6 Business Ideas To Start In Grenada

Are you wondering which business ideas in Grenada would yield great returns? Are you thinking about starting a business in Grenada and just do not know what business idea to invest in?

Do you reside in Grenada? Are you interested in getting business ideas that would thrive in Grenada?

If your answer is affirmative to any of the above questions, then this article is just for you. First, a little about Grenada.

6 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Grenada

Grenada, a Caribbean country, is comprised of different islands. Grenada is home to black sand and white sand beaches with waters that are so blue and clear that you could see coral formations from the sky.

With so many activities to offer visitors such as hiking, island tours, scuba diving, sailing and so much more, Grenada gets a steady influx of tourists each year. This has made tourism Grenada’s main economic force. This is followed by agriculture.

Popularly known as the island of spice, Grenada is one of the chief producer and exporter of nutmeg and mace crops. Grenada exports agricultural products such as cocoa, banana, and citrus. Grenada is a great place to do business and below are some business ideas that would thrive in Grenada.

Small Businesses and Investment Opportunities in Grenada

Tourism Agency

Grenada has so many exciting places to see and tourists troop into Grenada in thousands as often as possible. This is why starting a tourism agency is one business idea in Grenada that is bound to thrive. Your tourism agency would provide tourists with tourist guides that would help them have the best experience in Grenada.

This business idea in Grenada could also be extended online where people who are planning on visiting Grenada could have a little feel of what they should expect when they get to Grenada.

Since most tourists are visiting for the first time, looking forward to having a great time or on another visit to Grenada and looking to visit some new sites, the services of a tourist guide are always in high demand. This is why starting a tourist agency is one wonderful and exciting business idea in Grenada that is bound to thrive.


The first thing that says hello to you as soon as you step into Grenada is the scent of the spices. So many spices are grown in Grenada, the most common being nutmeg. This is why another great business idea in Grenada to venture into is farming.

Since Grenada is a leading producer of so many spices including cinnamon, orange/citrus peels, ginger and so much more, growing trees or plants that yield these wonderful agricultural products is a great business idea in Grenada.

You could cultivate these spices and sell them to processing industries or process them yourself and then export them to other countries.

There is a fortune to be made in this business idea in Grenada. Apart from spices, cocoa is one other agricultural product that can be grown in Grenada. Hence you could also cultivate cocoa trees in Grenada and then export your product to other countries.

Chocolate Company

With the abundance of cocoa in Grenada, one great business idea in Grenada that would thrive is a chocolate company. Everyone has that sweet tooth, whether we chose to admit it or not. Since the raw material needed for a chocolate company in Grenada is readily available, this business idea in Grenada is bound to succeed.

Your chocolates will be purchased locally by residents as well as tourists and it could also be exported to other countries.

Construction Company

Another great business that would succeed in Grenada is a construction company. With hotel buildings going up as often as possible, rising demand for more office space, renovation of many buildings to meet with the current trend, the services of a construction company are always in high demand.

So, whatever aspect you decide to specialize in, ranging from small maintenance to large construction, small renovations, or building from scratch, starting a construction company in Grenada is one great business idea in Grenada that is bound to thrive.

Houseboat Rental

Another great business idea in Grenada every entrepreneur should consider going into is houseboat rental. Like earlier mentioned, Grenada has its share of islands, beautiful beaches, and tourists. Where there is a combination of these three, the business idea that comes to mind is a houseboat rental.

A houseboat rental rents houseboats to customers to spend an amount of time on the boat. Lots of tourists would be interested in house-boating and this is why executing this business idea in Grenada is just perfect.

Trucking Haulage

With the presence of many large industries in Grenada, another great business idea in Grenada is trucking haulage.

Trucks are going to be needed for transport of raw materials, finished or processed goods to and fro various industries.  Hence haulage is one great business idea to invest in Grenada.

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