Burgerim Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Burgerim franchise is the focus of this article. This is targeted at interested investors looking for investment opportunities in restaurant franchises.

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Background Information

The Burgerim franchise started from humble beginnings. The name Burgerim is a Hebrew name which translates to “many burgers.” With Donna Tuchner as its founder, this business was founded in 2008. However, its franchising arm commenced operations in 2010 after achieving huge success and acceptability. Its headquarters is located at Encino, California.

The huge growth potential saw Burgerim selling over 80 franchises within two years of opening its franchise arm.

Since then, the company has focused on local and international expansion with a focus on Russia, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom apart from the United States. With this rapid expansion, Burgerim had over 160 stores in 2016.

The Burgerim Advantage

Interested investors will always look out for what they stand to gain by investing in a brand. For Burgerim, you get the opportunity of becoming part of a brand that offers an easy business to sell. This is through its varied burger flavors which customers can choose from. The 12 available burger flavors give more options for the customer.

This has increased sales significantly. Other advantages include the following;

  • The Brand Name

As a Burgerim franchisee, you benefit significantly from operating under a well recognized and respected name in the industry. This eliminates the need of having to fight for attention within your location. There is an almost-guaranteed customer base, thereby assuring you of steady sales which safeguards your investment.

  • Regular Support and Training

Burgerim’s corporate structure provides the much-needed support you need to grow your franchise. Because the success of its franchisees translates to its overall success, it commits to providing regular training and support to all its franchisees. This is to ensure that you are never left in the dark as regards current events in the industry.

  • Eliminating the Need to Develop a Concept or Menu

Everything regarding menu development has already been handled for you. You are safeguarded from the trial and error associated with having to develop a new concept. This enhances your chances of success significantly as all you need to do is simply follow its guidelines.

  • Getting Help in Selecting the Right Location

Because the location is central to the success of a business, Burgerim franchise is with you in choosing the right location, helping with the architecture, as well as design. This contributes to the success of the franchisee.

  • Access to Group Purchasing Privileges

Burgerim franchise has eliminated the work involved in having to inspect and approve suppliers. This is handled solely by the company as you do not have to negotiate deals or check for quality. Every supplier you do business with has already been vetted by the franchisor.

  • Access to Corporate Marketing Benefits

As a Burgerim franchise, you do not need to commit substantial financial resources to the market. You get the best marketing exposure through its corporate marketing efforts.

How Much Does Burgerim Franchise Cost?

The start-up cost required for a Burgerim franchise falls within the range of $30,000 to $50,000. Total investment required starts from $150,000 to $250,000. There is a provision for financial assistance as well.

Under its financial assistance program, franchisees require $50,000 in liquid cash. Burgerim then provides third-party financing to make up the total amount.

  • Veteran Incentive Program

Under this arrangement, honorably discharged United States veterans are offered a $15,000 discount off the initial franchise fee. This enables them to easily integrate and own thriving businesses.


To run a Burgerim franchise effectively, adequate training is necessary. Under its training program, you are provided a full 30-day training at your location. All expenses during this period are borne by the franchisor. The training program also covers up to 12 of your employees. This is to ensure that your business is properly run.

Do you Need Prior Experience?

No! Experience is not required because a full training program is offered to cover every aspect of the business. With the training complete, you should be able to efficiently run your Burgerim franchise without problems. Even if there are, its continuous support ensures you are not left in the dark.

How Much Can I Make as a Burgerim Franchisee?

Your income stream as a Burgerim franchise depends on a lot of factors. These include location, the size of the franchise as well as several outlets among several things. In addition to these, how well you streamline your operations will determine how profitable you are. Burgerim franchise will provide income estimations in the Franchise Disclosure Document FDD during the process of application.


Without support, the chances of success with your franchise business are limited. Burgerim franchise provides support in various forms. These include state-of-the-art design and low-cost construction package, innovative concepts, resources that help you succeed in your location, corporate training, and ongoing support all through your franchise ownership period and the review and development of new menu items.

Other areas of support include the creation of a highly streamlined labor system. This results in effective multitasking resulting in lower labor costs.

How to Start

To apply for a Burgerim franchise, you need to first visit https://www.burgerim.com/burger-franchise/. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your details in the available online application form. The franchisor contacts you through the contact details provided for a full guide on the step-by-step process involved.

These are the basic information required to apply for a Burgerim franchise. The franchisor has made the process as easy as possible to avoid complications. Other requirements of owning a business such as licensing and registrations are to be carried out through the usual channels.