What are some lucrative small business opportunities in Ghana today?

There are many profitable business ideas in Ghana, which is a nation located in the Western part of Africa. It is one of the most popular countries in the whole of Africa.

She stood out in terms of so many things.

And when we talk about countries with the fastest-growing economies in Africa, Ghana is one of the countries with the fastest-growing economies in Africa to start a business in.

Nevertheless, the fact that Ghana is falling short in some aspects has opened the doors of new business opportunities for many smart entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

A smart entrepreneur will simply identify the loopholes in a community and give a solution to people’s problems- then he makes lots of money doing business with it.

But if you need the best business ideas you can start in Ghana, here are some for you.

10 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Ghana


Moving from one place to another is a necessity. Since many Ghanaians move a lot from one place to another(to go to work, school, church, and so on) and not everyone presently has a car, running a unique small business opportunity that renders transport services is a promising one.

You can look into the transport sector either on a small scale or on a large scale.


The Real Estate sector, though money is needed, is a quite lucrative business.

Many individuals and property businesses that invested in the Real Estate industry have become millionaires in a short period. You can buy very large lands and later sub-divide them and sell them.


Do you need one of the best small scale business in Ghana?

There are many agricultural food products in Ghana, therefore she offers the much-needed raw materials for food processing companies. Also, as we all know that food is always in high demand in Ghana (and everywhere), owning a great food processing business is a lucrative move.

4. ICT

Many African countries are still far behind in terms of having splendid high-quality internet services- and Ghana is not yet an exception.

Many Ghanaians especially those running great internet businesses crave high-quality internet services in their homes and their offices. This means, there is still a loophole in the ICT sector in Ghana, and smart investors who can offer better services will draw a crowd from people interested in starting online business opportunities.

This is one of the best business ideas for graduates in Ghana.


Oil has been discovered in Ghana and the country is set to join the list of petroleum exporting countries.

This ‘young sector’ in the country is the literary ‘begging’ to be explored extensively. Though going into the latest oil and gas businesses might be expensive, it is very much lucrative.


In Ghana, there are many waste management companies. Nevertheless, Ghana is known to be still battling with more burden of filth than those companies can handle.

And as common to many African countries, many people in the country still have the habit of throwing refuse into drainage and littering dirt around. Then definitely, you get to invest in the waste management sector and make good money therein. Simply start a waste management business that offers to help Ghanaian handle their wastes and refuse.

And of course, who knows, if the government sees how dedicated and competent you are, they might outsource more responsibilities to you.


In many parts of Africa, people now know that not only orthodox medicine is effective in curing various ailments- but herbal medicines are nice too.

Therefore, many are now embracing herbal medicines; and herbal medicines are now popular in many African countries including Ghana.


The soils in Ghana support different types of food crops. Unfortunately, concerning agriculture, it is being said that the Ghanaian government hasn’t done enough to explore this sector.

We all know that food is one of the basic needs of human beings. Anyone that will venture into a low-cost agriculture business idea in Ghana that is associated with food will keep having lots of demand.

And the fact that the Ghanaian population is growing means the demand for food will be on the high side.


This viable business is no longer a ‘crude’ one. One can invest in the laundry and dry-cleaning business and make lots of money. People need this service and are ready to pay good money to those who offer them.

Consider the fact that many people don’t have time to wash their clothes themselves, and invest in this cool booming business.


Africa as a whole is a tourism center. Nevertheless, what is scaring many tourists away from many African countries is security. But Ghana is doing well in that regard. So, you can advertise your services to tourists in their own countries and let them know you will pick them up at the airport and be a tour guide to them.

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