Sample Butcher Shop Business Plan


A butcher shop, also known as a meat shop is a viable business anyone with the interest and skill can engage in. While trying to set up your business, there’s a strong need for a plan.

Your plan serves as a roadmap or blueprint for running or operating your meat shop, enabling it to move from a point A to a point B.

In other words, your business plan, if properly written and implemented helps guarantee growth.

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This butcher shop business plan sample will help you achieve the much-desired growth you need for your butcher shop. By using it as a template, you can include information more relevant to your business.

Executive Summary

Custom Cut Inc. is a butchery based in Augusta, Maine. We operate a butcher shop with products that include beef, ram, goat, and pork. These are sold in different sections of our shop and serving the clients within the city Vassalboro and Augusta.

Although we currently operate two butcher shops, we hope to expand to newer locations soon enough. We’ve been careful to choose our meat products as only the best meat cuts are sold to customers.

Custom Cut Inc. abides by all set health regulations. Our workforce consists of a team of licensed and experienced butchers. Each clocking an impressive time within the industry.

Our quality control department consists of highly skilled and licensed professionals. These ensure that all meat products coming in, and being sold meet the highest standards.

  • Products And Services

Apart from primary butchery activity, we also provide secondary butchery services. This involves preparing fresh cuts of meats for the market. We sell mainly red meat (consisting of beef, goat & lamb), as well as pork.

Not only do we sell meat products, but we also offer advisory services in addition to organizing training programs for aspiring butchers.

  • Vision Statement

We take pride in our heritage as a top butchering brand. This inherited tradition places us in a unique position to maintain such tradition. Quality Meat Cuts has been our mantra over many decades.

We are more determined than ever to project our reputation widely, through the types of products and services we render.

  • Mission Statement

Our mission as a growing meat shop is to expand our operations beyond our current locations. We hope to roll out our expansion drive by opening 50 new butchery outlets over 5 years. By so doing, we envision being ranked among the top 10 butcher shops in Maine within the same period.

  • Capital Requirement

As a business strongly focused on growth, our expansion drive will require significant funding. We’ve identified viable financing sources to include banks and investors. A bulk of this amount will be sourced from our banking partners. This amounts to about 70% of the total amount ($12,000,000.00).

We are taking advantage of the current low-interest rates to borrow. This allows for low-risk lending at much-reduced interest rates. We are currently working on a repayment plan of 8 years.

  • SWOT Analysis

Over the years, our operations have been impressive. This is despite the challenges encountered.

However, we’re ramping up our growth plans to capture a bigger market. Doing this successfully requires having an assessment of past performance.

We’ve sought the help of a reputable consultancy firm to assess our business in four key areas. The results have been more than helpful as it has given us a better picture of our strengths as well as what needs to be done to improve our operations.

The findings are as follows;

i. Strength

At Custom Cut Inc. we have carefully built a system that has enabled us to thrive over the years. Such success is attributed to putting the right people to get the job done.

All our team members have moved up the ranks, and through that have each garnered tremendous experience in addition to job expertise.

The average years of experience of our workforce are about 15 years. This has resulted in all departments of our butcher shop being run by reliable hands. Our decision to expand will seek an increase in the number of workers.

Each of these will get the opportunity to learn on the job.

ii. Weakness

Our weakness as a business can be seen in our limited size despite the several decades of existence. This limited scope of operation has cost the business in potential revenue.

However, this is all set to change as well as infuse experienced hands in the area of marketing to help roll out our expansion plans.

iii. Opportunities

Opportunities for our butcher shop are enormous! Recent research by the reputable food magazine has found a steady growth especially among Millenials for meat products. This is despite the movement and campaigns against beef consumption by animal activists.

We are well-positioned to take advantage of all such opportunities that come our way.

iv. Threats

Threats are commonplace for butcher shops. These come in the form of animal disease outbreaks such as swine flu among others.

Also, there’s the threat posed by animal activists who seem to be getting stronger by the day. An immediate impact from this threat doesn’t seem to be on the horizon for the time being.

  • Sales Projection

With full implementation of our growth plans, we expect to witness a considerable rise in our revenues. We’ve limited our outlook to three years starting from the first year of implementation.

The following growth pattern is expected;

  1. First Fiscal Year                                         $2,100,000.00
  2. Second Fiscal Year                                    $5,900,000.00
  3. Third Fiscal Year                                       $12,800.000.00
  • Target Market

We have a wide target market of meat consumers that range from hotels, and dog owners. Others include restaurants, households, caterers, and fast-food restaurants among others.

Our advertising efforts will be targeted at such markets to increase the demand for our products.

  • Competitive Advantage

Industry experience stands us out from the pack. We have been in the business of providing butchery services for decades. This experience, when ramped up is bound to impact on our level of competitiveness in the meat industry.

This butcher shop business plan sample has shown the different sections that must be included in a well-written plan. Used as a template, you should be able to put together an implementable and viable plan.

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