5 Best Businesses To Start In Minnesota

Are there lucrative business ideas in Minnesota? Do you live in Minnesota?

Have you been thinking about starting a business that will make both you and your family financially free and not depend on a paycheck? How do I start my own small business?

The best time to start a business is now, the internet has made it so much easier for anyone can source information, free business plans, and develop a checklist. With the way the world economy is going right now, it is quite obvious that paycheck can’t cover all our expenses any longer.

So, starting a business based in Minnesota is the only trusted option for now.

5 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Minnesota

As the ninth-largest economy in the United States of America, Minnesota boasts of an array of white and black business and franchise opportunities that the savvy investor can exploit.

These business ideas in Minnesota are either existing, hence the investor can seek ways of refining and improving or these ideas are yet to be started but possess the needed viability to guarantee business success.

Some investment ideas to start a business in Minnesota are as follows:

Tourism Agency

The state of Minnesota boasts of a rich variety of tourist sites that include over 11,842 lakes covering an area of over 10 acres in size. Also, it is estimated Minnesota plays host to 6,664 natural rivers and streams that flow for a cumulative total of several thousands of miles.

The state also has hundreds of animal and forest reserves that house so many species of birds and animals. As a result of the natural endowments, Minnesota plays host to millions of visitors from around the world, who come to enjoy the splendor and beauty of nature.

The savvy investor can key into this business opportunity/idea by providing bespoke tourism services such as flight and hotel booking, knowledge camps and courses in Minnesota, sightseeing tours, as well providing other services related to Tourism in the state.


Minnesota has traditionally been a dominant provider of agricultural inputs for the manufacturing industry in America and abroad. Minnesota ranks as the number in food production of sugar beets, sweet corn, green peas as well as farm-raised turkeys, as production inputs for manufacturing concerns.

This agriculture business idea in Minnesota can be tapped into by the savvy investor, by setting up agricultural farms, whose size will depend on the level of operation as well as financing. The business owner can invest in modern agricultural farming equipment and inputs to boost yield and guarantee a handsome return on investment.

Wood Logging and Milling

Minnesota, because of its abundant forest reserves, plays host to a large number of wood logging and processing businesses. Sawmills are usually sited close to river banks, to ease the process of transporting them to the end market.

The savvy investor can exploit this good business idea in Minnesota to service the needs of industrial and energy companies in need of fuel and other by-products of wood.

The entrepreneur can set up a wood logging and milling plant, employing the latest affordable cutting edge in processing timber into forms that can be used in the production of pencils, furniture, pulpwood, and other wood-based products.


Minnesota plays host to large deposits of high-grade iron ore, an industry that kicked off with the discovery of iron in the Vermilion and Mesabi Ranges in the late 1880s. There are also large deposits of other valuable minerals such as taconite.

The investor can take advantage of this lucrative small business idea in Minnesota, to commence the extraction and beneficiation of iron ore and other minerals. What will be required from the business owner will be the use of requisite technology, the availability of trained personnel, affordable channels of transportation, and a sourced market to receive the products of the beneficiation process.

Real Estate

Minnesota has rapidly developed and boasts of some of the most advanced infrastructures in the United States of America. Over time, because of industrialization and mechanization, there has been a steady rise in the rural to urban drift; an incident driven by the search for jobs and newer opportunities. This has opened up the housing market in Minnesota.

The savvy investor can utilize this profitable business idea in Minnesota to provide affordable and bespoke housing units to various income brackets ranging from low to medium to high. The entrepreneur will seek to utilize the latest trends and technologies in putting up both commercial and residential housing units and accommodation, to cater to the needs of the market.

It should be noted that the population of Minnesota has continued to grow in urban areas over the last two decades.

These Minnesota business opportunities/ideas just listed above are proven to generate $10,000 and above every month. So, don’t wait behind while people are cashing this money into their account. You can make it if you give it a try. Start and register a business today.

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