Sample Architecture Firm Business Plan Template


In setting up an architectural firm, a lot of things must be put into consideration. This has to do with your business structure.

A well laid out plan for the business will have a major positive impact on the business. Success begins with your plan. The better the plan, the more likely you are to excel with your business idea.

As an architect, one of the likely business concepts you may seek to establish is starting your architectural firm. The real estate-related venture requires a lot of experience.

This article seeks to provide help with writing your business plan using this as a template.

Executive Summary

Exquisite Designs is an architectural firm located in Wilmington, Delaware. We provide a variety of construction and architectural services for both individual and commercial clients. Our clients consist of local, state, and national clients.

We plan on expanding our capacity to include foreign operations within a decade.

As a business that has zero tolerance for nothing less than the best, our operations are guided by global best practices all geared towards satisfying our clients. Every client we come in contact with is given the very best of architectural service. We believe the more satisfied our clients are, the better for business.

Although our doors were opened for the business not more than 4 years ago, we have a pool of experts with remarkable expertise and experience.

The painstaking process of putting together our team of experts has significantly benefited the business with lots of impressed and satisfied clients to show.

  • Products and Services

At Exquisite Designs, we offer a wide range of construction and design-related services.

These range from planning and design of buildings and spaces, initial consultation, pre-design, and schematic design, design development, construction documentation, contract negotiation, and bidding as well as contract administration among others.

All these are provided in such a way that the client is given the very best service within their budgets.

  • Vision Statement

Our vision as an architectural firm is to establish a world-class company that caters to every construction needs of our clients. This will target both individual and major corporate clients.

With our culture of excellence, we plan on breaking into the top league consisting of the biggest architectural firms in the United States.

We hope to achieve this within a decade.

  • Mission Statement

The construction industry is one that is driven by innovation. It is also highly competitive.

At Exquisite Designs, we seek to contribute our quota towards creating more effective housing and structural solutions to existing problems. Our clients, as well as their needs, are our main focus.

We hope to meet these needs the best way possible while also giving them value for money.

  • Capital Requirement

Since inception, we’ve been able to make modest achievements.

However, we’re far from achieving our goals which includes creating a world-class brand known for excellence and having the capacity to serve client clients across the globe. This expansion plan falls under our medium-term goal aimed at becoming a regional player.

This will result in expanding our presence to the neighboring states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.

The capital requirement for this expansion will cost about $6,000,000.00. About 80% of this amount will be sourced through a bank loan at an interest rate of 5%. The rest of the amount (20%) will be sourced from our revenue.

  • SWOT Analysis

From the first day, we opened our doors for business, we’ve been driven by productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction. This resolve has helped impact our operations significantly. We have also assessed our operations so far.

This has been examined in the following key areas;


Our strength lies in the quality of our workforce.

These consist of highly experienced architects led by the founder of Exquisite Designs Davis Kavanaugh. This experience of several decades has enabled the management to effectively steer the company’s operations despite the many challenges.

This has created a growth in revenue, client base, and several contracts won. We hope to continue this tradition by seeking better ways to improve.


Despite successes made, we’ve also had a few failures resulting from our inability to attract major clients. Such clients have a multinational presence with major architectural design requirements.

Although we’re a growing business, our size and capacity are limited.

This weakness is being addressed through the infusion of capital and expansion of our reach and capacity. We hope to reach an appreciable level of progress with such expansion within a year.


The boom in construction has created a corresponding demand for architectural expertise. We are taking advantage of this opportunity to establish a thriving business with operations spanning every state within the U.S and beyond.


A housing crisis such as the one of 2008 that led to global economic collapse will negatively impact on our operations. This was mainly caused by predatory private mortgage lending among other things.

With an unregulated market, it could cause serious problems for our business.

  • Sales Projection

One of the several reasons why we’re in business is to attract sales.

Using current realities within the construction industry as well as our expansion plans, we’ve projected a steady rise in sales. This covers 3 years immediately following the completion of our expansion plans. The results are summarized below;

  1. First Fiscal Year $2,900,000.00
  2. Second Fiscal Year $7,800,000.00
  3. Third Fiscal Year $25,000,000.00


  • Competitive Advantage

Without a doubt, the construction industry is highly competitive.

There are lots of architectural firms competing for clients. The good news is, our reputation and brand speak volumes. Our previous projects tell our story. As such, we can still flourish despite stiff competition.

  • Marketing And Promotional Strategy

We have a world-class marketing department that will be coordinating all our marketing campaigns. This will make use of online platforms which include social media accounts in addition to our website.

Also, electronic and print media will be used to sell our services in addition to billboards and business cards among other tools.

We’ve been able to greatly summarize our architectural firm business plan to help you get an idea of how to go about the process. This should serve as a template to help you put together an effective business plan.

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