Sample Beauty Supply Store Business Plan


Do you know how to become a successful beauty supply store owner? The beauty industry is huge with lots of investment opportunities.

To set up a beauty supply store, you need to consider a lot of things.

This article will discuss how to start a beauty supply store by listing some of the most vital requirements. While this is a lucrative opportunity to invest in, not doing the right things can lead to failure.

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Here is a sample business plan for starting a beauty supply business.

  • Identifying your Niche

The beauty and cosmetics industry consists of several products that include hair, skincare, and nails. Other categories include wig extensions, organic beauty products, and many more.

You need to identify specific beauty products you will be focusing on. Choosing your niche needs to align with what the customer wants.

In other words, you need to go with the trend.

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To choose a niche, you need to keep yourself updated with happenings within the industry. This allows you to identify which beauty products promise the most profitability.

You should be able to stock your beauty supply store with products that sell fast. This way, your investments are not tied down to less marketable products.

  • Writing Your Beauty Supply Store Business Plan

Opening a profitable beauty supply store requires planning.

Before starting, a plan needs to be put in place.

In your business plan, you need to work out your overhead costs, your financial projections, advertising strategies to adopt, preferred product suppliers and manufacturers, as well as your goals and the timeline for achieving them.

  • Picking a Legal Entity

You need to research to know which legal entity best suits your business. There are several types of legal entities. Each has specific advantages and works best for certain types of businesses.

Most beauty supply stores start as a sole proprietorship. You can seek legal advice if you are having difficulties choosing the right one for your business.

  • Choosing a Supplier for your Products

Choosing a product supplier for your retail or wholesale beauty supply store is necessary. When doing this, you should take your time to browse through as many suppliers as you can.

The reason is that you want to work with the supplier that offers the best deal for beauty products at wholesale and reasonable prices.

Some of the things to be on the lookout for are suppliers with the best credit terms, customer service, and reliability.

Not all beauty product suppliers will meet these requirements. However, you will find those that do.

  • Obtaining Permits and Licensing

Before opening your beauty supply store, it is necessary to check the state and city requirements for licensing and permits. The conditions set forth for obtaining them should be met.

You should also obtain the Employer Identification Number EIN for taxation purposes.

  • Have a Working Budget

Part of the process for setting up your beauty supply store includes your budget. This is a vital area that includes running contingency costs.

Important parts of this budget should include salaries of staff, advert costs, rent, permit, and legal fees as well as delivery and supply costs among other things.

Planning for seen and unforeseen circumstances protects your business from shocks that may arise during the business.

  • Choice of Location

There are lots of options available to you as a beauty supply store owner.

You may choose to start an online store, operate a physical location within a mall or rent an outlet in a busy location within the city.

Whatever option you choose is entirely up to you. However, one thing that must apply for physical locations is that these should be located in areas with high foot traffic.

  • Have a Website for your Business

A website expands the reach of your beauty supply store. It opens your business to the world and lets people know about your products and services.

This is one of the factors you should consider when setting up your store. A business with a website is considered more serious than one without it.

With a website, your beauty products can be displayed and customers can easily contact your business as well.

  • Hiring a Workforce

Physical beauty supply stores require the services of an efficient, knowledgeable, and experienced workforce.

These should be able to relate with clients in a professional way as well as offer advice or recommendations on certain products.

For this to happen, you need to be specific in selecting your workforce. They are the face of your business, hence you will need to give it serious consideration when hiring.

  • Furnishing Your Store

You should choose the right furnishings for your beauty supply store. For the best results, you should seek the help of an expert to help you to arrange your store.

An interior decorator can provide you with such a service. This, of course, will come at a price. Another alternative is to browse through several furnishing ideas for beauty stores. You will find such on Pinterest.

  • Marketing

This is essential for business growth. As a new business, you want as many people to know of your existence.

Therefore, effective marketing strategies need to be adopted.

This includes using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, electronic and print media (radio and newspaper adverts respectively), fliers and banners as well as word of mouth marketing among others.

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These are the basic steps on how to start a beauty supply store. They are essential to the survival and smooth running of your business. You should consider following through with each of these.

For the sake of emphasis, it is important to choose a niche you feel most comfortable with.

You are likely to excel with your preferred niche.

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