How To Become An Independent Distributor From Home

How can one become an independent distributor? You will find all the answers you seek right here. Read on to discover what you need to do to achieve this aim.

There’s an increasing number of distribution opportunities people can operate from home. An independent distributor is one of them.

As an independent distributor, you get to either sell products from other businesses & people or develop and sell yours. This is a business opportunity that offers you a lot of flexibility. You also get to set your schedule and have more control over your time.

We must also state that becoming an independent distributor isn’t so difficult. Anyone with interest and determination can achieve their dream.

Who’s An Independent Distributor?

As an independent distributor, you’ll be dealing with products and services. Most times, these products and services belong to other businesses. You are only helping them sell or distribute them to end-users. However, this is not without a reward. You get rewarded from the sale of such products and services. The greater your sale, the better the commissions you earn.

Steps To Become An Independent Distributor From Home

This is the focus of this article. This section contains all you’ll need to start your business as an independent distributor business from home. So, what’s involved? The following information will help.

  • Choose A Niche

The topic used “how to become an independent distributor from home” is quite vague. This is where you narrow it down to a specific niche or industry, product, or market.

To run a profitable distribution business, there need to be specific products from a particular industry. Imagine combining cosmetic and beauty products with auto spare parts! Sounds crazy right? This is why you need to stick to a niche.

It is either you distribute beauty products or sell auto spare parts. It’s one or the other. This gives more focus and increases your chances to succeed by focusing on your market.

  • Get Registered

This is a must for anyone willing to start a real and legal business. Getting registered involves filing for the necessary paperwork with your state’s business regulatory agency. Several things are required here. This includes your business name, a legal entity, tax registrations, insurance, licensing, and certifications among others.

Part of the requirement that comes with becoming an independent distributor is that you must have adequate space to receive inventory. We are talking about receiving supplies from companies you’ll distribute for. So, how much space do you have in your home? Remember we’re talking about how to become a distributor from home. Your garage can be temporary.

We are assuming that you’re operating on a small scale here. Under such circumstances, a space such as your garage or store will be sufficient as long as the inventory to be supplied is considerably small. Anything more than that will require hiring a warehouse large enough to contain such goods.

  • Acquaint Yourself With Manufacturers And Suppliers

Working as an independent distributor from home, you’ll need to have a reliable supply of products. This means you’ll research possible product manufacturing companies and major suppliers. The aim is to first find out if they provide such an opportunity (for independent distributors). Next, you’ll need to know what their terms are.

This is very important and must be fully understood before getting into a business partnership with them. Certain product manufacturers have no problem whatsoever with independent distributors selling other products that aren’t theirs. As long as you can sell their product, they won’t mind.

For other manufacturers and suppliers, there prefer an exclusive independent distributorship arrangement. This means that you won’t be able to sell products from other manufacturers apart from theirs.

  • Apply For A Distributorship License

Commence the application process after finding a manufacturer you’ll want to distribute products for. Each manufacturer or supplier has its unique application methods. In most cases, this will require providing proof of business registration, a financial statement, and several other things.

After returning or submitting your application, a manufacturer might require a physical meeting for further discussions. This is a necessary step to enable the company to know who they’ll be doing business with.

  • Keep Close Tabs On Happenings And Ask Questions

This is one business you don’t want to assume when it comes to company policies regarding product manufacture. Although the manufacturer will provide as much information as they feel necessary, you shouldn’t hold back when you have questions. Remember your success as an independent distributor depends on how much you know about a product.

What we’re trying to say in essence is that you have a working relationship with your supplier or manufacturer. It is to their best interest as well as yours that you succeed. Plus, a manufacturer might decide to make extra effort to help you succeed when they see that you have the drive. In the end, everyone is happy.

  • Have A Website As Well As A Paid Email Service

You want to look professional to your product suppliers and manufacturers. Hence, the need to have a website as well as a paid email service that bears your business name. You cannot operate at full capacity without a website. This is the face of your business and a good job should be done.

  • Get A Distribution Vehicle

At the start of the business, one vehicle should serve your needs. However, as you expand, and move out of your home, you’ll need to purchase more trucks in addition to hiring new personnel to help out with distribution.

These are about all the major things you must do to start your independent distributor business from home. A business such as this requires you consider the space available to keep inventory before you proceed.