Call Center Franchises

Are you drawn to telemarketing or customer care service? Here are the best call center franchises

Are you seeking to start your own business along these lines? If your answer to these questions is affirmative, you may want to consider franchising.

This popular business model is available to help investors own their call center operations.

Of course, such operations are offered robust backing by the franchisor. The franchisee’s success impacts the brand, so it’s in the franchisor’s best interest that your franchise operations take off fully and succeed.

The need to find the right call center franchise opportunity is of more importance to the investor.

This article looks closely at some of the best call center franchises to invest in. These opportunities are available and can be bought by willing investors.

For this to happen, you’ll need to be qualified by having sufficient capital and meeting other requirements.

Call Center Franchise Opportunities

We’ve included several reputable call center brands to consider to aid your search for a reliable and profitable franchise opportunity. These include Call Center Project, 1-888-GO-ANSWER, Specialty Answering Service, Norbell Limited, and SolPro.

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More call center franchises include MAPCommunications, Delta Bpo Solutions, Abhaydata Outsourcing, Scenes City Telesolutions, Call Ager, Call Blue, and Reception HQ.

i. Call Center Project

Call Center Project presents an investment opportunity where you can operate under a company with years of experience and a successful business model. New franchisees get all the tools to run their call center franchise operations efficiently. You also get ongoing support to keep you profitable.

ii. 1-888-GO-ANSWER

Go-Answer prides itself as the ultimate outsourced solutions leader. That is because over 5,000 businesses in North America rely on its call center solutions. Go-Answer extends an opportunity for partnership through franchising. It’s an opportunity worth exploring without delay.

Apart from its answering service, Go-Answer specializes in other services like outbound services, legal intake services, contact center services, and mobile app-always on service.

Is this the right opportunity for you? It depends on your needs and the results obtained from your research about the franchise opportunity.

iii. Specialty Answering Service

Specialty Answering Service is another call center franchise that can be taken advantage of.

It helps businesses manage their clients with far-reaching solutions that positively impact the company’s growth and profitability. This sounds like a franchise opportunity to try.

To be more specific, services offered include high-volume promotions, round-the-clock answering service, lead capture, bilingual support, and lots more.

As its franchisee, you’re given the necessary help to grow your business. You may want to find out what other benefits it offers.

iv. Norbell Limited

Norbell Limited is a call center solutions provider. This call center outsourcing company has been around since 1998 and has grown considerably. It seeks to grow its operations through its franchise program, and you can join in establishing a thriving business.

One advantage of joining its program is the comprehensive support and training offered. You’ll have to find out whether Norbell fits your investment needs or whether to look elsewhere.

Of course, you’ll need to contact the business to learn more about its operations.

v. SolPro

SolPro is a solutions provider it helps businesses eliminate constraints affecting their operations.

This company seeks to expand its operations via franchising and looks for qualified candidates to invest. Part of the main requirements for joining includes having sufficient capital.

You must have a net worth of not less than $2,750. Do you have prior experience in this sector? SolPro tends to appreciate candidates with a related background.

However, it still considers investors with no previous experience as they’re given the needed training.

vi. MAPCommunications

With MAPCommunications, you can increase your bottom line and grow your business.

This company seeks partnerships with serious investors to broaden its operations. MAPCommunications boasts a nationwide 800 number and the fastest pick-up times in the industry.

Other advantages include specialized call screening, professional and courteous receptionists, voicemail & IVR services, and many other benefits.

You might contact the company to discuss its franchise investment if this sounds interesting.

vii. Delta Bpo Solutions

Also known as DBS for short, Delta BPO Solutions is selling its franchise opportunity to interested investors.

The right candidate is one with adequate capitalization, fully aware of their capabilities, and ready to grow their operations using the company’s proven business model.

DBS has an easy application process where you can apply without difficulty. Also, a franchise representative guides you through the application process.

Training and support are provided to help you launch a successful operation.

viii. Abhaydata Outsourcing

Abhaydata Outsourcing offers another call center franchise opportunity you can explore.

It serves all kinds of businesses, including significant corporations worldwide. If this sounds like something you’d love to join, you must assess the call center business thoroughly.

This gives you an idea of what to expect and whether the franchise opportunity aligns with your desires for investment.

ix. Scenes City Telesolutions

Scenes City Telesolutions goes all the way for its clients to offer them 100% satisfaction.

The same applies to its partners. This company understands the importance of its franchisees and does all it takes to have them succeed with their business operations.

Support is offered that touches several areas of its operations.

x. TransBlue

TransBlue offers a franchise opportunity that costs around $147,900 to $244,300.

There’s also a franchise fee of $49,500. Unfortunately, investors in need of financing aren’t offered a direct option. TransBlue has third-party lenders that provide such funding to qualified franchise candidates.

As a TransBlue franchisee, you’re offered exclusive rights to large territories.

This helps eliminate competition between franchise owners. Also, it has a culture of robust support that ensures franchisees get all the help they need to succeed.

xi. Reception HQ

There are several reasons to join the Reception HQs franchise offering.

It’s a reputable call center operation that has built brand consistency, is available round-the-clock, and has scalable packages, among several other benefits.

Its services include a call center, virtual reception & call answering, call routing & numbers, and virtual address.

You can apply to any call center franchise after taking stock of the company’s franchise offer, understanding its operation, and assessing the benefits or incentives available.

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