A lot of people visit bowling alleys to play their favorite sport. Although bowling is quite an exciting sport, setting up one as a business will take a lot of work to be successful. This is because a lot of things will need to be figured out.

One of the most essential requirements for running one is a plan.

Your business plan will go a long way in giving direction and focus to your operations. This, in turn, guarantees success. To set up and operate a successful bowling facility, you’ll need to figure out how to write a great plan.

Our focus is to help you write one using this bowling alley business plan sample. By carefully reading through it, you’ll better understand how to put one together.

Here is the cost of opening a bowling alley.

Executive Summary

Rolling Ball Inc. is a bowling facility in the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois.

This is a great sports business as people of all ages can participate and enjoy themselves. Our family-oriented company provides an excellent facility where people socialize, hang out, and bond.

We are a standard and well-equipped bowling facility which is well located and easy to find. Our services include recreational sports in tournaments and individual sports, among others. This comes with membership packages and childcare services for parents with kids.

There’s always something for everyone, irrespective of age. This has created a dedicated and loyal client following, which we intend to build upon.

  • Our Products and Services

Rolling Ball Inc. offers a wide range of services and products. These range from the provision of open-play bowling services to league play as well as rental assistance. Bowling gear such as shoes, among others, can be rented from our facility.

What more? We also sell varieties of supplies in our pro shops in addition to selling an assortment of food, beverage, and alcoholic drinks. Our facility is designed to ensure our customers get an unforgettable experience.

  • Our Vision

As a business seeking to expand its services and income, we are focused on growing our bowling sports brand to break into the top 5 sporting brands in Illinois within seven years.

This goal will be vigorously pursued by providing top-of-the-line services and products.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to consolidate a beautiful sport by making it even more enjoyable by providing innovative and value-added services.

Also, we hope to create a facility worth churning out bowling stars that will go on to represent the United States at international bowling tournaments.

  • Capital Requirement

Our current drive is to expand our business operations further. This will include opening up five more bowling facilities within strategic locations, which we’ve identified. This is the commencement of our medium-term growth drive. In the long term, we hope to expand to all major cities in Illinois.

Our medium-term growth plans will require adequate financing to $800,000.00. We’ve been able to set aside 40% of the sum needed, while 60% of this amount will be sourced through a loan accessed at a 3% annual interest rate.

  • SWOT Analysis

Our operations so far haven’t been without challenges. Despite such challenges, we’ve made modest gains. However, we’ve called for a SWOT analysis to ascertain our operations’ actual state of affairs.

The results have been revealing and have exposed areas of our operations we need to improve on.


Our bowling facility, which is also the first we’ve opened, is located in an ever-busy sports-loving community. This reality, coupled with our exceptional services, has made our bowling alley a magnet for customers from all age groups.

To consolidate this success, we plan on replicating our efficient operations in more locations. We are gradually building a solid sporting brand that will be well-received and respected nationally.


Rolling Ball Inc. currently has a limited reach.

This means that our operations are limited due to our financial strength. As a growing business, competing favorably with big bowling alley brands will take some time.


We’re in business due to the opportunities presented by this sport.

Such include a growing interest in bowling and an ever-increasing population within cities. Most new city residents either loved the sport before they came in or assimilated into the bowling-loving culture they met when they arrived.

In any case, it greatly benefits our business as we’re building a steady and dedicated client base attracted by our extra touch to everything we do.


Threats for bowling alley businesses come in the form of a recession. For instance, if the economy takes a hit, many people will lose their jobs, translating to less disposable income. The lesser the disposable income, the more people will have to prioritize how they spend.

  • Sales Projection

Our expansion drive for a reasonably new business seeks to increase our revenue significantly. Although this will take some investments for that to happen, the desired outcome is that we get to attract more sales.

We’ve made a 3-year sales projection from when our services are expanded. The results have been encouraging, with significant numbers as shown below;

  1. First Fiscal Year $500,000.00
  2. Second Fiscal Year $1,200,000.00
  3. Third Fiscal Year $2,100,000.00


  • Competitive Advantage

Despite our small size, we are determined to offer exceptional and innovative bowling services for lovers of this sport. This is coupled with our experienced team, which includes professional bowlers and coaches.

Such experience and expertise will be leveraged to ensure the business is better for it. We will also be adopting world-class marketing techniques to increase the visibility of our service.

  • Marketing Strategies

Marketing and promotion for our bowling business are vital to making our operations more appealing to clients. We will begin online marketing and advertising (through social media and a functional website).

This is in addition to using tools such as fliers and billboards to encourage patronage.

This bowling alley business has touched on the main points (no matter how little) that need to be considered when writing your plan. It is necessary to take as much time as required to ensure you include every aspect of your operations.

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