8 Business Ideas To Start In Birmingham

Here are some good business ideas to start in Birmingham.

In 2014, Birmingham was recorded to have the largest number of start-up businesses. The country also has the most active business population and has one of the largest venues for business conferences which is the National Exhibition Center.

It is a country located in the center of the West Midlands region of England.

8 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Birmingham

Birmingham is home to one of the UK’s top commercial centers by the name ‘Bullring’. It is a country that offers a good employment base and a skilled workforce. There are many profitable business ideas in Birmingham which is the main focus of this post.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Birmingham, some of the profitable business ideas in Birmingham are:


Repairing smartphones is a very lucrative business in Birmingham because almost everybody is using a smartphone and most people are reluctant to throw their phones away when it is faulty due to the price, they will rather repair it at a lower price than buying a new one.

Training is important in this type of business. If you are interested in fixing phones or have a knack for it then it is the best business idea for you. All you have to do is provide time to get trained on how to repair phones.

This business is still at an early stage in Birmingham so you can make good use of it by entering the market at this early stage.


According to information gathered, in 2012 Gartner spent about $60 billion on IT globally which is expected to increase as the years go by. Therefore, as an IT person, you can make good use of this opportunity by sharpening your skills and starting your IT business or security service. Both individuals and businesses will have sought you out if you are good at what you do.

An IT security business is very lucrative and profitable due to the high level of hacking that had affected several businesses and companies and they are all taking every possible measure to prevent the repetition of such acts.


Birmingham is a paradise for shoppers, it is the perfect place for starting and expanding a cloth boutique and other accessories. You could have a small shop or big shop that offers everything people and tourists could get attracted to depending on the available capital you have or can get. You should know that both small and big shopping requires huge capital which is even higher for large shopping centers.


This is another lucrative business in Birmingham, the citizens are known for their high intake of coffee. To start the business, the best thing that will make it easier for you is to have a van that makes coffee instantly. It will make it easier to move from one place to another, you can be switching from one location to another.

A great location is one of the determinants of the success of the coffee business, you should be careful in choosing a location for your coffee business. Railway stations, car parks, business arena, etc are better places for such business.


The setup cost of this business is very low and it is a lucrative one. Car washing businesses are being set up everywhere, all you need is a good location with a free space, access to water, and detergents recommended for washing cars. It is important to get the necessary license to start a car wash business in Birmingham.


Providing fast food in an outlet on or off high street for most especially very busy people is a very good business opportunity. Usually, people are too busy working to even have time to cook especially during work hours so they resort to fast food.

You might even have delivery as part of your service, it will make your business thrive well.

Delivering to home or offices is a very good initiative of business which will increase the number of patronizers.

The cost of starting this food business is higher than other startup businesses because a building, cooking utensils, staff, and other equipment will be needed to start such a business. People eat every day and this explains why this business thrives well even in harsh economic conditions.


This business is basically for someone who has a professional qualification such as a marketer, accountant, solicitor, and so on. This business can be started by offering bookkeeping services and having contracts with businesses that find it hard to have permanent employees due to the harsh economic factors.

These businesses, therefore, employ professionals and pay per project to avoid paying a fixed salary to employees.

As a professional in the following: education, law, accounting, copywriting, public relations, and so on, you can work as a freelance professional who works with different organizations and businesses.


This is a business that thrives in almost all countries regardless of the economic situation of the country where it is situated, Birmingham is one of such. A small catering business can be operated from home or small space while a large catering service requires a large space and more sophisticated equipment than a small one.

You can be hired for events such as birthdays, weddings, valentines, promotions at work, business conferences, and so on. For this business idea in Birmingham, you will need a license and certificates from local authorities.

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