Breakfast Restaurant Franchises

Breakfast restaurant chains have been a trend for quite some time. These offer a variety of menus with waffles, pancakes, eggs, and different specialty offerings.

If you’re drawn to this concept, you might want to take advantage of the opportunities to start your own breakfast restaurant business.

This article is written to serve as a guide to use in choosing your preferred breakfast restaurant franchise. While there are many such opportunities, we’ve only included a few.

These franchise programs have varying offerings to meet investor needs.

To make the proper selection, you’ll need to complete a self-assessment to determine your needs. With this information, you can look for opportunities that match your needs.

Breakfast | Brunch Restaurant Franchises to Buy

As stated earlier, excellent breakfast restaurant franchise opportunities are never in short supply.

Some of the best options include Denny’s, International House of Pancakes (IHOP), Elmer’s Breakfast Lunch Dinner, Broken Yolk Café, and Another Broken Egg Café.

There are more breakfast restaurant franchise opportunities like Huddle House, Eggs Up Grill, Famous Toastery, The Flying Biscuit Café, and Lumberjacks Restaurant.

More options include The Original Pancake House, Crepe Delicious, Keke’s, Rising Roll, Sunny Street, and Scrambler Marie’s.

There are more breakfast restaurant franchises like Huckleberry’s, Brick & Spoon, Piadina Café, Ben & Florentine, Biscuit Belly, Wheatless Gluten Free, etc.

ii. Denny’s

Denny’s is one breakfast restaurant you can own with a total investment of $1,428,422 to $2,326,537 and a franchise fee of $30,000.

With over 60 years of franchising experience, investors are more confident in partnering with a company with a proven business model.

iii. International House of Pancakes (IHOP)

This is another breakfast restaurant franchise you can buy. With a total investment of $639k to $2,8 million and liquid cash of $50k, you can join IHOP’s franchise program.

Its training covers refresher courses, ongoing training, restaurant operation skills training, and standard operating practices.

iv. Elmer’s Breakfast Lunch Dinner

You can own a fast-growing and potentially profitable opportunity with Elmer’s Breakfast Lunch Dinner.

The initial investment needed to join this franchise program is around $1,047,750 to $3,209,500. The general and kitchen manager positions are required to have restaurant operation experience.

v. Broken Yolk Café

This breakfast restaurant started operations in 1979 and has since expanded its operations through franchising.

You’ll need a $1.5 million net worth and $500k liquidity per store to qualify for this opportunity. Your Broken Yolk franchises can run for approximately 3 to 4 months.

vi. Another Broken Egg Café

There are several reasons to invest in this breakfast restaurant franchise. These include its proven business model and support system, chef-inspired menus, flexible operations, high revenue percentage obtained from sales of beverages & alcohol, and practical marketing support.

vii. Huddle House

Huddle House offers you the chance to become part of its growing breakfast restaurant brand with a total investment of $576k to $1.4 million.

Its simplicity, coupled with its streamlined operation, makes the restaurant franchise one of the most profitable. Contact the franchisor for more details.

viii. Eggs Up Grill

There are reasons why joining Eggs Up Grill is considered a wise investment. Such boil down to its strong financial performance, spectacular guest experiences, and high-quality streamlined operations.

What more? No restaurant experience is needed to join, plus you get to enjoy an enviable work/life balance and best-in-class support.

ix Famous Toastery

Famous Toastery offers investors a scalable, wealth-building business model, a supportive team, and best-in-class experience to help them establish their operations.

To join this franchise, a net worth, franchise fee, and liquidity of $500k, $45k, and $250k, respectively, are required.

x. The Flying Biscuit Café

The Flying Biscuit Café prides itself as the most supportive franchisor.

Its program offers franchisees help with financing, a proven menu, significant territories, significant unit volume, a strong brand, low initial investment, and double-digit growth.

xi. Lumberjacks Restaurant

The investment range for a Lumberjacks Restaurant is around $432,300 to $1,320,700, and a franchise fee of $40,000.

Franchisees are offered different franchise models that include free-standing buildings, the end cap of the shopping centers or corner restaurants, and existing restaurant conversions.

xii. The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House offers a long list of menu items that include categories like beverages, waffles, fruits & juices, pancakes, and Meats.

Others include egg specialties, omelets, side dishes, cereals, and other specialties. Joining its franchise program gives you full access to its vital support services.

xiii. Crepe Delicious

At Crepe Delicious, franchisees enjoy a range of support and assistance in purchasing power, training, and social media.

Other support areas include brand recognition, product development & trends, lease negotiations, financing, and construction design guidelines & support.

xiv. Keke’s

Keke’s Breakfast Café is another brand you should consider investing in.

Item categories on its menu include pancakes, waffles, freedom to create combos, French toast, stuffed French toast, omelets, poached egg meals, kid’s breakfast, side orders, egg favorites, and beverages.

xv. Rising Roll

How would you love to own your own Rising Roll gourmet café?

This is an opportunity you should seize. Rising Roll offers you several incentives to join, like quality territories, multiple distribution channels, a proven system, quality of life hours, and high-quality products.

xvi. Sunny Street

The reasons to join this breakfast restaurant franchise are freedom, community, support, and a low-cost, high-reward opportunity.

Other benefits include a manageable business as well as marketable good food. The investment needed to qualify for the option is around $598k to $956k.

xvii. Scrambler Marie’s

With a total investment of $345k to $480k, a cash investment of $150k, a minimum net worth of $500k, and a franchise fee of $25k, you’re admitted into Scrambler Marie’s franchise program.

This franchisor offers financing, lease negotiation assistance, site selection, recruiting assistance, and cooperative advertising.

xviii. Huckleberry’s

Huckleberry’s has a range of benefits that franchisees enjoy. These include consistent sales growth and flexible operating hours (7 am to 3 pm).

More benefits include marketing support and a strong brand identity, flexible site options, social media club platforms, chef-inspired menu development, and a unique position.

Take your time to review all the breakfast restaurant franchise options mentioned above. Each offers a series of benefits that may be well suited to your needs.

You’ll do well to contact and discuss with these franchisors to help you better understand what’s best for you.