Do you own a car? Do you feel the interior has lost its beautiful touch?

If yes, this article is meant for you. Here is the average cost to reupholster a car.

Average Car Reupholstery Costs

Several factors might result in the interior of your car becoming damaged. It can result from spillage of drinks, food drops, frictions, or damage by pets.

Whatever may be the cause, we all hate it when the interior of our car is looking ugly.

At those moments, upholstering naturally come to mind, upholstering deals with changing the interior covering of a car either completely or just repairing the affected parts.

In this article, we will be exploring the cost of reupholstering your car, reasons behind the difference in the price of each service.

So let’s breeze in to find out.

  • Custom Seat Cover

The custom seat cover might either be from the vehicle manufacturer or from a company specialized in making car seats, they are made in such a way that they fit a specific seat style or model of a specific car.

Based on their uniqueness, they might cost as much as US$200-US$1,000 per row or sometimes they might be a little higher than that. It might also be dependent on the size, the material to be used, or the process of installation.

The process of installing a new car also adds to the fun, in most cases, you might need to add foam to the new seat or replace the spring there before, and each of these has the cost of extra material attached to them.

Adding foam or replacing spring might cost as much as US$100-US$800.

Especially when done by professionals, this will then bring the total cost of custom upholstering to approximately US$200 – US$1,800.

  • Complete Professional Reupholstering

Complete professional reupholstering is a more technical and complete job that takes more resources and time compared to the custom seat cover.

This involves the complete replacement of old material used for the car with new fabrics, foam, or batting, and sometimes totally replacing the spring.

At the initial stage, this might cost you as much as US$200 – US$750 per set. For two bucket seat (driver’s seat) and a backbench seat (back seat), it might cost as much as US$500 – US$2,000.

This might be dependent on the local rate in your area, the size of the seat to be changed, or the style to be used and the amount of damage done to the previous seat, and sometimes the price might be dependent on the previous material used for the seat covering.

  • Full Complete Professional Reupholstering

A full and more complete type of reupholstering involves more than just changing the car seat or the cover, it includes changing the side panel of the car, the headliner, the carpet, and the entire interior accessories of the car.

It is more detailed than just changing an aspect of the car. As you would expect, this is far more expensive than the normal upholstering.

The starting cost for this process is at least US$1,000 – US$4,000. And this is when you will be making use of basic materials.

It can significantly grow bigger than that when you will be making use of leather or high-end clothes the cost might significantly increase to US$5,000 – US$10,000 or sometimes more than that, depending on the model of the car, the structure of the side panels, and the quality of the material used.

  • Universal Seat Cover

The universal seat cover is made in a way that just any car can pick them up and use, if it doesn’t fit completely it can still be managed. It is easier to fix and install and as such it is less expensive.

It can cost as little as US$10 – US$70 per seat.

Most don’t like using it though because it does not look unique on the car and it easily gets spoilt again within weeks or months.

They are most times used for covering stains on the seat or rip and most times they are used to prevent further damage to the car seat.

  • Repairing the Upholstery or Doing it Yourself

You can also reduce the cost of upholstering our car by doing it yourself.

When doing it yourself, you only need to buy the material to be used and that’s the only cost that might be incurred for this process, the material may cost as much as US$10 –US$100 per yard.

Repair may also be an option if the damage to the previous upholstery is not that bad, or if it affects a limited area of the previous upholstery. You can either do it yourself or seek the help of a professional.

And this will cost you as much as US$150 – US$200 if you will be making use of professionals or a bit lower if you’re doing it yourself.


The price of reupholstering your car might significantly vary from vehicle to vehicle or on how technical the work will be. As highlighted in this article, both complete professional reupholstering costs much, while custom reupholstering also costs much based on the material and the content of the job.

But doing it yourself when the damage is not much is an option to consider, but either way make sure the material you’re using is the original one, if not you might soon be going through the process of reupholstering your car again.