Are you searching for small business ideas to do in Switzerland? Have you been considering starting up a business in Switzerland but lack the ideas on what to do?

If your answer is Yes, then, I advise you to continue reading this guide to doing business in Switzerland, as it will be very helpful for you. You need a place that is customer friendly to start up your business as a foreigner, and Switzerland is the place.

5 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Switzerland

According to a foreigner who owns businesses in Zurich Switzerland, when he was asked how his business continued to flourish, he said that one of the main reasons is because Switzerland is ‘entrepreneur-friendly’.

Even if you ask me, I will tell you that this is the first thing you should look for in a place before starting up any business EU citizen in that place, because to be frank, not all places are customer friendly.

I have decided to research interesting businesses that could be explored by people who are considering establishing in a place like Switzerland. These ideas I am about to share with you are not just formed, they have been well researched and confirmed. They are guaranteed to bring you satisfaction and income.

Therefore, without wasting much of our time, let us dive into the unique businesses you can do in Switzerland.

List of New Small Scale Business Opportunities in Switzerland

Travel Consultant

Switzerland is a place where people from all over the world travel to and fro regularly for different reasons such as business, food, money, health, vacation, school, etc.

If you are familiar with traveling things, and even if you are not, you can consider looking into ways to make these visitors stay a more comfortable and profitable one.

You can help them find travel deals and tickets, and this might be for local travelers and international travelers. For as long as you continue to employ solid marketing strategies, you are guaranteed to make good money.

Nutritional Consultancy

You can engage in nutritional consultancy. Nutritional consultancy involves helping people in selecting the right type of food for their health and well being. People need nutritional consultants for various reasons.

For example, a person diagnosed with diabetes would need a nutritional consultant to help in planning meals that would help in alleviating the medical condition.

An obese individual would need a nutritional consultant to help administer the kinds of meals to take if he wants to reduce it in size. An aged person would also need a nutritional consultant to help and give advice on the kinds of things to be doing and the types of food to be eating for healthy living.

Many people need nutritional consultants in their lives. Even healthy people need nutritional consultants if they want to stay healthy. So, it is left to you to decide if you want to become one of these consultants and make your money from it.

You can also buy hotels and restaurants put on sale as they are worthwhile investments.

Data Analysis

All companies need data to operate. And these data can only be well calculated by a data analyst.

From larger self-employment businesses to smaller internet businesses, there is always a need for data collection. These data collections are used for making decisions and changing strategies.

If you are related to this field and have been looking for a business to open in Switzerland, then, this is for you.

If you now set up this business online, then, you would be guaranteed extensive patronage which would not be limited to Switzerland alone. You can also register on freelance websites to attract more customers to your home business idea.

Office Supply Sales

One other idea to consider establishing is the selling of office supplies. There are various companies in Geneva Switzerland and you can make money from sales of materials like photocopiers, paper, fax machines, stationery, inks, computers, and other office supplies.

You can also look for companies in need of supply contractors and register with such companies.

You can become an official supplier of different items and get a monthly payment or on a pre-agreed basis. It is also advisable you consider selling your products online as the internet is fast becoming the order of the day.

Freight Forwarder

Switzerland is a very popular place for so many items which people troop in to buy.

For example, there is this group of people who own clothes material stores in Africa that buy their goods from Switzerland. One thing here is that these people cannot be traveling to and fro Switzerland whenever they need stock.

This is where the freight forwarders come in. freight forwarders help people source for products at reasonable prices and help them with shipping to save them the time, stress, and money involved in traveling to and fro.

If you are considering going into this type of international business opportunities in Switzerland, you would find lots of customers online.