken feed.

Sunrise Farms supplies whole chicken parts. Such include gizzards, livers, hearts, leg quarters, split breasts, tenders, and boneless breasts.

Other parts are supplied with drumsticks, necks, thighs, feet, backs, wings, and stock packages. This wholesale chicken distributor offers national, regional, and local delivery.

iv. Frank Bird Poultry

Frank Bird poultry is another trusted chicken wholesale distributor that offers an array of chicken products.

This supplier offers fresh oven-ready whole birds available in tied, untied, or bagged variants and double breast wing on/wing off.

Other product types include single chicken legs in most sizes, double legs in most sizes, breeders available in most sizes, and freshly packed wings.

Thighs, drumsticks, breast trim, thigh meat, skin, liver gizzards, and hearts are more products this wholesale chicken supplier sells.

v. Global Chicken Source

At global chicken sources, assortments of chicken products are available and widely distributed.

This supplier’s suppliers include Japan, Canada, Australia, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, and the UAE.

Its product list includes whole chicken breast skinless and chicken leg boneless skin-on.

More chicken products sold by this wholesale distributor include whole chicken griller, chicken middle joint wing, middle joint wing half cut, and inner fillet/chicken tender.

There are also chicken whole leg cut skin-on bone-in, whole chicken griller in 9 pieces, and chicken leg quarter, amongst many others.

vi. D & D Poultry

This is a Canadian chicken wholesale supplier that serves a broad market.

Major product categories include a chicken burger, chicken breast, retail boxed frozen, stuffed chicken, chicken souvlaki, breaded chicken tenders, and chicken wings, amongst many others.

Not only is D&D Poultry a reputable wholesale chicken supplier, but it also deals in non-meat products. This family business has witnessed appreciable growth while maintaining its tradition of excellence.

So, is this the right wholesale supplier for you? You may want to find out more about its range of service offerings.

vii. Primeirochicken

This is yet another trusted chicken wholesale supplier. It deals in chicken and other meat products like beef and pork.

This wholesale distributor exports globally and has a wide range of products, including whole chicken broiler, chicken middle joint wing, and whole chicken breast skinless.

Others include middle joint wing half cut, foot, paw, whole wing, whole chicken griller, and chicken leg cut skin-on bone-in. According to this supplier, its prices are highly competitive with huge discounts.

You’ll need to contact it for further details.

viii. Frozen Exporters

Frozen Exporters is one wholesale chicken supplier you can trust for your poultry products.

Product varieties include boneless skinless, chicken offals, whole chicken, chicken feet, chicken breast, chicken paw, chicken leg, and chicken drumstick.

This supplier ships to different parts of the world, including the United States.

To know if this is the right supplier, you’ll need to find out more details about its operations. The easiest way to do that is by contacting the company for inquiries.

ix. Sterling Foods

With an assortment of products on offer, Sterling Foods is also a wholesale supplier of quality poultry, with products shipped internationally.

Examples of products include ground meats, specialty meats, taco cuts, pork, sausage, beef, and chicken.

This wholesale chicken supplier meets the needs of restaurants, hotels, and a whole range of consumers.

By comparing this wholesale chicken supplier to the others mentioned, you can know whether to enter into business with it or not. Start by contacting the supplier.

These wholesale chicken suppliers are only a few of many that handle distributorship roles. As seen above, they have extensive networks and export globally.

So, what supplier would you like to do business with? You decide.