Sample Bulk SMS Agency Business Plan

Do you need help starting a bulk SMS shop? If YES, here is a sample bulk SMS Business Plan.

Bulk messaging are easier ways to reach a large group of people conveniently. The needs for this form of messaging are numerous and present a lot of business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

If you would want to exploit this opportunity to establish a business, then you may find this bulk SMS business plan sample very helpful.

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I am pleased to introduce you to this world of silent millionaires. A world of distinguished millionaires and entrepreneurs in Africa who make lump sum amount of money daily, weekly, monthly partaking in different kinds of legitimate bulk sms business.

I call this world the bulk sms world.


Bulk sms business is a business which involves you providing an avenue for people to send sms in bulk with an assurance of having a profit in return. Bulk sms can also be defined as the act of reaching thousands of people with one click at a more affordable price compared with the telecom service providers.

The demand for bulk sms has been on the increase for quite some time now. Making money using bulk sms is easy, just that some people don’t understand the process while some others who understand the process are not fully utilizing it.

People now use bulk sms to connect to their loved ones, complement during festive seasons, buy and sell goods.

Companies even use it to communicate to their customers. Some market women use it to reach their customers, international businesses use it in reaching their prospective customers, various organizations and associations use it in communicating with their members, some politicians use it for campaigns, etc.

It has taken control of the sms world. If you are the willing to start up a profitable business with little capital, then, a bulk sms business is just standing by the door waiting for you to invite it into your house.

One thing about this business is that it can only be sent through the internet. Nevertheless, being in this business does not require any formal qualification, you only need nothing more than a pc or an internet enabling device.

Being part of this profitable business is quite easy, it is important for one to first understand how it works.

Understanding how it works gives you an insight. It is just a matter of logging in, typing your message and clicking on the send button. Forming this business is simple and profitable, and one who wants to form such business should follow these procedures:

Here is a sample business plan for starting a bulk SMS company.

KNOWING YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS: If you are looking to start your own bulk sms business, the first step to take is knowing your target customers who are the church, the mosque, market women, business men and women, companies, associations, organizations, university students, lecturers, computer teaching schools, etc. Knowing this gives one something to look out for in the business one is trying to embark upon.

ADVERTISE: You can’t start this type of business and just sit at home doing nothing. Advertise your product so as to create that awareness in the market. Start printing handbills, booklet. Start with a minimal price so as to attract customers. Your ability to advertise and relate well in this category of business will determine how many customers you will have.

CAPITAL AVAILABLE: This word “capital” has always been the excuse for most of the dead dreams of today. Imagine how painful it will be when somebody tells you of this wonderful idea he has been having for a long time now then you ask him why he hasn’t started, then, the next thing that comes out of his mouth is“no capital”.
It is appalling! What many people fail to realize is that starting any business does not necessarily require having that large capital. You can start a bulk sms business with the little capital available to you. So if you have that little sum and you are looking for a lucrative venture, this is a better option for you.

COST OF SERVICE: After you must have start up this lucrative business, the next step for you to follow is to discuss your cost of service with your potential customers. You must address this issue. If for example, you buy at 70kobo/sms, it is not a bad idea selling at 1.50kobo/sms. It means that for every 10,000 units sold, you get #8,000 profit. Isn’t it lucrative? Sure it is.

BUYING THE SMS UNITS: After discussing your sms units with your potential customers, the next step is to purchase a load of the sms units for the future because you may get an order anytime. It is advisable you buy in large quantity.

LOCATE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: Yes, pitching potential customers increase your chances of profitability.

Pitching them involves you reaching out to them, informing them about your business and explaining how bulk sms can ease their stress of sending sms to a large number of people with a large sum. The secret here is to inform them of the benefits attached.

Making it big in this area of business involves having many customers and having very big customers.


We have identified the problems faced by a lot of entrepreneurs. One of the major areas these problems arise from is in writing a plan.

Without a proper plan, the business idea can hardly see the light of day. We encourage you to carefully follow the contents of this sample plan as it will enable you have a deeper understanding of what a plan is and how it should be written.

  • Executive Summary

Message All® is a registered bulk messaging service that enables businesses and individuals reach a wider audience via SMS. We are a business that operates out of Wichita, in the state of Kansas. We are not limited by our geographical location as we will provide our bulk SMS services to clients across the country.

Apart from providing these bulk messaging services to individuals and businesses, we also offer re-seller programs.

This program offers lots of advantages to partners as they operate at no risks as well as gives them access to the best costing software platforms, market exposure as well as an operational efficiency which is second to none.

  • Our Services

The potentials for bulk SMS services are enormous and can only be beneficial when taken head-on. We offer both independent bulk SMS service as well as white label reseller programs. We seek to be among the best in an industry where there is growing competition among bulk SMS service providers.

  • Vision Statement

Our vision at Message All® is to grow into one of the 10 biggest bulk SMS brands in America. We seek to achieve this through the provision of exceptional services with client satisfaction as our greatest desire.

We understand that the more satisfied clients are the better publicity it will attract to our business.

  • Mission Statement

We have a mission to provide unbeatable bulk SMS services to a large market which includes commercial as well as private clients.

Apart from this, we will also provide an opportunity for persons willing and interested in running their own small bulk SMS businesses.

  • Financing

Financing is crucial to our operations. However we do not need a fortune to kick-start our services. Funding for our bulk SMS business will be sourced through the selling of our shares to investors. The investor will own a 30% stake in our business. This will be held for a period of 10 years after which this share will be cease to be owned by the investor due to our agreement and arrangement.

  • SWOT Analysis

To successfully operate our bulk SMS business, we need to conduct an examination of our opportunities and threats in relation to our capacity. To do this, we have sought the best hands that are reputed for providing a variety of business consulting services. Their findings enable us to take the right action using the information available as shown below;

  • Strength

At Message All®, we have the advantage of making our services available at discounted rates to our clients. The provision of bulk SMS services depends on the service providers one works with. Our business partnerships have provided exciting profit margins that enables us make even greater profits.

  • Weakness

We are a new bulk SMS business coming into a business with intense competition. Most of our competitors are formidable businesses which have been in existence for a long time. This places us at a disadvantage as we will need experienced hands to navigate an industry with so many options available to the client.

  • Opportunities

To enhance our chances, there are several strategies we can adopt. This includes the provision of more value added services. These will include the provision of free Excel Plugin for our customers which enables them to send SMS from Microsoft Excel, the creation of an unlimited number of users or sub-resellers and more

  • Threats

We are faced with threats from new social media messengers which include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram Messengers. There is a slow but growing preference for these messaging applications among businesses and individuals. This is a trend which only seems to grow stronger.

However we expect to still remain profitable for a significant period of time due to the majority of the market which still prefers the services provided by Bulk SMS businesses.

  • Sales Projection

We seek to gain a fair share of market control. This is why we have designed innovative products that will make us the most preferred among other bulk SMS services. We have carried out a three-year sales projection. This reveals enormous opportunities for profitability as shown below;

  • First Financial Year $30,000.00
  • Second Financial Year $100,000.00
  • Third Financial Year $350,000.00


  • Competitive Advantage

Some of the advantages we have over our competitors include our human capital. These are seasoned experts who have worked with major bulk SMS businesses. The least of these has put in 5 years. In addition to this, we also have a community of reliable business partners who help us easily navigate the murky waters of bulk SMS service provision.

By connecting us to the right people, we will have a head start over most of our competitors.

  • Marketing Strategy

We will adopt the most effective marketing strategies to promote our business. This will include adverts in newspapers and magazines, the use of social media platforms to market our business, and also advertising on both radio and TV.

In trying to help you write a good plan, this bulk SMS business plan sample provides you with the essentials. No matter your level of competition, you are able to follow the simplicity of this sample to create your unique plan.


Do you know that you can make money sending and receiving texts? Mobile phones are a massive, fast growing market due to our ever increasing need to have instant communication and information at our fingertips.

Are you a business owner and you are looking for better ways to market your business and get a huge return on investment? Then, using SMS marketing can really help you sell your products or services faster than you ever think.

This is how you can make money from SMS.

Studies revealed that 98% of text messages are read and most of them in under 5 seconds and text messaging has a massive 45% response rate, compared with 6% for email.

Now, let me ask you, how many times have you received an SMS message on your phone and decide not to open it to see what it’s about and who it’s from? Not very often. In fact, SMS messages are treated more seriously than emails sent to us.

Text messages are always open and that is why you need to learn how you can make money from SMS as quickly as you can.

Interested in small SMS business ideas? If YES, here is how to make money from SMS business.


  • Have a Plan

The first thing to do to make money from SMS is to first have a plan or what I might refer to as a strategy. You must draw out a plan on how you intend winning your SMS receivers. You must think about the content of the SMS, what you will be promoting or selling, how often you will be sending the SMS per week, will you include a link that will take them to your site, can they be able to reply the message?

These are the things you must put into consideration in your planning stage of the SMS marketing campaign.

Without a good plan, you will just end up spending money and getting your customers black listing your message and you don’t get to make money from your SMS.

  • Your Message Must be Clear

To make money from SMS marketing, your message must be clear at the receiving end. 66% of consumers want to receive offers from brands they can relate with. Sending SMS with a business name and a link is more preferable as receivers may want to check out your site to know more about you if they can trust you in what you are trying to sell to them.

In addition to that, it was revealed that 19% of SMS links are clicked compared with only 4.2% of email links. So, you see why you should include a link to your SMS if you want to convert.

  • Select your Audience

This is very important if you don’t want to end up spending money without getting a good return. Your customers have different interests and reasons for wanting to hear from you. Don’t waste your money and reputation sending SMS to everybody.

Everybody can’t be your customer. So, when you are gathering your contacts or buying them for your campaign, you must segment them. You should not be selling baby pampers to college school girls and boys. Neither should you be selling website design and development to baby boomers.

Get to know the people on your list and their interest. When you can separate your contact into their different according to their interest, age and gender, you can then tailor your SMS messages specifically for different groups of customers.

  • Include Promotions

This is by far the best way to make money from SMS. Including promotions like discount offers and coupon codes encourage customers to see how they can take advantage of the offer. If you want whatever you are selling or promoting to be effective, you should consider including promotion to your SMS messages.

  • Always Keep in Touch

It should not be only when you are selling your products or services that you should send your customers SMS. You should make it a rule to show some care by sending them messages mostly on any celebration period like Christmas and New Year.

Wish them a happy new month and let them know you care. This is how you can keep making money from SMS and get recurring customers for your business.

Now, that you have known how to make money from SMS, you might want to ask How to Get these Contacts.
It is very easy!

You could simply offer a free downloadable gift to your site or social media timeline provided that they give you their mobile phone number. The more you can get people to give you their number in exchange for your free product, the more number you get.

What are you waiting for? Go out now and take action so you can start smiling to the bank.

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