Are you are desperately looking for profitable small business ideas in Kashmir to venture into?

Whether you base in the city or rural place of Kashmir, I will be sharing with you 10 business ideas in Kashmir that are proven to make you a millionaire in the long term.

10 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Kashmir

There are so many small business ideas in Kashmir that do not involve large capital to start with and some don’t even require any startup capital at home. so, if you are based in Kashmir and you are complaining about the economy when you are supposed to be running your business, you have yourself to blame and not the government.

Many people are diving into entrepreneurship in Kashmir and you are supposed to be among them after reading this post. Please, after reading this post, pick a business idea that is okay with you and take action immediately.

1. Agricultural Business

This sector in Kashmir, India is one of the most important sectors in the economy. Agriculture account for 22% of the economy’s GDP. It is still the only largest contributor to the Indian economy.

With this fact, what are you still waiting for? Venturing into this business idea in Kashmir makes you one of those people that will help cure hunger in the country. Major crops in Kashmir that you can farm on are wheat, paddy, maize, apple, walnut, onion, vegetables, etc.

Entrepreneurs in Kashmir can take advantage of this opportunity will small capital or as desire and make money from it.

2. Selling Custom T-Shirt Online

This is a low-cost business idea in Kashmir that any serious entrepreneur can get into and rake good income daily. This is one of the best businesses in India presently and more people are making fortune from it.

All you need is just a website where the trading will be going on, either you buy the clothes yourself and ship them to buyers or you act as a middle person and let the T-shirt company do the shipping.

3. Tutoring Service

This business idea requires no capital at all. If you are good at a certain subject, you can become a home tutor and make money from parents that want their children to do well in class. Some so many graduates are making good income monthly offering home tutor services and you can part of them.

You can start your tutoring academy where student have to come to your home or you choose a venue. You can either choose to go to their home to lecture them. either way, you make money with your knowledge.

You just market your availability to parents in your neighborhood and let them know you can deliver what they want.

You can make your fee low at first so you don’t waste time negotiating on that. After you have built trust and the parent can see improvement, you can then increase your fee to your desired rate.

4. Freelance Business

Do you know that many entrepreneurs in Kashmir are now into freelancing and they are now working as their boss? Freelancing is now one of the most profitable business in Kashmir and all over the world.

Clients from all over the world, especially the UK prefer to hire freelancers from India so they can save some money. If you are skill in writing, coding, web designing and development, logo design, you can offer your services online and make good money from it.

Take advantage of various social media platforms and freelancing sites to promote your skill and satisfy your client very that they will want to come back to you.

5. Poultry Farming

The production of poultry products is very weak in Kashmir and this makes demand to be more than supply. If you studied economics or know the law, you should know what this means.

Starting a poultry farm in Kashmir would be a great idea as people in India do eat imported chicken and eggs because of the lack of these products in the country to meet their demands.

6. Starting a Blog

This is another business idea in Kashmir that requires no large capital but determination, persistence, and patience. Blogging is another good way to make money online in Kashmir apart from freelancing.

You can become a blogger and make money if you have a passion for writing and sharing information. Starting a blog does not involve a rigorous process. All you need is a domain name for your blog, pay for web hosting from a web hosting company, and install Blogger or WordPress.

As you begin your journey in blogging, you start learning new ways on how to make your blogging effective and start seeing results. You will then learn about how you can monetize your blog and start making money from it monthly.

7. Rental Services Business

As Kashmir is one place where tourists like to visit, you can start a rental services business which might include renting out vehicles and rooms.

You don’t only have to rent out properties to tourists but, you can also offer tourism guides, ski instructions, and other things associated with tourism and make some side income from these tourism business ideas in Kashmir.

8. Taxi Services

This is one need around the world and Kashmir is not left behind. Though UBER has introduced its smartphone application in India, only a few citizens use it. But, either way, you can still make money.

If you want to work with UBER, you can register your car with the UBER partnership program and make income. You can also choose to stand alone and meet the needs of those that don’t use UBER.

9. Recycling Collection Business

This is one business idea in Kashmir that most entrepreneurs are not giving attention to because of the nature of the business. This is a business idea that can make you a fortune. You can choose to be collecting cans, metal scraps, plastic, etc. and send them to a recycling company and get paid for it. Y

ou just go to refuse dump and pick materials that can recycle and you are already making money.

10. Event Organizing Company

Most people do find it difficult to organize and handle events. This is where the service of an event manager is needed. If you have good event management and promotional skills, you can start this business in Kashmir. In this business, you will need to hire people to help you handle some aspect of the business.

One good thing about this Kashmir business ideas is that you are not selling commodities but your management skills.