We’ll discuss how to become an authorized coupon insert distributor for persons interested in this line of business.

Coupons have been used for a long time by companies seeking to attract higher patronage of their products and services. It is simply a way of giving shoppers a discount on certain products and services.

This practice is common to both big and small businesses alike.

How to Become a Coupon Insert Distributor

Before becoming one, it is necessary to fully understand the processes involved. This gives you a better perspective of the entire coupon distribution process.

Coupons as a Marketing Tool

The use of coupon inserts in marketing campaigns has seen a steady rise over the years. This is understandable because shoppers are increasingly becoming smart in their shopping habits.

The smallest discounts on products today matters to many shoppers. This is because they get a better bargain from such discounts, however small they are.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Companies and Their Importance to the Distribution Process

What are Business Process Outsourcing companies?

Without these ventures, the efficient distribution of insert coupons will be difficult. The management departments of most companies prefer to outsource coupon distribution to BPO’s.

It is important to note that BPOs handle a wide variety of tasks for companies, including coupon distribution.

This is where the distribution chain begins.

What Exactly are Coupon Inserts?

For those with limited knowledge of what coupon inserts are, it is necessary to explain what this is all about.

It is a glossy booklet with 10 to 30 pages and containing several product manufacturer coupons. These are also known as freestanding inserts. A popular source for finding these are Sunday newspapers except those on holiday weekends.

Coupon inserts are also of different types. Some of the most popular include Proctor and Gamble (PG), Smart Source (SS), Red Plum( now RetailMeNot every day (RMN). These are mostly news paper-based coupon inserts. Sunday newspapers alone account for over 41% of all redeemed coupons.

Other types of coupon inserts include printable and mobile).

Choosing Your Preferred Coupon Distribution Method

If you seek to become a coupon insert distributor, you need to know that there are several coupon distribution methods available.

These include free-standing coupon inserts, shelf pad, on-pack, direct mail, instant redeemable, and electronic delivery.

However, since we are concerned with how to become a coupon insert distributor, we will focus on free-standing coupon inserts.

The Sunday Newspapers

To become a coupon insert distributor, one sure place to look at is the weekend newspapers. The Sunday newspapers hold the majority of insert coupons available.

Companies creating coupons use newspapers as a distribution vehicle, and this has proven to be very effective. Three major companies mentioned earlier are responsible for creating coupon inserts.

For the sake of emphasis, these include Proctor and Gamble, SmartSource, and RedPlum. What other information do we have about these companies?

  • Proctor and Gamble

This company provides coupon inserts as a way of making attractive discounts available on all of its products to a wide section of its customers.

Based in Cincinnati Ohio, Proctor and Gamble produce its coupon inserts once every month. As with all coupon inserts, these vary from one region to another.

  • SmartSource

News America Marketing is the biggest distributor of consumer packaged goods promotions in America. Under the SmartSource brand alone, more than a thousand-weekend newspapers carry coupon inserts.

  • RedPlum

RedPlum reaches over 100 million consumers a week with its newspaper coupon inserts.

The easiest way to become a coupon insert distributor is to apply for weekend newspaper distributorship rights. To do this, you will have to choose your most preferred option and write to them. You can easily find their contact address on the papers or simply perform an online search.

However, if you do not prefer this option, you can contact any of the above-listed companies (Proctor and Gamble, SmartSource, and RedPlum) to find out if you can work something out.

If you own a newspaper company, then becoming a coupon insert distributor will be much easier.

How Not to Become a Coupon Distributor

While we have discussed the best possible ways of becoming a coupon insert distributor, you may want to avoid using other illegal means. Coupon inserts found in Sunday newspapers normally come free.

You are not allowed to sell these but are for personal use only. You can also give these out to others to redeem if you choose to.

For Coupon Users

This part is for persons interested in finding coupons for personal use. There are several ways you can do so these include;

  • Getting Coupons For Free

While this has nothing to do with how to become a coupon insert distributor, there are ways to get coupons for free. One such way is by asking your co-workers, friends, and neighbors to save their coupons for you. Also, you can ask local business owners if they don’t mind giving you their unsold papers at the end of the week. You will likely find willing business owners.

  • Purchasing or Subscribing Multiple Weekend Newspapers

Because Sunday newspapers are your best source for coupon inserts, you can purchase or subscribe to multiple copies of these papers for your family members. This gives you the opportunity of having more than one coupon insert to use.

There you have it. How to become a coupon insert distributor requires that you adopt several strategies as listed above. The use of coupons as a form of marketing campaign has always been popular with consumers.

As a coupon clipper or insert distributor, there will always be patronage as more people are finding this a great way of getting the best deals.