BBQ Catering Service Business Plan Sample


This plan outline is for entrepreneurs seeking to start a stationary or mobile BBQ catering business, but with little or no idea on how to write a good restaurant business plan.

All that is needed is simply to brainstorm on what the realities of his/her business are, and supplying this information’s under the various corresponding headlines.

By making available this plan, it is believed that the sky is the limit for the entrepreneur who will take full advantage of the information supplied.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a BBQ outlet.

– Executive Summary
– Products and Services
– Our Vision
– Our Mission
– Market Analysis/Trends
– Target Market
– Competitive Advantage
– Sales and Marketing Strategy
– Sources of Revenue
– Sales Projection
– Payment Channels

Executive Summary

Smith’s BBQ restaurant to be located in Queens, New York will be a unique restaurant offering a variety of BBQ services and products within the business district in Queens which witnesses high foot traffic of visitors.

While making profits, we also balance this vital area of business with high customer satisfaction, ensuring that every Smith’s BBQ client always has a pleasant tale to tell. We will be hiring our workforce from a pool of highly experienced hands in the BBQ business that have the relevant expertise to move Smith’s BBQ restaurant to the next level of growth.

Products and Services

Among the different products and services on offer at Smiths BBQ restaurants are electric grills, gas grills, charcoal grills, gas grills BBQ related tools and services.

We will also be providing take-home services and also providing our products for immediate consumption. These are aimed at providing a pool of choice for our customers to choose from.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Smith’s BBQ restaurant is to build a formidable BBQ restaurant that will be synonymous with service excellence and the best customer satisfaction.

We will also strive to ensure that more Smith’s BBQ outlets are opened to ensure our products distribution covers the whole of New York within the first 5 years of commencing operations.

Our Mission

To provide a destination where only the best BBQ products are sold, under a serene and cosy atmosphere, where our customers can spend time either alone, or with loved ones while enjoying the services we render.

Market Analysis/Trends

With a growing economy, there has been a commensurate growth in the disposable income available to households.

This has seen a growth in the spending power of average Americans, who spend such disposable incomes on comfort and luxuries.

The BBQ market has not been left out on this as there has been expanding growth in the demand for BBQ products and accessories by Americans.

It is in the light of this that BBQ restaurants have over the year’s added wine, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to their BBQ restaurant bar to expand a wide range of client patronage.

Target Market

Smith’s BBQ has a target market it aims to make its products available to. These set of people are spread across the diverse segment of society. Among these are housewives, college students, tourists, socialites, taxi drivers, sports men and women, etc.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage at Smith’s BBQ includes the composition of our workforce who are well experienced in the BBQ business, and also well remunerated. This is to ensure that they provide their very best to the growth of our BBQ restaurant.

Apart from motivation of our workforce, we will be hiring the services of a market strategist, which is something a lot of our competitors do not have. The market strategist will be responsible in charting effective strategies to capture an impressive market share.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Smith’s BBQ will be relying heavily on word of mouth advertisement as the importance of this cannot be overstated.

Because of how effective this system of marketing is, research has shown that a satisfied customer is most likely to return for the same service with two more new customers who might either be family or acquaintances.

However, this is not the only strategy to be adopted, as there would be organized road shows to showcase our services. Also, we would be printing attractive fliers and banners bearing our services. During our opening, we would ensure that it is grand, and attracts as much attention as possible.

Sources of Revenue

Our sources of revenue will come mainly from the sales of products produced by us. Among a wide range of retail products will include BBQ tools such as sale of electric, charcoal, and gas grills among several other BBQ accessories on offer at Smith’s BBQ restaurants. These products and services will form the bulk of where our revenues will be generated.

Sales Projection

We have an ambitious sales projection. With an effective marketing drive, led by a highly motivated workforce and marketing experts, we are projecting an impressive growth within the first 3 years of our operations. The more the clients/customers, the more the patronage and revenue generated. So with this in mind, we project a growth as shown below;

– First Year $150,000
– Second Year $350,000
– Third Year $780,000

Payment Channels

Smith’s BBQ restaurant has made available to several payment options for services provided for clients. This is in a bid ease the payment burden of customers. With several payment options to the client, they need not worry about anything as we have them covered on that aspect.

Hence, among the various options available are the use of the POS machine, acceptance of cash payments and chequebooks, and also the use of mobile money for payments.

This is a BBQ catering business plan sample with guidelines provided to enable the entrepreneur to easily replicate these steps, yet producing a unique business plan specifically tailored to his/her BBQ business.

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