7 Business Ideas To Start In Suriname

Do you need profitable business ideas in Suriname? If you are thinking of starting a business in any country, Suriname is the best place for your business.

Suriname is a country in Northern South America and it is officially known as the Republic of Suriname.

It shares land borders with Guyana, French Guiana, and Brazil. Suriname has an economy that offers many good things to foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

The government has been doing everything possible to make Suriname’s economy sustainable for both the locals and foreigners that have business there.

Some of the target areas the government wants to improve on are agriculture, tourism, technology, infrastructure, and so on.

7 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Suriname

Suriname’s investment outreach is a global one; it was formally focused on Europe. Even though Suriname is the smallest country in South America, it is blessed with natural resources that are the main share of the country’s export business.

Those natural resources are gold, oil, and bauxite. Suriname’s economy that keeps growing, its geographic location, tax exemptions, and fiscal backing make sit a very good and ideal place to invest or start a business.

Some of the business ideas in Suriname are:

Hot Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Suriname

(1) Mining

This is the present state of the country i.e. it is one of the main business people focus on in Suriname, whether it will also be the future of Suriname in investment is still a question. It has a signed deal with Iamgold on a gold mine.

The mining business is one of the backbones of Suriname’s economy which makes it quite profitable.

Aluminum is mined in the country and then exported to other places. This is a big advantage for those who want to start a mining business in Suriname. You must have mining equipment to start this business. It is the center stage of development in Suriname’s economy.

(2) Agriculture

This is another major business idea in Suriname, its contribution to the country’s export is high. You can make rice your business focus and export it to Brazil and other regions. Suriname’s weather and the temperature is favorable for agricultural activities.

Under this business, you can also have a banana industry which has about 2.5% of the country’s export. Other products of agriculture that can be you can start as a business in Suriname are coconuts, palm kernel, sugar, plantains, shrimp, etc.

Coffee was one of the major production under agriculture in Suriname before its decline. Agricultural production in Suriname has been improved on by the Commission for the Application of Mechanized Techniques to Agriculture.

(3) Tourism

The rain forest interior of Suriname holds much appeal to visitors. Under tourism, you can have a supplying industry such as hotels, hospitality, and the service industry. Suriname has freshwater and large tropical rainforest that attracts people especially tourists. In tourism, you can have a hospitality business that offers basic services that help in improving tourism in the country.

You can also have a hotel(s) or restaurant(s) that caters to the needs of those who visit the country. One of the latest development in the tourism sector is the Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort that was built.

(4) Infrastructural Investment

This has to do with investing in businesses that improve the citizens’ wellbeing. Some instances are development companies, animal feed mills, computer laboratories in schools, water exportation, marketing facilities, sawmills, forestry industries, and so on.

These are businesses under infrastructural development that can be done in Suriname.  The government recently invested in this business which makes it a very good business to do.

(5) Oil Sector

Another business idea in Suriname is in the oil sector. Oil and gas is a very good business prospect in the country.

Suriname is also popular for its oil production. There are several areas you can focus on, you can have an industry that produces diesel, gas, and so on.

The country has a state-owned oil company called Staatsolie. This state-owned oil company has attracted so many international oil companies and ahs negotiated and executed contracts with them. Another business under this is the refining of oil and the production of ethanol.

(6) Fishery

This is another important and good business idea in Suriname especially the production of shellfish. There are very few fisheries in Suriname with facilities that can be used to export both fresh and frozen fishes which makes the fish business an open one that people can still invest in.

In this business, you can either decide to stay local i.e. offer your services only in the country or be international by exporting your fish to other countries.

(7) Stock Breeding

An animal farm is another business idea in Suriname. Stockbreeding is the same as livestock farming and it is the process of breeding animals to sell for consumption purposes. This is a business that thrives everywhere in the world because it is a business that will continue to function and sell as long as human beings exist.

Livestock is one of the two major sources of food for human beings.

Most people are discouraged from starting this business because of the labor and capital it requires but the real fact is that once you start this business idea in Suriname, you will start enjoying it once profits are coming in for you.