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While skills are a necessary part of starting an animation studio business, such aren’t enough. There is the need for a structure that guarantees success.

Hence the need for a plan.

This animation company business plan sample is written to enhance your chances of getting it right. We’ve noticed over the years that people fail not because they lack the skills but because their business isn’t properly planned.

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If you find yourself in this category, this template might be of interest.

– Executive Summary

Illusions Animation Studio is located in Syracuse, NY. We offer several types of professional animation products and services. Such services are provided for clients in the healthcare and entertainment industries. We have chosen this niche due to our expertise in such areas.

Prior to our decision to establish our studio, we’ve worked with major studios across the United States. Hence within over 3 decades of experience, our studios will be well managed. In line with our goals, we are also recruiting some of the best hands in the industry. This will give us the much needed manpower boost to meet demands.

  • Our Services

We offer multiple services that include trainings as well as animation services. Thus under training, we provide commercial as well as corporate trainings. Under animation, such services include turbosquid, virtual reality, storyboarding, lighting, rigging, texturing and modelling. Others are rendering, and compositing.

  • Our Mission

We have the mission of deepening creativity in the industry. In other words, we will be active proactive by being actively involved in using latest animation concepts through in-depth research. Client perception of our services matters alot to us. Therefore we are working on a wholistic approach to how clients and their jobs are handled from the moment they establish contact.

  • Our Vision

Our vision is simple; to become the go-to guys whenever professional animation jobs are needed. As such, there is a deliberate effort to provide on-the-job training to our workforce. This is down with the purpose of keeping up with current ideas and concepts within the industry.

  • Financing

We have a plan to finance our operations. This involves applying for a loan in addition to savings kept for this purpose. Already, we have met our savings target of 2/$200,000.00. However this isn’t sufficient as an additional $500,000.00 needs to be sourced.

This will go into our expenses which covers equipment purchase as well as running costs. We have decided to operate from home temporarily. However this will change within a year. We expect that demand will have risen within this time which will prompt an expansion.

  • SWOT Analysis

To build a strong foundation for our business, our state of affairs needs to be examined. Hence we have embarked on such a mission to enable us adjust accordingly where necessary. This has revealed the following information;

i. Strength

This is a key determinant of how competitive we will be as a business. Therefore we’ve identified our areas of strength to include our passion, expertise and the capacity to adapt to changing times and innovation. This fuels our resolve to establish a world-class animation studio.

ii. Weakness

In being frank, we have identified our areas of deficiency. These include our current capacity as well as our market reach. Addressing such areas are a priority. Through a rigorous and effective marketing strategy as well as expansion drive, such weaknesses will be well addressed.

iii. Opportunities

Animation plays a huge role in information dissemination. Thus this is a great opportunity for businesses such as ours to grow. Despite the number of animation studios, there’s still room for new entrants. In addition to this, innovation drives the market. Therefore the more innovative we are, the better our chances of doing well.

iv. Threats

Threats come in the form of an economic recession. During such times, priorities change especially for corporate clients. As a result, there’s less demand for animation services. However this isn’t a common occurrence.

  • Sales Projection

Sales is of utmost importance for our business. In view of this, we’ve done an assessment of what obtains in the industry. Using such trends in relation to services we’ll provide, we have drawn a three-year projection of sales as shown below;

  1. First Financial Year.   $350,000.00
  2. Second Financial Year. $600,000.00
  3. Third Financial Year.  $2,300,000.00
  • Competitive Advantage

We are driven by a singular purpose; to set up a thriving animation studio. ‘Thriving’ as used here covers all aspects of our operations. Therefore we are interested in knowing our weakness as well as those of our competitors. By improving such aspects, we will be able to surpass client expectations. The calibre of persons in our employ is also important to us. Hence, we only hire those having the character required to help us achieve our goals.

  • Marketing Strategy

In setting up an animation studio, there needs to be word out about its existence. In other words, such business is going nowhere unless there’s a deliberate and effective marketing strategy. At Illusions Animation Studio, we are using known effective marketing campaigns. Such include the use of social media, print and electronic as well as word of mouth.

Our marketing team will co-ordinate such activities with the view of reaching a wide audience.

It’s commonly said that he who fails to plan, plans to fail. However, a shabby plan won’t achieve much either. This calls for caution.

The better your plan and its implementation, the better your chances of success. Have you found this sample helpful? We hope you did.

This general guideline should help you avoid common mistakes. You should try as much as possible not to rush the process. The quality, rather than speed should be your focus.

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