Most Profitable Business Ideas in Alabama 

Here are some new small business opportunities in Alabama that can really generate high returns if you take action.

Starting a small business in Alabama is not an easy task but it is worth it if there is a focus and readiness to face the challenges that comes with it. The process is really rocky. It requires much time, patience and extra effort.

Alabama is a state in the southern part of the United States of America which is also referred to as the heart of Dixie.

Alabama is a state that is blessed with so many natural resources such as timber, water bodies, wide life and a very good soil for agriculture and 70 percent of the state is covered with forest and it is the second largest commercial forest in the United States of America.

Alabama is also called the cotton state because in the 80s about five million acres of its landscape was used to plant cottons. Alabama is the 30th largest of the 50 states in the United States of America. The rivers in the state include Chattahoochee, Tombigbee, Tennessee and Alabama River.

The natural resources found in a particular area determine the type of viable business that with strive there. With Alabama natural resources, it is automatically a home for tourism due to wildlife in the area and a home for hunters too and fishermen.

Getting a business license in AL is also easy and straightforward.


1. Farming: The soil is a very fertile for crops like cotton, vegetables, fruits, peanut etc. people must eat no matter how poor they are the raw materials for industries can also be produced through farming. Farming is a very good agriculture business that will strive in Alabama.

Farming natural agricultural products is 100% profitable in Alabama because people are now more conscious of the health risk on consuming industrialized products.

2. Industry: Building a cloth making industry will strive in Alabama due to the presence of cotton in large quantity.

They can easily be processed into different types of clothes such as jersey, underwears, socks, t-shirts, velvet. Though it can be capital intensive but it can be done and there is great profit in doing this. Timber is another crop that can be processed into different finished products such as furniture, condoms and lubricants, hampers, papers etc. processing timber into those finished products is an idea that can generate a lot of money.

3. Fishing and livestock: Due to the presence of large water bodies in the state, fishing is a very lucrative self employment business in Alabama. Fish for human consumption and fish can also be processed into canned food, foot wares, swimming goggles, fish leather, belts, toothpaste, dental products etc.

Livestock business in Agriculture such as cattle reserves and poultry can also strive in Alabama.

4. Freelancing: People are now aware about the advantage of advertising their business online. It attracts customers. People don’t go from place to place to look for product anymore; they just search through the internet so business owners in Alabama make sure that customers find them.

Therefore low cost internet businesses such as web designing, social media managing and search engine optimization strategist are good online business ideas that will succeed in Alabama.

5. Buying and Selling Smartphones: This is a business idea that will strive very well in Alabama. With the invention of smart phones, tablets; i-pad etc. people have been relieved of the burden of carrying heavy gadgets around. Business and life evolve around the internet this days therefore selling and fixing smart phone devices is an idea that will boom in Alabama even for you as a student.

6. Restaurant Business: Running a restaurant is a type of food based business idea that will succeed in Alabama because people hardly have time to cook their meals and cooking nice meals make life easier for them. All they need to do is safe time by eating in a restaurant and make more money with the time they would have used to cook at home. You can also key into franchise opportunities around.

7. Pet Care Center: Americans loves dogs generally and see dogs as part of their existence. Citizens of Alabama spend a fortune on feeding, training, medication and veterinary services.

Therefore establishing a pet care company in Alabama is a very good animal related business idea that will succeed

8. Dry Cleaning Business: Dry cleaning is a good home based business that will succeed in Alabama. Due to the fact that people in Alabama always want to look good and have little or no time to do their laundry, they look for an alternative to cover up for their demanding jobs. Having a laundry service that will help make life easy is a very good idea for both men and women.

These are great work from home business ideas in Alabama that one can venture into and stop relying on monthly paycheck.