Aerowest Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

AEROWEST Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Skilled in the art of odor elimination, Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing franchise is a unique franchise opportunity skilled in the provision of professional services such as eliminating restroom odors.

Providing services covering almost the entire United States, it is headquartered in Baton Rouge California and was founded in the year 1943 and began franchising in 1978. It has Ben Elder as its CEO and West Sanitation Services Inc. as its parent company.

Initially a subsidiary of West Chemical Products which specialized in maintaining, manufacturing, and the installation of air fresheners and dispensers for both large and small restrooms with its services spread across the United States, it eventually separated from its subsidiary to stand alone as Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing franchise.

Being one of the fastest-growing franchises operating in this area of specialization (deodorizing services), Aerowest/Westair deodorizing franchise has been included among the top ten companies in the United States providing this service. This has seen the company assume the position of bearing one of the most popular and most recognizable brand names in the deodorizing service industry.

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Services Provided by Aerowest/Westair Franchise 

Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing franchise provides vital services to public spaces such as restrooms.

Bad odors by nature create negative impressions of people or places especially if those places are offices or public. These undesirable odors are taken care of by Aerowest/Westair by eliminating the causes of these odors and giving off a pleasing smell to visitors.

However, to deodorize a public space, proper cleaning has to be carried out. Aerowest/Westair deodorizing franchise realizes this and approaches its work from the perspective of first knowing what the causes of smell are. Services such as the removal of stubborn uric acid scales and proper flushing are carried out. Also the cleaning of the inner and out surfaces of toilet seats and the hand washbasin.

The combat of restroom odors is carried out through the installation and maintenance of air fresheners. It has a franchise agreement term with its franchisees lasting 5 years with a possibility of renewal subject to conditions set by the franchisor.

Aerowest/Westair Franchise Financial Requirement

To buy an Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing franchise, certain financial requirements have to be met.

These requirements include an Initial Investment which the franchise candidate/investor has to make available starting from $10,000 to $25,000, also, franchise candidates are required to have a net-worth value of $25,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $10,000.

Aerowest/Westair Franchise Ongoing Fees

Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing franchise charges its franchisees ongoing fees that include an Initial Franchise fee of $5,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 8% and an Ad Royalty fee of 6%
Desired but Not Required

Apart from having the financial requirement, this franchisor values franchise candidates with a background in business management acquired either through formal means or informal means.

Also, skill in marketing is an area that is most valued as it would be critical to the success or otherwise of the franchise under the management of such a franchisee.

Aerowest/Westair Franchise Support and Assistance 

Aerowest/Westair supports its franchisees through the provision of training which is done at the franchisees’ locations and lasts two weeks.

Another area is ongoing support made available in the form of toll-free phone lines, newsletter, field operations, and the internet, sales support is also provided in addition to marketing support which also covers regional advertising.

Aerowest/Westair Franchise Financing Options

This franchise has an in-house financing arrangement that provides financing covering franchise fee.
Hence Aerowest/Westair franchisees stand to benefit from financing arrangement.

How to Open Aerowest/Westair Franchise

Joining this franchise is guided by certain procedures to be followed by franchise candidates.

First, a visit to the company’s website will reveal an application form made available for investors. This is after navigating to the franchise section of the website. This online form is meant to be filled and submitted by the franchise candidate.

After submitting this online form, eligibility checks are carried out by the company and when found to be qualified, a company representative contacts the franchise candidate through the contact details submitted in the course of filling the online form.

A meeting is scheduled either physically or virtually through online services like Skype. This meeting is arranged to further discuss matters relating to ownership of a part of this franchise. It is most likely that the meeting will be attended by the CEO or his/her representative.

After this meeting, franchise documents containing the terms and conditions of ownership are signed and payments are made by the franchise candidate. Training commences immediately to speed up the process for the commencement f business.

Joining this franchise will be a wise move for those interested in a strong business model with a soundtrack record. For a company that was founded as far back as the 1940’s still strong and standing speaks volumes of its capacity and the ability to deliver to its franchisees the resilience and doggedness that has kept it afloat through thick and thin.

Franchisees stand to benefit from business secrets that they can replicate in their franchises sure of leading to growth and profitability.

Aerowest Franchise is one of the most successful brand names in the deodorizing service industry, it is only wise that investors should not ignore this great franchise opportunity.