Assist-2-Sell Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

ASSIST 2 SELL Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you planning on starting an Assist-2-Sell franchise? In this article, you will learn about the necessary information required to start up an Assist-2-Sell franchise.

This article will provide you with an overview of the franchise; how much it will require for you to start an Assist-2-Sell franchise; the franchise fee that will be required of you; the benefits and training that you will enjoy as a franchise owner; the period of agreement and renewal fee; as well as how to start an Assist-2-Sell franchise store.

About Assist-2-Sell Franchise

Assist-2-Sell franchise is a full-service Real Estate company that offers their services to customers at very low commission rates. The company has a proven and successful business model that enables home sellers to be provided with every service they need, at very low fees.

The company has been doing business since 2006, and it has more than 300 franchise stores all over North America. Assist-2-Sell franchise was first established in 1987. It was until six (6) years later, in 1993, that the company started offering franchise opportunity to interested entrepreneurs in few states in the United States.

Assist-2-Sell franchise has its headquarters located at 1610 Meadow Wood, Reno, Nevada NV 89502. The company was founded three decades ago by Mary LaMeres-Pomin, alongside Lyle Martin, who are both currently the Co-Chairman Executive Officers (CEO) of the company. Assist-2-Sell franchise distinguishes itself in the industry by charging customers a very low commission fee with no additional fees such as administration fees, transaction fees, etc.

Assist-2-Sell franchise is growing very fast, and there are plans to expand the business to the international level. Plans have been put in place to expand the business corporation and have franchise stores in countries such as Canada, and Mexico.

It does not require much to become an Assist-2-Sell franchisee. For you to become one of Assist-2-Sell franchisees, you must have had an industry experience, as well as not less than two (2) years of experience in the real estate business.

Assist-2-Sell franchise does not require high start-up costs from prospective franchisees before they can become part of their real estate business. For an entrepreneur who is looking to start a real estate franchise, Assist-2-Sell franchise offers you the glorious opportunity to become part of their successful system that has achieved lasting success in the last few years.

They have a proven marketing programme that guarantees franchise owners huge market sales. Once you become an Assist-2-Sell franchisee, you will learn all the secrets of successfully establishing and growing your business.

You will be taught everything that you require to know to get your business in the right direction and start making huge profits annually. Absentee ownership is not permitted in Assist-2-Sell franchise. As a franchise owner, you must be a 100% operator. You will only require 3-6 employees to run your business.

How much a franchise owner is to make in a year depends on how much the franchise owner is willing to commit to the business. It will depend on how much of his resources he is willing to put in the business, and how well he is willing to conform to the franchise’s business system. Regardless, the levels of income a franchise owner will receive in a year will depend on the location and size of the business amongst other things.

How Much Does an Assist-2-Sell Franchise Cost?

To open an Assist-2-Sell franchise store, you will be required a liquid capital that amounts to $40,000.

Assist-2-Sell Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee that Assist-2-Sell franchise requires from a prospective franchisee is a $14,500 sum only.

Assist-2-Sell Franchise Startup Cost

Once you have made your decision of starting up an Assist-2-Sell franchise store, the total liquid investment capital that will be required from you ranges from $24,025$45,500. The ongoing royalty fee is 5%, and ad royalty fee is 1%.

Assist-2-Sell Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

The following are the benefits, as regards training and supports, which you will enjoy as one of Assist-2-Sell franchisees:

  • A comprehensive training programme that has been prepared for you as a new franchise owner. This training will be held at the company’s head office at Reno, Nevada, and it will be held for four (4) days.
  • You will also enjoy continuous supports and assistance from the franchise management team in terms of marketing, advertising, purchase, etc so as to help you better adjust to the system and achieve your business goals.

Financial assistance is not available from Assist-2-Sell franchise.

Assist-2-Sell Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

Assist-2-Sell franchise term of the agreement is a 5 years period which is subject to subsequent renewals after termination. Renewal fee amounts to $2,995.

How to Start an Assist-2-Sell Franchise?

If you are very keen on starting up an Assist-2-Sell franchise, all you have to do is to simply contact them through their website on to learn more about the franchise and request from more sign-up information. Or you could contact and follow them on their social media accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Or you could forward an email to [email protected]; or call 1-800-528-7816.