Where do you learn how to make and sell these homemade bath and body products? What is bath and body business all about? Do you want to start selling body scrubs from home?

Humans naturally wants to stay pretty for as long as possible. Humans efforts has yielded some good in this aspect.

Bath and body is one way in which humans have mixed numerous natural materials in the universe to create solutions that enriches human skin, this has been helpful especially for women who wants to stay as pretty and as fresh as a young lady.

How then can you start bath and body business? When starting a bath and body business, so many things must be put in place, but since present demands for such product have greatly increased then we can reasonably conclude that you will not run at a loss after starting.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a body scrub and care business.


The first thing to consider when starting a bath and body business is the ingredients you want to use. Your products will be acceptable to the public if they find it interesting.

When choosing the ingredients you will use in making your product, you need to consider first the Smell. The smell of your product is in fact the first thing that attracts or scare people off your product. The smell when nice and sweet will make people want it, users will be sure they will always carry a good smell around when on your product.

The second thing you need to consider is the colour. You could have a product with a very good smell but a very bad or odd colour. Colour attracts as well as the smell. Colour like Black, Red, and Green would not really encourage users to patronise your product, those colour might be giving them a different idea about your product.

On the other hand, colours like White, Sky blue, Brown are widely acceptable. The other important factor to note when starting a bath and body business is the texture of your product, if it’s not soft and succulent no one will use your product. So now you can see that choosing your product make up is very important.


When starting a bath and body business you need to know that your brand is the identifying mark of your product in the market, this is the reason why you must be careful with this decision. You are definitely not the first person to start this business and you will definitely compete with others in the business before you.

Your branding can help you overcome visible threats to your product which is other brands. The type of products you use, the special or new material introduced which others does not know, a very good brand name amongst others are things you need in the market to kill off threats. You could run advertisement featuring your product, advertise over social media.

Just make sure the wonder of your product is declared to the world.


Having cooked a good brand, the next step in starting a bath and body business is finding sales option. Formerly getting a store is the best and only way to house your products for sales, it has proved very fruitful and so many has benefited from using this mode.

Recently online stores have become the best sales options for your product. You don’t pay for rent, you don’t even need sales boys or girls, you can singlehandedly handle selling and dispatching your products as long as you can work online.

It is an option although it doesn’t cancel out using normal stores but it reduces the other unwanted business expenses.


The last key to the success of your endeavour to starting a bath and body business is having a good marketing strategy. Without a strong marketing plan your product will likely not succeed even if it is good.

The first thing to do is to define your customer and devise a way to reach them. The product is mostly targeted toward women so when building plans to advertise you could use the women section in the newspaper, use website that are meant for women so as to be able to reach women easily.

You could run advertisement featuring your product, advertise over social media using captivating pictures of those who have tried the product. Just make sure the wonder of your product is declared to the world.


Starting a bath and body business is not only financially beneficial, it also helps users who are planning to use the product. Having discussed steps to take while starting a bath and body business, we have seen that you need to chose your product composition very well which would affect the smell, the texture, and colour.

Also develop a lasting brand that will make your product popular. You also need to get a store that will be convenient for prospective buyers either online or offline, finally you need to market your product very well, without marketing it they won’t get to know either the brand, product itself or any other information about your product.

Having done all these you could then consider your desire to starting a bath and body business a huge success.

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