Boiling Crab Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you seeking restaurant franchising opportunities to invest in?

Boiling Crab franchise may interest you. This seafood restaurant first opened for business in 2004. Since then, it has achieved enviable heights with a franchising arm that offers interested investors an opportunity to join its family.

The Boiling Crab Franchise operates a customer-centered business model. This is one of the secrets of its success.

What more? The Boiling Crab franchise menu is rich with lots of seafood accompanied by the best spices, sauce, and extras.

Its menu includes mussels, blue crab, corn on the cob, Cajun Chowder, steamed rice, sweet potato fries, lemon pepper fries, sausage, potatoes, fried oysters, crab fries, fried catfish basket, chicken tenders basket, and Shabang Bang Shrimp among several more.

Local and International Franchise Opportunities

Boiling Crab offers investors the opportunity to own its franchise both within the United States as well as around the globe. This gives you access to its proven success formula which has made it possible to achieve so much growth.

The Ideal Boiling Crab Franchisee

Boiling Crab is seeking like-minded investors who are dedicated to giving their all in ensuring the brand becomes more accepted.

Boiling Crab is interested in partnership with hardworking investors who take pride in being a part of its family.

Financial Requirements

To qualify for this franchise opportunity, you’ll need to fully meet Boiling Crab’s financial requirements. These consist of the initial franchise fee, the working capital as well as the royalty fee.

Apart from the ongoing royalty fee, the rest is covered in its total initial investment fee.

  • Franchise Fee

Boiling Crab requires a franchise fee of $39,500. This is the payment all prospective franchisees must make to Boiling Crab for the right to use its intellectual property, brand as well as products.

  • Working Capital

All Boiling Crab prospective franchisees are expected to meet its working capital range of $90,000 to $190,000. If you wonder what this is about, the working capital is the cash you need to have available to maintain your franchise operations.

  • The Royalty Fee

Boiling Crab Franchise has a royalty fee requirement of 5.0%. This is similar to an ongoing membership charge paid to remain a part of the franchise. You only make this payment after buying the franchise.

  • Total Investment

Prospective franchisees seeking to buy the boiling crab franchise will need a total investment sum ranging from $941,000 to $1,335,500. This amount covers the initial investment, the working capital, subsequent inventory additions as well as equipment to start or open up your new outlet or location.

How Much Profit Can I Make?

Every investor wants to put their money where their mouth is. In other words, you want to invest in a viable opportunity that guarantees returns. However, your profitability as a Boiling Crab franchisee depends on multiple factors.

These factors include commercial lease rates within your location (these differ from one location to the next), local demand for products, labor costs, and how well you manage your operations. Also, your returns will be largely determined by your investment size or scale.

During the application process, all questions you have are fully addressed and financial details provided in its Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Nearest Locations

If you feel this seafood franchise opportunity is right for you, you may want to consider their nearest locations to you. Currently, Boiling Crab is located across 5 states namely Florida, California, Hawaii, Texas, and Nevada.

There are ongoing plans to establish a presence across more states and your location might be considered if you make the move.

Franchise Agreement Term

As with most franchise opportunities, Boiling Crab has a term limit in its franchise agreement. Franchisees are allowed to own and run their franchise units for an initial term of 10 years. At the expiration of the initial term, you get the opportunity of being granted a renewal term of half a decade.

However, you must know that the granting of the renewal term isn’t automatic. You’ll need to meet certain criteria that are largely determined by your past performance.


Support is a crucial part of its operations. Boiling Crab ensures that all its franchises (both new and existing) get the maximum support to successfully run their franchise outlets. Support covers several critical aspects of its operations such as training, marketing support, and grand opening.

Under its training program, new Boiling Crab franchisees are taken through a rigorous and thorough training process that gives them hands-on knowledge on how the franchise operates.

This training is called the initial training and includes about 14 hours of classroom tutoring. This is followed by another type of training (on-the-job) lasting about 124 hours. Both of these sum-up to about 138 hours of training.

Asides from the initial training offered to new franchisees, there’s an ongoing training which is offered to existing franchisees. This is meant to update their skills and keep them updated with current restaurant industry trends and innovations.

Territory Rights

With the Boiling Crab franchise, you get the opportunity of operating within a protected territory. This means you have less competition from other Boiling Crab franchisees. That way, your operation grows faster.


A lot of prospective franchisees often ask questions relating to financing.

Unfortunately, the Boiling Crab franchise offers non of such. In other words, there are no in-house financing arrangements. However, it may maintain or have agreements with third-party sources that offer financing in critical areas of operation.

You’ll need to find out details about such by making the necessary inquiries. Such an opportunity is presented during the franchise application. Here, all your questions are fully resolved.

Can I Get to Talk with Existing Franchisees?

This opportunity is given during your franchise application. It all depends on what the franchisor thinks is necessary. Boiling Crab may allow you to talk with its existing franchisees before signing the franchise agreements or after.

The Boiling Crab franchise presents an opportunity to own or partner with a successful and growing restaurant brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the United States or around the world, you’re given the chance to open your Boiling Crab franchise once you meet the requirements.