Here, we’ll be considering franchises under $500.

By general standards, such franchise opportunities will be regarded as cheap. In other words, we’re interested in franchises requiring low franchise fees and initial investment.

Cheap Franchises for Sale under $500

Franchising is a big business and has a lot of potential. Due to its perceived advantages, there has been a lot of interest in such opportunities.

In most cases, investors searching for profitable franchise opportunities also look for cheaper alternatives. Here, ‘cheap’ is a relative word to many.

What might be cheap to one investor might not be to another. This requires further defining what ‘cheap’ means.

  • Are Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities Profitable?

To start our discussion, it’s important to address common doubts about cheap franchises. Now, you must understand that your expectations need to be within reason.

In other words, you shouldn’t expect massive revenues or ROI of $10,000 to $100,000 with an investment of $500 or less.

Doing so will prove illogical as such expectations won’t be met most of the time. Investments that follow take time to build up to anything significant. With assets, time is your friend. Even at that, don’t expect a $500 investment in a franchise to yield you a ridiculous profit.

To better manage your expectations, making as many inquiries about the franchise program before investing is best. The franchisor will likely give you a ballpark figure of what to expect in terms of ROI. With that said, let’s return to our list of under $500 cheap franchises.

Cheap Franchise Opportunities under $500

There are lots of dirt-cheap franchise opportunities that could prove profitable.

These are under $500 franchises.

Examples of franchise offerings in this category include Jaime & Fishball, Es Pasco, Credit Repair USA, Green Irene, God’s Silver Money, Cleanout Foreclosures, and Personal Touch.

More under $500 franchises include Clean & Happy Windows, Family IQ, Healthy Hands Cooking, Wedding Directory Websites, and OccasionOgraphy.

You also have SocialOwl, Shree ji Solar Energy Solutions, Ideal Directories, Motiply, Enzacta, SongsWithMyName, and Vemma.

Still, on cheap franchises under $500, you have Charter Financial, BuildingStars, Personal Touch, Lime Licensing Group, etc.

i. Jaime & Fishball

Jaime and Fishball is a restaurant franchise that requires an investment starting from $500. It’s a business based in Thailand and was launched in 2009.

Today, Jaime & Fishball has over a thousand franchise outlets. As its franchisee, you’re offered valuable tips on how to run your operations, amongst other forms of assistance.

ii. Es Pasco

This Indonesian coffee shop business was launched in 2010 and started its franchising operations shortly after. To join, you’ll need a total investment of $500.

Es Pasco gives all its franchisees the support they need to succeed. The result is its growing number of franchise units. You might want to give it a try.

iii. Green Irene

Green Irene is a franchise that specializes in business consulting.

It launched its franchise program the same year it was founded, in 2007. If financial consulting is your thing, you might want to try this opportunity. The required investment for ownership is around $150.

iv. God’s Silver Money

Are you interested in dealing in precious metals? If you do, God’s Silver Money may be a great franchise option to try out. Surprisingly the investment required to own this franchise is just about $125 and up.

By partnering with this coin collector, you can slowly grow your assets.

v. Cleanout Foreclosures

As the name suggests, Cleanout Foreclosures provides cleanout services on foreclosed properties.

This franchise started in 2000, the same year it was founded. To join its franchise program, you only need an investment of $349.

vi. Personal Touch

Own a lucrative business by participating in the personalized gift marketplace. Personal Touch is the franchise brand to invest in.

To buy this franchise, you only need a liquid capital of about $249. As a veteran, further discounts are made by Personal Touch in honor of your service to the country.

vii. Clean & Happy Windows

Do you live in Seattle or anywhere around the greater Puget Sound area? If you do, you might want to consider the Clean & Happy Windows franchise opportunity.

This window-cleaning business was launched in 1999 and began franchising in 2000. You’ll need an investment of $500 to join.

viii. Family IQ

The investment range for a Family IQ franchise varies widely from $179 to $1,495. This franchise therapeutic services to help improve family relationships.

It uses state-of-the-art family skill-building tools to achieve such an objective. Do you find the opportunity interesting? You might want to take advantage of it.

ix. Wedding Directory Websites

Wedding Directory Websites offer an investment opportunity for interested candidates.

The low end of the investment required for ownership of this opportunity is around $300. You might want to explore further to see what this opportunity offers.

x. OccasionOgraphy

With an investment of $495, you can own an OccassionOgraphy franchise.

This franchise specializes in mint books, personalized candy bars, and bottled water. By joining this franchise, you can start your operations while getting full support.

xi. SocialOwl

With SocialOwl, you support businesses by offering social media services, social deals to clients, and online reputation. You can join this home-based investment opportunity for about $149.

A variety of tools and services, and support are offered to help with smooth take-off.

xii. Ideal Directories

This company offers you the chance to start a local business directory and coupon website.

Part of the requirements for joining its franchise program includes a total investment of $199. This business is fast and easy to set up and provides all the marketing material you need and training.

xiii. Motiply

Motiply is a business that specializes in selling high-value mobile websites and apps to lucrative clients, including businesses and entrepreneurs.

The investment needed to join is about $149. The business offers you the tools and support necessary to establish your operations.

ix. Enzacta

For an investment of $250, Enzacta welcomes you to its franchise program. This work-from-home opportunity provides an easy, fun way to earn a good income.

To join, consider finding out more by contacting the franchisor. You’re given all the support and assistance needed to succeed.

These are some cheap franchises under $500 you can apply to. They offer a reasonably decent deal to franchise candidates.