6 Business Ideas To Start In St. Lucia

Do you know that there are lots of business ideas in St. Lucia that are worth venturing into? Do you live on the eastern Caribbean island and you are thinking of starting a business where you will be your boss?

I have researched to fully know the business ideas in St. Lucia which I will be talking about in this post.

6 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In St. Lucia

All business ideas in St. Lucia needs to be thought of very well before deciding to do the business because it is very obvious to us all that the private sector in St. Lucia is creative and competitive.

St. Lucia has a group of islands located off the southeast coast of North America. It has a dynamic private sector.

Here are some profitable business ideas in St. Lucia that you can launch any day and become the boss of your life while you make money enjoying yourself in one of the best beaches in St. Lucia:

Small Scale St. Lucia Business Opportunities


This is a business idea that thrives well in St. Lucia especially in the tourism locations. It can either be a small or large function that caters to guests and locals in St. Lucia. It is important that your foods and other catering services you render are rich in taste, flavor and your service should also be good.

Being in the catering business means you can either start your catering service or have a contract with big restaurants in St. Lucia [if you are a good caterer or cook].


This is a business idea that thrives well in all parts of the world and is also easily built in St. Lucia. In setting up a car wash business in St. Lucia, all you need to do is get well informed about it from experienced car wash owners, register your business legally and set your business up very well.

You can either make your car wash business a big or small one depending on what you can handle and also on capital.


Export agricultural products like mango, avocado, and banana are very important and make money in foreign exchange. Growing bananas was the mainstay of the local economy in St. Luis before there was a decline in banana industries due to global factors.

St. Lucia has a long agriculture history which I can say started two millennia ago. Products that are produced for local consumption are coffee, plantain, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, yam, and so on.


Tourism is another business idea that fetches money well in St. Lucia because it is a coast that attracts both locals and foreigners especially the capital of St. Lucia which is a well-known port for cruising.

Research has shown that St. Lucia’s island attracts about 200,000 people each year, merely looking at the population that patronizes the place shows that it is one sure business for profit-making.

Several works can be done under tourism which are:

• Providing services for people who come to St. Lucia for vacation.
• You can also be a tourist guide.
• Working under the Saint Lucia Tourism Board.
• Working or investing in parks, trails, mountains, etc. Some of these are Pitons [a mountain, volcano], Treetop adventure park, Tet Paul nature trail, Pigeon island national park, and so on.
• Bodies of water: Anse Mamin, Marigot Bay, Sulphur Springs, and Rodney Bay.
• Museums tours, Water tours, etc.
• Transportation, food service.


This is another business idea that will bring profits in St. Lucia considering the daily needs of people living there and also those that go there for vacation, tourism, sightseeing and so on.

For a retail business to succeeds, it should be centered on the basic needs and daily requirements of humans and not products that are bought once in a blue moon.


Building inns and lodges where travelers stay during their visit to St. Lucia is a profitable business. It is preferable to build your inn or lodge in the country or along the highway.

You can also broaden your business by offering transport services together with the inn or lodge. Inns and lodges provide accommodation, food, refreshment, and so on.

The following are basics that are central to all business ideas listed above:

• Getting capital.

• Managing your Business: Whatever business you are going into, you should know the pros and cons. It is necessary. This will help in making your business stand firm.

• Being Informed: Getting information is paramount and central to all businesses no matter how small or little the business is. You must get the necessary information and details.

As someone who wants to start a business in St. Lucia, you should get information on the local, regional and global market that will help you in knowing the market you should belong to

• Advertising your Business: You can either do expensive or non-expensive adverts for your business depending on what your St. Lucian business can afford.