10 Axe Throwing Franchise Opportunities

Interested in buying an axe throwing franchise? Here is all you need to know about this investment opportunity.

Axe throwing continues to gain popularity as a sport with big franchising opportunities being created due to such growth.

As a prospective franchisee interested in this sport, you’ll be interested in knowing what the best franchise opportunities are. This article is a response to this need.

Join us as we discuss the top 10 axe throwing franchises you can join. These axe throwing franchises listed below follow no particular order.

However, they are some of the best investment opportunities you’d find.

  • Axeplosion

This is one of the top axe throwing entertainment franchises for interested investors. Its huge indoor axe-throwing arena is ideal for hosting a variety of events and occasions.

Such may include corporate events, parties, and weddings among others. Its exceptional customer experience has, and continues to help it attract repeat clients.

i. What You Stand To Benefit

The primary aim of any investor is to benefit from their investment activities. Axeplosion provides several of these.

As its franchisee, you benefit from the franchisor’s continuous research and development, fun and awesome workspace and atmosphere, great branding and a unique business concept.

Other benefits include a protected territory, round-the-clock support, always seeking better ways to improve and marketing as well as sales support among others.

To start, you only need to fill and submit the form on its application page.

  • Civil Axe Throwing

Civil Axe Throwing franchise has created a fun environment for axe throwers to thoroughly enjoy their time whenever they step into its doors. Not only does it cater to the needs of the client, but franchisees also get the opportunity to become part of a growing franchise that rewards dedication.

The franchisor is specifically looking for motivated individuals interested in building this fairly new franchise into a strong national brand. Get talking with the franchisor by visiting its website for further details.

  • Halimac Axe Throwing

Do you seek an investment opportunity that perfectly combines business and fun? If you do, Halimac Axe Throwing perfectly fits this description. Wherever your location, this franchisor gives you the opportunity to partner with it by opening a unit(s) within your community. The rising interest in the sport makes this the perfect opportunity to cash in on the opportunity.

Further details on its offerings are available on its website. You can also call Halimac on 1-866-860-6627 or send an email on [email protected].

The franchisor will be every ready to answer any pressing questions you may have. Plus, you are guided through the entire investment process.

  • Blue Ox Axe Throwing

Blue Ox Axe Throwing initially started out as an idea in a bachelor’s party. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back as it has witnessed huge success and growth. The company seeks to further leverage on its successes, hence the opening of franchise opportunities for interested investors.

Some of the advantages that accrue to investors are a strong business model, an elaborate support network to help you succeed as well as an impressive return on investments. The ownership process for a prospective franchisee is quite simple.

First, it starts with visiting its website to find out more about the opportunity. Next, complete its short form found on the same web page. A representative contacts you to answer any questions you may have in addition to scheduling a discovery day.

During this time, you get to meet with its management team for further discussions. The last step is the approval and launch phase. Prospective franchisees are taken through the entire process with no difficulties whatsoever.

  • Axe Monkeys

Axe Monkeys is another top 10 axe throwing franchise you can invest in. This company has proven to be a formidable business with impressive growth to show since it came on board. The franchisor seeks investors who are energetic, upbeat, creative, organized and connected to their local communities.

These characteristics fit its tradition of excellence which has seen continue to grow. To start your ownership process, you’ll need to fill and submit the form on its application page. Next, you are presented with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) after which you are invited to attend its discovery day.

Your requested territory is researched by the franchisor and a date is scheduled to answer questions raised by the franchisor. All other processes from hereon are quite simple right up to approval.

  • Throw Axes

Throw Axes is one of the fastest-growing axe throwing franchises in the United States. It offers prospective franchises an opportunity to invest in a system that continues to show a lot of promise. This is even made more exciting through the rising popularity of the sport.

You only need to fill its form to commence your journey. A representative from Throw Axes contacts you in no time to introduce the franchise opportunity as well as answer any pressing questions you might have.

Instead of building an ax-throwing business from scratch, Herber Hatchets offers you an opportunity to own part of an existing and successful business. As its franchisee, you get all the support needed to succeed. Plus, you are always in the midst of people who are invested in your business and want you to succeed.

Starting the process isn’t difficult at all. You only need to contact the franchisor through its email address. The rest of the process is handled by the franchisor as it gives you a comprehensive guide through the entire process. What more? Herber Hatchets offers you round the clock support.

Craft Axe Throwing plans to open franchising opportunities to further expand its reach, thus guaranteeing its growth in a fast-growing industry. The company’s tradition of excellence has seen it focus on making its outlets a haven for axe throwing lovers. That has continued to attract clients through its doors to relive the great times.

You can fill its online form, which will signify your interest in franchising opportunities should they become available.

  • Bullseye Axe Throwing

Bullseye axe throwing like the other franchise opportunities allows interested investors to take advantage of the opportunities it presents. Visit its website to find out more apply if you feel it’s the right opportunity for you.

  • Axe Throwing Atlanta

Axe Throwing Atlanta is an opportunity to look out for in the nearest future. Although it doesn’t currently offer franchising opportunities, it is worth keeping an eye on due to the growing demand among clients.

These are the top 10 axe throwing franchises you’d find very useful. For each of these, it is best to make the necessary research by visiting their site before contacting them. Doing so gives you the advantage of speaking from an informed position. It also arms you with relevant questions that will need answers.

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